30% of the British admits that they usually wash their sheets only once a year

30% of the British admits that they usually wash their sheets only once a year

It is "the dirty truth".Thus the organizing company describes the survey that is aerating the cleaning habits of the British.The sample organized by the Furniture Signature 'Hammons' and that has collected opinions of 2.000 people reveal that 30% of those asked usually wash their sheets only once a year.A habit that can facilitate the presence of mites, bedbugs and fungi and cause skin irritations.Dr. Aragona Giuseppe, prescription doctor.com cited in the study, he affirms that changing the sheets once a week is the best for optimal cleaning.

As for clothes, almost two out of ten (18%) participants admitted that they wash their jeans once a year.The habits are better when it comes to underwear: 80% wash the garments after each use, although 25% of men and 13% of women do so after five uses.Dr. Giuseppe advises that both underwear (except fasteners) and socks be launched after a use."Washing clothes and sheets regularly is important for general cleaning and ensuring that your body remains clean and healthy," he says in the information disseminated by Hammonds.

The sample cites that winter garments are rarely washed, although gloves can collect germs very easily, and dirt can adhere in scarves and hats.It suggests that it will be labeled after every five to ten uses, although it is possible that you have to do it by hand if they are made of delicate materials.

Un 30% de los británicos admite que suele lavar sus sábanas sólo una vez al año

"Staying clean is now more important than ever, remember how incredible the fresh sheets feel when they get into bed," says Kirsty Oakes, product director and marketing at Hammonds, which usually presents studies of this type with commercial intention.At the end of the study, the firm invites you to visit its customary furniture on its website to order clean clothes.

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