A lot of clothes, little space?So you can order your closet in winter

A lot of clothes, little space?So you can order your closet in winter
La ropa de invierno siempre ocupa mucho más espacio en el clóset, por ello hicimos esta guía para que todo esté super ordenado y te quepa.

Por Liliana Rodríguez ¿Mucha ropa, poco espacio? Así puedes ordenar tu clóset en invierno ¿Mucha ropa, poco espacio? Así puedes ordenar tu clóset en invierno

Surely you are already taking out your best pieces to show off in this autumn-winter and as we know that the garments of this season usually occupy more space than those of summer and that it often becomes complicated to accommodate everything (more when you have many things and little space), we made a practical closet accommodation guide to put everything in order and you can build your outfits every day more easily.


Before anything, take your winter clothes toooood and see the pieces that you no longer wear, do not stay, look spent or you simply do not like.While fashion is cyclical and many things return, and it is worth saving some options, it is not the rule.Choose only what is in good condition, that is timeless and of course it makes you happy, in this way, nothing that is not functional will steal space and energy.

2. accommodate correctly

With this we refer to that there are clothes that must be folded and saved in drawers, and there is another one that must be hung in hooks.Ideally, sweaters, sweatshirts, T-Shirts, exercise clothes, as well as underwear, bend and stored in drawers or special baskets.On the other hand, the garments that must be hung are the dresses, the coats, the shirts, the skirts and the jeans, but eye, pay attention to the hook material, since so that nothing is wrinkled or falling,They must be velvet or antiderrapant materials.

3. Create sections

¿Mucha ropa, poco espacio? Así puedes ordenar tu clóset en invierno

Before starting to put the clothes, divide your closet into several sections so that in each one you place all the dresses together, the blouses, the jeans, etc.The drawers of the knittop, underwear, sweatshirts and others;In this way you will know perfectly where everything is.You can also order everything by colors, such as black, white blouses, color shirts, blue, black jeans, etc.The idea is that you accommodate your closet in the way it is easier for you to find different pieces and so you can take advantage of everything and nothing is forgotten.

If you can and have access to another space in your home, keep thick coats, scarves, gloves and hats near the entrance of your house, so that you can release space in your closet (and be the 'cherry' of the cake when leavingYour home) and leave in the closet, only blouses, pants, costumes and seasonal dresses.

4. And the shoes?

It is the most difficult part to accommodate the closet especially when it is small.It is best to bet on shoemakers who sell in e-commerce and fit up to 50 pairs without occupying a lot of space.Take advantage of these super easy to install furniture as part of the decoration of your room and place your sneakers or stilletos of different colors, look great!If you have them in boxes, you can take advantage of the space under the bed to accommodate them, even if you run the risk of forgetting them.

5. Accessories

We recommend you keep the jewelry in acrylic boxes or ceramic trays to put them in your bureau or dressing table.Sun lenses can also be stored in baskets according to style and color.On the other hand, the belts and scarves can be hung in hooks created just for this and help you constantly see them to include them in your outfits.

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