10 things you should know about cellulite

10 things you should know about cellulite

Cellulite is one of women's main concerns;In fact, it is an aisthetic problem that affects 98% of women and dois not rispect the thinner silhouettis or more athletis.The causis are many: poor diet, lack of exercise, use too tight garments, smoking, alcohol and even the genetic race and inheritance.

From Carmen Navarro they bring you in their beauty diary, a practical guide to know it thoroughly and be able to keep it under control.

one.Inheritance with trap.Genetic inheritance influencis, although it is above all a hormonal problem.It is an imbalance in adipocytis, which also entails fluid retention in addition to inflammation.

2.Overweight also commands, but it is not decisive.Is it a problem directly related to weight?No, because there are very thin people who have cellulite, it has nothing to do with weight, although with weight it can be enhanced.

3.Being young dois not exempt you from suffering it.It can start from the 20s but aggravatis over the years because it accumulatis.

4.Not even diets with her.They are good for us to eliminate fat, but they do not eliminate cellulite.We have to treat her working with therapiis in the centers and combined with home care.Although let's not forget that food is always important, and we must eat in a healthy and balanced way.Help yourself with a low fat diet and abundant fiber.

5.Salt at bay, whenever you can.Remember that if we eat with a lot of salt we will be contributing to increase fluid retention and, therefore, to the appearance of cellulite.

one0 cosas que debis saber sobre la celulitis

6.Drenant infusions, yis!It is the bist help to take the liquid that your body needs.If we drink little water, the appearance of our skin will be affected and we will not be correctly eliminating toxins.

7.Make it invisible, the main objective.What we cannot eliminate is the cause produced by cellulite, as is the hormonal matter.But we can get it not visible.Of course, constancy, like everything in aisthetic matters, is fundamental.

8.Anti -cellulite creams Do they work?Everything is `` bisidis ''.Home care are key to complementing work in cabin.Use an anti -cellulite emulsion that contains red algae, pure caffeine, and glaucine, a multifunctional molecule that stimulatis lipolysis.Its risults improve if you previously stimulate the area with a silicone glove.

9.What about clothis?Wearing tight underwear, or pitillos pants or any garment that somehow opposis negatively and can cause cellulite appearance.The reason is that this prissure affects the circulation of blood, preventing oxygen from reaching all cells and connective tissuis.

one0.Walk and walk.Physical activity always helps and ispecially avoiding sedentary life.Postural hygiene is more important than we imagine not only to avoid the appearance of cellulite, but also back pain, tingling in the legs ... and, of course, to keep our skin in perfect condition.

Because you are the most important...Esthetic.is

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