Common mistakes when buying your underwear

Common mistakes when buying your underwear

Women's underwear is manufactured in different types of materials and designs, there are all colors and all styles, but to properly choose underwear you need to know some basic tips.

Did you know that synthetic fabric underwear can promote the appearance of uncomfortable vaginal infections? In the same way, wearing too tight underwear can bring various discomforts to the female intimate area.

As with the rest of the clothes, there is no popularized manual to choose the right underwear. However, there are four common mistakes women make when choosing their intimate apparel:

1. Buy very tight underwear

According to an Instagram post released by the Marea Verde Mexico account, tight underwear can promote skin friction and thus vaginal irritation.

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Tight underwear is especially problematic for women who are going through or have gone through menopause because during this stage of a woman's life the vaginal walls tend to be thinner.

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2. Clothing with synthetic fabrics

The fabric of women's underwear is one of the most important factors. It is ideal that the panties have a layer of cotton in the vaginal area. However, if you are looking for the optimal conditions for your vulva, staying away from synthetic fabrics is the best thing to do.

Synthetic fabrics are not breathable, that is, they increase the risk of maintaining moisture and thereby creating a perfect environment for the arrival of a bacterial infection.


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3. Underwear with shapewear

Beyond the supposed aesthetic benefits that this type of underwear can provide to the female figure, tight shapewear can cause serious health problems such as decreased circulation properly. With this, the girdles can generate tingling and numbness of the extremities, in addition to promoting constipation.

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4. To wear thongs or not to wear thongs?

Although thongs are one of the most used pieces of lingerie, it has been shown that the repeated use of these garments increases the possibility of contracting fungal or bacterial infections, since they are a vehicle for bacteria from the anus.

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