Nudist tourism advances in Córdoba, and this man is responsible

Nudist tourism advances in Córdoba, and this man is responsible

The first time Miguel ended up naked on a beach in front of other people was by chance. He was married, had children and had been a civil engineer for 20 years so, in his environment, he was seen in a different way than a nudist is usually imagined: a family man, a serious professional dedicated to building roads.

“It was in the year 2000, we had gone with my family on vacation to Buzios and we had rented a buggy to tour the beaches. We parked at Praia Brava and the parking attendant asked us 'do you go to the nude beach?' We told him no, that we didn't even know where there was a nudist beach." The caretaker then pointed to a nose and opened up a world for them.

Who speaks with the Infobae portal from Córdoba is Miguel Suárez, who is now 65 years old, is the father of three children and the grandfather of three granddaughters. He also has 22 years of nudist life and a field of 1,200 hectares in the mountains of Córdoba where he and Nora, his current partner, serve exclusively naked tourists.

"Out of curiosity we crossed the hill and went to the nudist beach," he resumes. Except for him and his family, everyone was naked “but at first we didn't dare to undress. Until the ice cream vendor arrived, he left the little ice cream he had hung on the sand, took off his clothes and continued selling completely naked. That made us decide. If the ice cream man took off his clothes, why not us?

Miguel says -he closes his eyes and evokes pleasure- that the sensation he had naked in the cool and transparent sea was not one of modesty but of "freedom". Nudism had become flesh for him and as soon as he returned to Argentina he began to see how to continue practicing it here, especially in Córdoba, where he lived. But he only found private nudist villas in Moreno, Buenos Aires province, more than 700 kilometers from his house.

In the search, he met the administrator of a nudist page of that incipient internet and they formed a group of 10, sometimes 15 people, with whom Miguel rented houses just to be naked or went to the Hippies beach, in Cuesta Blanca, and he would walk upstream for an hour until he found an isolated place where he could take off his clothes without breaking anything. "And so, looking for a quiet place, paradise appeared," he says.

An advertisement in the newspaper offered a 1,200-hectare country house in the mountains, at the source of several streams and rivers, with waterfalls and natural slides. Miguel founded Yatan Rumi there, which in Quechua means “naked stone”, a nudist reserve with a country house with bedrooms and a camping area in which he established several “golden rules”, among them, that nudity is mandatory.

“I never hid that I was a nudist, he did it with my family and everyone in the office knew. In fact, this 'naked engineer' caught their attention, they took it as a joke. I think it caught their attention because a lot of people, I know because that's what everyone asks, associates nudism with free sex."

“I – Nora Frete, her partner, joins the conversation – I was a nudist since I was 25 years old, but I did home tourism.” She refers to the fact that she did not do social nudism, in front of other people, but that she went with her ex-husband and her youngest son to a lake surrounded by nooks and crannies in a small town called Almafuerte, 75 kilometers from Córdoba Capital, to be able to get into the river naked, alone and hidden from the rest.

"The feeling is beautiful," agrees she, who is 50 years old. “Clothes bother me, especially when it's hot. The mesh stuck when you get out of the water… don't tell me it's not annoying”.

“Norita”, as Miguel calls her, she worked in the canteens of various schools, so only a few people she trusted knew that she found pleasure in undressing in public. She met the nudist reserve because she went on vacation with her ex but over time she separated from her and came back alone. There she met Miguel, the soul of Yatan Rumi, they fell in love like that, naked, and eight years ago they went to live together.

Since then, they repeat a routine: they undress in the first week of December to open the gates of the reserve to tourists, and they dress again in March, maybe April, when the season ends and the cold of the mountains begins to set in. freeze them.

The million questions

Nudo-naturism is a lifestyle characterized by respect for oneself, others and nature. Inside there are practices such as social nudism, which is sharing nudity with other people.

Miguel says that one of the most common preconceptions is to associate that shared nudity with promiscuity and orgies, hence there is a question that never fails: can you have sex in public?

“There is sex here like anywhere else because sex is part of our lives, but no more because the place is nudist,” explains Miguel. “When I am asked if you can have sex in public, the answer is obvious. Sex is for the private sphere: the tent, the bedroom or some little place within 1,200 hectares you will find but it has to be a hidden place, sex in public is not allowed.

There is another question that, he continues, is number one among men: “What if I have an erection? The answer is that, contrary to what they think, it is very difficult for that to happen. In the case of heterosexual men "it is much less exciting to see a woman totally naked than to see her in a micro bikini, where things are left to the imagination," he says.

“But if it happens it is something natural, there is nothing wrong with the erection itself. What would be bad is that this man spent his time flaunting his erection, walking among all of them. If it happens to you, you have to retire to a secluded place until it goes away.”

Another belief is that in a nudist camp there is “an exhibition of perfect bodies, a parade of Adonis and Aphrodites. Then the women call and say 'I want to find out so I can go next year, before I have to go on a diet', or 'I don't dare to take off my bra because my boobs are saggy'. Or men say they don't know if they're going to cheer up because they have small penises and they're afraid the rest will make fun of them."

What Miguel tells them is that nudism is not an exhibition of bodies, “nor is it a competition to see who has the biggest tit. Among nudists we look each other in the eye when we speak, that is a way of respecting each other. One can make a joke to relax and we celebrate it, but on his own body, not on the body of another ".

The 5 golden rules for nudism

In order to stay at Yatan Rumi there are several rules that tourists must agree to abide by.

“When they arrive they have a half-hour adjustment period where they can stay clothed and see how it feels to be naked in front of other naked people. After that they have to undress or retire, because nudism is mandatory”, explains Nora.

They say that there are few who leave after that half hour, in general, those who expected to find free sex and find themselves with families with children, groups of friends, heterosexual and homosexual couples, single people.

“Many women -Nora continues- ask if they can leave their underwear on when they have their menstrual period. In that case, it is allowed, but if they are lying because they don't dare to take it out, I realize it. What do I do? I go and talk to them, if they are lying they have to leave.

The compulsory nudity of this field is one of the big differences with the two public nudist beaches in Argentina (there is one in Villa Gesell and another in Chapadmalal). In these cases, they are “beaches with nudism tolerated”, that is, there may be clothed and naked people, which makes it difficult to detect voyeurs, that is, people who only want to spy on others to get sexually excited.

Another rule, then, is that it is forbidden to take photos of other people unless it is with their express consent. The third is that “you cannot invade other people, for example, pressure them to reveal their names, where they are from, what they do for a living, how their families are made up, what they do for a living. All of this is left up to whether one wants to tell it”, he explains. The reason is that many nudists hide it. "Most of them, because of their jobs," says Nora, because they deal with the association between nudism and promiscuity. "There are couples who come with children and explain to them that they can't count at school or anywhere they went," she continues. Miguel adds a fact that paints the profile a bit: "80% of the nudists who come are teachers."

The other rule has to do with consent. “The most common thing is that in a man/woman couple, the person interested in doing nudism is the man and asks his wife to accompany him and the lady accompanies him to please him, not because he wants to do nudism. So a common query from men is usually: 'Can I go with my wife and could you or your wife tell her about her to convince her?' You have to tell those people that you don't have to take anyone to a nudist place, it has to be something that they both enjoy.

The last golden rule no longer has to do with nudity but with respect for oneself and others that naturist nudism proclaims, so you cannot carry giant speakers or play music at full blast, nor leave garbage or take plants. “Simply come to feel nature in the body, that's what it's all about”, Nora says goodbye.

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