The costumes that triumph this Halloween 2021 |FCINCO - F5 The Trust Project

The costumes that triumph this Halloween 2021 |FCINCO - F5 The Trust Project
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Entre los disfraces más buscados para Halloween 2021 abundan los clásicos terroríficos y los personajes de series, películas y de la cultura popularLos disfraces que triunfan este Halloween 2021 | Fcinco - F5 The Trust Project Los disfraces que triunfan este Halloween 2021 | Fcinco - F5 The Trust Project

With Halloween around the corner, the online search for costumes has shot in recent days and not only in the United States, where this party is originally, but in countries in the middle of the world, including Spain.Due to the volume of searches, it seems that children and adults want to celebrate the eve of all the saints after the Pandemia of the Coronavirus prevented a normal celebration last year.And it is clear that not only witches and skeletons live Halloween;Among the most wanted costumes also are characters of series and films, as well as popular culture.Next, a selection of current trends:

The squid game: Guardians and players

If you are one of those who have fallen seduced by the successful and bloodthirsty Netflix series and you are thinking of disguising yourself as one of your characters, you should know since you are not going to be the most original of the party.The good news is that it will not be difficult to meet with people (or whole groups) with outfits of the South Korean series, so the simulation of the 'games' is guaranteed.

And it is that the worldwide phenomenon of the squid game has also broken in the face of this Halloween, being a trend in Google and Amazon searches in Spain.There are those who choose to be one of the guardians with mono pink and the round, triangular or square icon in the mask and there are those who prefer to carry the green tracksuit of the players.In any case, hurry to look for the costume, since they are scarce in many online stores.The biggest ones also look for how to make a doll costume of the Green Light, Red Light.

Wandavision: Scarlet Witch and Vision

Without leaving the streaming palataformas, Wandavision (Disney+) is also being tracked on the Internet these days.The series derived from the Marvel universe seems to be a good idea to disguise itself as a couple this year, although there are more searches for the scarlet witch, which has different models in catalog, than vision.An alternative is to get the costumes that appear in Chapter 6, the Halloween special where the characters disguise themselves with the costumes with them appear in the original comic, a wink for their readers.It was Shopdisney herself who launched those costumes for Halloween a few months ago.

Kim Kardashian at the Met Gala

Los disfraces que triunfan este Halloween 2021 | Fcinco - F5 The Trust Project

On the other side of the Atlantic, one of the trends related to popular culture is being the disguise that mimics the outfit with which Kim Kardashian appeared to the last Met gala, something like the 'Oscar' of American fashion.Although the original model is designed by Demma Gvasalia, creative director of the Balenciaga fashion house, for Halloween it will be enough to buy on platforms such as Amazon a whole black body average, put on black heels and finish off the task with a curtain or sheet-Negra- as a tail.

Bernie Sanders' Meme

We continue in the USA to present a proposal for those who seek the balance between humor and laziness to disguise themselves.Surely they remember Senator Bernie Sanders protecting themselves from the cold with mittens during the investiture of Joe Biden as president of the United States, an image that went viral to meme and now returns by Halloween.

To disguise themselves as Sanders, you just need to get a plastic folding chair, a coat like those found in Alcampo, a pair of wool mittens and vintage drawing and a blue surgical mask.Cheap, comfortable, warm and anti covid-19.

Tony soprano

Another option for those who want a quick and comfortable solution is to disguise Tony Soprano, the main protagonist of the soprano, an ancient series that today continues to create adherents in HBO.Undoubtedly, the dark velvet tracksuits abounded in Tony's closet, so you just have to choose one of those available online.Or you can also opt for a white bathrobe over boxer underwear, interior shirt and a newspaper bent in your hand.

Cruella de Vil

A villain who returns from time to time, thanks to the new series and movies in which this character of 101 Dalmatians appears.This time, the film Cruella (2021) starring Emma Stone, brings new ideas for the costume and more upditing models of tone.On the Internet we can find several options for complete cruellala costumes of Vil, although another solution is to buy the bicolor wig in black and white and search the closet for an adequate set.

Chucky's girlfriend

Chucky, the doll possessed by serial killer Charles Lee Ray through Voodoo magic, reappears on Google every Halloween.And it is a 'monster' shared by several generations: from which they saw the original film (Chucky, 1988) who have met the doll in its next six deliveries (1990, 1992, 1998, 2004, 2013, 2013, 2013,2017 and 2019).Thus, while Chucky is in the top10 of the most wanted costumes in Google in the United States for this Halloween, in Spain the "Chucky girlfriend's costume" stands out, the character of the 1998 movie, a doll with the soulof Ray's girlfriend.

Harley Quinn

One of the DC Comics successes will also be very present on October 31, since Harley Quinn is among the most looking, both in the United States and in Spain.From his appearance in the movie Squadron Suicida (2016), many girls and women resort to this character for costume parties.Several of Harley's outfits abound on the Internet, from the harlequinate costumes of Batman's comics to the models of the latest films, batting.

Witch, queen of the classics

Beyond the trends and fashions of culture, Halloween classics remain the most wanted costumes in Google.Once the leadership to El Camalar game has been awarded, the next specific costume in the search engine during the last month in Spain is the witch (in the United States it leads the ranking).Others such as Catrina (icon of Mexican culture), malefic, werewolf, skeleton, among us or ninja stand out.

The most wanted in the United States

The Google list of the most wanted costumes in the United States is also full of timeless characters.After the witch, the most typed attire in computers and mobiles are rabbit, dinosaur, spider-man, cruella de vil, fairy, Harley Quinn, cowboy, clown and chucky.

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