German government will eliminate the "discriminatory" 1980 transsexuality law

German government will eliminate the "discriminatory" 1980 transsexuality law

The new German government intends to eliminate in this legislature the 1980 Transsexuality Law (TSG) and replace it with another regulation that makes it easier to legally change gender.As stated Friday (21.01.2022) The government head for the acceptance of sexual and gender diversity, Sven Lehmann, the TSG is "discriminatory" and its elimination is "high priority" due to the high level of suffering that causes those affected, although "approve aLaw is not from night to morning, of course ".

"For 40 years, human dignity violates, because it is based on the assumption that being transgender is a disease," he said, in statements to the private chain NTV and added that he can promise that the law will be suppressed in the legislature that began thelast December.The TSG is the subject of discussions and controversy for years, although now the attempts of green and liberals to suppress or reform it had failed in the Bundestag due to the opposition of the government parties.

TSG requires people who want to process a gender change in their personal documents the presentation of two psychiatric reports, a process that according to LGTBI organizations is long and expensive and that the government plans to abolish."There are questions about how you masturbate, what kind of underwear you use, really intimate questions," Lehmann complains."We want the question of marital status in identification documents to be answered self -determinated and do not need psychiatric reports," Lehmann said.(EFE/N-TV)

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