Lorena Castell's most beast thong on Miami Beach

Lorena Castell's most beast thong on Miami Beach

Lorena Castell sabe como mantener la atención de sus seguidores.The television and radio presenter has taken advantage of the December bridge to take a well -deserved vacation.The Catalan likes the sun and the beach, and as in these moments of that Spain is scarce, since we are in winter, Castell has traveled to the other side of the pond with friends.Specifically to Miami.Very active in your social networks share every minute with your fans.One story after another.We see her dance, sunbathe with mini bikinis, eat, take something and enjoy the life of the city of Florida.

Barcelona has not forgotten to get into a bikini in his suitcase, and little else.Taking advantage of good temperatures has put all short clothes.Mini shorts, tops and little else.Lorena Castell has risen the temperature with her inns in thong, fasteners that cover rather little and a scandal figure.Normal that the number of likes has multiplied by ten.

El tanga más bestia de Lorena Castell en la playa de Miami

Lorena Castell, sabiendo muy bien lo que hace, se ha fotografiado tumbada en la arena, para dar mucha envidia y enseñar unos glúteos muy definidos que ha logrado a base de mucho esfuerzo.In its Instagram stories it is normal to see it make squats at all hours.To his 40 springs is spectacular and proof of this is this image that we wanted to keep from his stories because you cannot miss it.

Use a mini bikini tanga with zebra -style printed in black and fluorescent green.We see his very tanned skin and an impressive neckline that occupies all the butt.

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