I am single, waiting for the indicated: Paola Lazzaroni

I am single, waiting for the indicated: Paola Lazzaroni

Tegucigalpa, Honduras.Paola Lazzaroni is an outgoing and very jovial communicator, lover of extreme games and delivered to her dreams.His achievements have turned social networks, being one of the most followed Honduran communicators, with 32,000 followers on Twitter and 44,000 on Instagram.Mother of a beautiful four -year -old girl, Lazzaroni adventures new challenges every day and is considered a woman without limits.

1.¿Cómo llega Paola Lazzaroni a los medios de comunicación?

Always, from a very young age, television caught my attention, watched the women very beautiful and I wanted to be like them, but it was only that desire.Never in my life I thought I live from communications, I always thought I should be in an office or be a doctor.My career began at age 18 when I lived in San Pedro Sula on Channel 11, then I came to Televicentro.

2.¿Cómo fue el cambio de vivir en San Pedro Sula y después en Tegucigalpa?

I lived five years in San Pedro, from 15 to 20;They were great, it is a very beautiful city, but it was enough to live there.My family is not from San Pedro, but lives there.I came to live in Tegucigalpa with my friends, we rent an apartment, free without my mother and dad, but very aware of the responsibility that entails that.Thank God, and that my mother is so loving and rigorous, made me have a little fear of doing things that would harm her and me.

3.¿Qué importancia tiene para usted ser un personaje público?

For me it is very important, I always have to receive bad and good criticism to be better, and I will find my followers in the street.People call them "fans" and we ask ourselves the question Is fans in Honduras no?But in reality they exist, they are your followers and admire you, and that is very important.That a father tells you that his daughter admires you, is double responsibility because not only my daughter wants to be like me, but also other people's daughters.

4.¿Cómo ha combinado las comunicaciones con el marketing?

I have been able to adapt it with what I do, such as creativity, presenting a product, convincing that the product is good.Everything I studied has helped me a lot with communications and more in social development.

5.¿Cuál cree que es la parte mala de Paola Lazzaroni?

Estoy soltera, esperando al indicado: Paola Lazzaroni

I do not know if I have some bad side, I think that all the triumphs I have achieved I have had because I have been good, but something that may have criticized me is that I do not trust, I always want more, I do not like to stagnate, and less inMy work area.

6.¿Qué piensa de las cirugías plásticas?

I have always believed that if surgery makes you feel better, there is no problem in doing it.I have done surgeries and I feel very good.

7.¿A que países ha viajado?

I have traveled to Guatemala, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Panama, the United States, Dominican Republic, South Africa, among others.

8.¿Cómo es su relación con el exjugador Danilo Turcios, con quien era pareja?

With Dani we fail to understand each other, but that does not mean that I hate him, since you can't hate someone you loved.We are friends and we have our daughter, and we want to be good parents for her.We have communication every day and so it will be until we die.

9.¿Tiene temores?

The darkness is very afraid, I sleep with the television on and programmed until I fall asleep, and he goes out alone (laughs).Like the heights are afraid of me, but I have managed to overcome it little by little, it is a challenge that I have proposed.

10.¿Qué es lo que no ha hecho y le gustaría hacer?

Throw myself in a parachute, either in Honduras or in another country, but I will do it this year.I already have my classmates for this adventure, my sister and my brother -in.

11.¿Cuánto tiempo le dedica a su hija?

My daughter and I are very united, I dedicate a lot of time to her, she is my adventure partner and bends me in the extreme, she is only four years old and is super -trained.We like to leave on weekends, on Saturday and Sunday I spend all day with her, and in the week, the mornings and nights are for her.

12.¿Cuáles son sus pasatiempos?

I really like listening to music, I listen to all kinds, but my favorite is reggaeton and music in English.I also like to spend times with my friends and do extreme things.

13.¿Se considera una mujer vanidosa?

Yes, but more with my body, I really like to take care of it and keep it, exercise and try to eat balanced.My hair is also part of what I like to take care of.With the makeup I am very careful, I don't like to make up make up.With telling them that on weekends I do not make up.

14.¿En cuanto a la vestimenta, cómo se define?

I really like the elegant and sexi, but that it does not become vulgar.There are necklines that are very beautiful and I use them from time to time, but for weekends I love broken pants, comfortable tennis and caps.I can say that I have a fascination with the shoes.

15. ¿Cómo le ha ido con lo del proyecto de la marca de esmalte?

"Purelove" was a project that I launched last year.We have stopped it a little because I got sick, but there it is, and this year we go with everything to get it a success;People ask for him and that is a good sign.I have many more projects in mind, but first with the first, and I already got with “Purelove”, and now you have to do my best.

16.¿Por qué esmalte y no labiales, sombras u otro producto?

The enamel I was testing for six months on my nails, it is very rare that an enamel causes a harmful reaction on my nails, and I was very afraid of a lipstick or a product for the face, since that sometimes causes reactions, and it's not what I would like to see with my product.

17.¿Por qué ese cambio notorio en el cuidado físico?

When I had my daughter, my body changed a lot and decided to exercise.Before I didn't do it because my body did not need it, but now that I am no longer 18 years old, my health and my figure worry a lot.

And this is a vice, you always want to see you better and better.

18.¿Modelaría al desnudo?

No, but I have modeled underwear.I like more modeling for photography as a product image, I like more than a catwalk modeling.

19.¿Qué debe tener un hombre para que conquiste su corazón?

You must make me laugh, be a dreamy and that you like to overcome, it must be loving and that you like children.I do not say that my previous couple has not loved me, but I like fun and loving men.Currently, I'm single, my only relationship is with my daughter, but I'm not closed to love, I'm just waiting for God to give me the right man.

20.¿Por qué se ausentó de la televisión a finales del año pasado y a inicios de este año? ¿Ya no trabaja en Televicentro?

Yes, still work for Televicentro.My absence was because I had problems with my throat, they detected a very dangerous microquist in my throat consequence of a reflux for not taking care of food: I almost run out of voice, but I am already recovered.


Ángela Paola Lazzaronife of Birth: May 8, 1985 Aity: 30 Years CITY OF ORIGIN: Tegucigalpalugar de residence: Tegucigalpopropionion: Degree in Marketing Rign: Evangelical Soccer Teaching: Olimpia/Real Madrid Compida: Italian and Baladas Sentimental


"With Dani we are friends, we have a girl and we will try to be the best parents for her" "I really like extreme sports, they give me the adrenaline that I need"

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