Order at home: cabinets, the best interior distribution - Photo 1

Order at home: cabinets, the best interior distribution - Photo 1

Are you tall? Do you have more casual or dress clothes? Do you wear long dresses? All these questions will help you find the best interior layout for a closet. We detail what you should ask yourself, where to start and what to do to end up with an organization that takes advantage of every inch, whether your closet is big or small, and is practical.

Where to start designing the interior layout of the closet?

The most important thing before considering an interior layout of a closet is to know what its purpose will be because this will help you plan the compartments. It can be a wardrobe in a bedroom or for coats in the hall, which we are going to focus on in this article, but also just a shoe rack, for household clothes, for cleaning accessories...

Order at home: Cabinets, the best interior layout - Photo 1

In the case of wardrobes, you have to ask yourself who will use that wardrobe, if one person or two. Because in the event that there are two or more, the space will have to be distributed equally or also depending on the size of the clothes. For example, if the closet is shared by an adult and a small child, these clothes take up less length and are folded.

You should also ask yourself what kind of clothes you have the most in your closet to know if you need more clothing space hanging on the rod or folded on shelves. and drawers? How are you in shoes? It helps to take a careful look at what you keep in the closet to know how much you have for each type of garment and what you miss. Of course, take the opportunity to clean up and get rid of those pants you haven't worn in years.

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