Karim Benzema shows his car collection: his favorite, the first he had

Karim Benzema shows his car collection: his favorite, the first he had


El delantero blanco ha repasado en un vídeo de Youtube su dilatada trayectoria automovilísitca... y ha demostrado que tiene un gran gusto para los cochesKarim Benzema enseña su colección de coches: su favorito, el primero que tuvo Karim Benzema enseña su colección de coches: su favorito, el primero que tuvo

It is unusual for football players to openly display their car collection, but Karim Benzema has wanted to share with his followers one of his most prized possessions. He has done so on his YouTube channel and with all the details in this spectacular video.

A garage worthy of a collector

The'9 'real Madrid has good taste with cars. In fact, it has some pieces that should not be missing in any collection of a prized amateur. No doubt the two great jewels are the Bugatti. Chiron and Veyron PUR Sang, but the exclusive McLaren-Mercedes SLR, Mercedes G65 AMG, Audi RS 4, RS 6 and RS Q8 should not be despised, nor should we despise the exclusive McLaren-Mercedes SLR, Mercedes G65 AMG, Audi RS 4, RS 6 and RS Q8.

The current Laliga Pichichi also revealed what was his first car, a black Mini Cooper S that he bought from a friend or what was his first great supersport: no less than a 507 HP BMW M6 he bought for his 18th birthday, after signing his first professional contract with the Lyon Olympique.

Bugatti. Chiron: 1.500 CV, 2,4 millones de euros

Benzema himself regards Chiron as one of his most valuable pieces and is not to mention because in addition to costing 2.4 million euros, it is also a car that is not accessible to most since only 500 units of this supersport have been manufactured.

The striker claims it's the fastest car he's ever had... And of that there is no doubt because his 1,500 horsepower would allow him to roll up to 420 km / h, a figure within reach of very few cars in the world.

Bugatti. Veyron Pur Sang: Sólo hay cinco en el mundo

Karim Benzema enseña su colección de coches: su favorito, el primero que tuvo

It's normal that Karim Benzema considers him the most special of all his cars. The Bugatti. Veyron PUR Sang is a super limited series of French sports, of which only five units were manufactured, at 1.4 million euros each.

Although extremely rare, the Veyron PUR Sang is very easily recognizable by its peculiar appearance. It was served with a bitone body in polished aluminium and black carbon fiber. According to the white striker in the video of the five that were sold in their day, there are only 2 'live' left, thus their value has multiplied.

Ferrari: your favorite brand

Although the Gaul does not reveal exactly what Ferrari's model is, it does recognize that the Italian was the brand that attracted him the most in his childhood, when his passion for cars was born. And also the one that comes first to mint when you talk about sports.

On his Instagram we saw him driving a 488 track, a 488 Spider and a GTC4 Lusso... That's not bad choices, let alone.

Mercedes G65 AMG: to go anywhere

The Mercedes Class G is traditionally one of the favorite models for celebrities because it mixes the spectacularity and firmness of its design with the strength of the AMG versions, such as Benzema's.

The G65 AMG is an all-powerful 612 horsepower SUV, with an explosive V12 engine... That has already gone into the history of the model. The current AMG version stays in 585 horses and already with a V8... Because of the emissions.

Audi RS 4: a 'utility' of 80,000 euros

He is one of the veterans of the French astro-garage, despite being one of the most 'senile'. Audi's sponsorship of the white club has allowed KB9 to enjoy different models of the ring brand, although RS 4 has been one of those that has stayed with time in its garage.

Benzema's model is of the second generation (2006), when RS 4 also had a sedan bodywork. At that time it equipped an atmospheric V8 engine of 420 horsepower and its price started at 82,000 euros.

Mercedes SLR McLaren: a sports collector

This sport born from Mercedes and McLaren's collaboration has been part of the garage of numerous celebrities, including superstars of the calibre of Fernando Alonso, Michael Jordan, Donald Trump, Beyoncé or Rihanna. And Benzema couldn't resist his charms either.

In its day it cost almost half a million euros that were justified in addition to its spectacular design (where also its striking scissors doors stand out), its powerful 5.4 V8 engine of 626 horses, an imposing figure for the time (2003) and its chassis of carbon fiber.

Audi RS 6: the most practical

Benzema confesses in the video that RS 6 is his ideal car for everyday life... And it's not strange because the German relative combines power and functionality. The current version (from 2020) has 600 horses and exceeds 140,000 euros.

As good Audi RS, this version is explosive in terms of performance, with versions exceeding 300 km / h (depending on options) and an acceleration capacity that speaks for itself: it only needs 3.6 seconds to go from 0 to 100 km / h.

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