Out of place: Ambulante Radio: NPR

Out of place: Ambulante Radio: NPR

Daniel Alarcón: before starting a warning.In this episode there are strong scenes that are not suitable for children.Discretion is advised.

Welcome to Radio Ambulante from NPR, I am Daniel Alarcón.

Carolina Rozo was in her third year of physiotherapy studies at a university in Bogotá.When the time came when she was going to assign her practice, she just wanted one thing:

Carolina Rozo: And I said no, no football no, football no, football no ...

Alarcón: What Carolina most wanted was to devote himself to physiotherapy in the clinical area.But she had to learn to work in any field of her profession.Including sport.She didn't care that she wasn't football.She had never liked him.He bored her deeply.

But it wasn't his decision.And what she didn't want happened just.

Rozo: And when Carolina Rozo tells me he goes to such a place ... is a team called Independiente de Santa Fe.

Alarcón: one of the most important football teams in Colombia.Carolina resigned.I could not do otherwise.So she dedicated himself to studying.

Rozo: How much a court measured, the skills of the archers, of each position of the player.

Alarcón: And, to his surprise, the more he studied, the more he caught his attention.

Rozo: I began to understand what football is like from tactics, from technique, from the game.And that's when I start to like me, see football in another way and I start to like it.

Alarcón: Carolina helped players to recover from injuries and prepare for championships.And as they spent so long together during training, she began to get along with them very well and with the rest of the technical team.

It was so good that the team asked him to work with them.She, delighted, said yes.She had fallen in love with football and she didn't mind having to work and study at the same time.Besides that she paid him well and she was learning a lot.

But little by little work and study at the time he became very heavy for her.So a year after starting, she decided to leave the job to devote only to study.She was about to finish the race.

Rozo: And it was very sad, because I was very good, it was a company where I grew up, I learned.

Alarcón: And it was important for her to finish university because ten years ago, when she had twenty -two, she had to leave her dentistry studies because she married and became pregnant.So physiotherapy had become a way to resume what she had started a decade before and this time she wanted to finish it.

When he finished the subjects, at the end of 2017, with thirty -three years, he received a call from his former boss.

Rozo: He tells me: "Carolina there is a sub -seventeenth of women, why not take it while the diploma comes out and the degree comes out and there we are looking at."

Alarcón: He had not spent a month since his graduation and they were already offering him to unite as a physiotherapist from a national team.

In the call he explained that the work was not payment, that he would not have any contract and that he would only cover the per diem in case he left the country with the selection.It was common in women's football teams.She justified that it was a developing sport, and that her players are amateur and not professionals, such as men.

Although this was not ideal for Carolina, it was not demotivated.It was a great opportunity.In addition, her husband had a stable job and could take care of the house expenses.

Rozo: And then very happy for being in a Colombian National Team.If it is an achievement for players, for the coaching staff too.And then I left with all the joy of the world.

Alarcón: But soon Carolina would realize that the lack of payment and contract were not the only problems that were in the Sub seventeen women's soccer team.

Our producer Lisette Arévalo tells us.

Lisette Arévalo: A week after having accepted the job offer, Carolina appeared at a hotel on the outskirts of Bogotá to start her work.There the team was going to have a ten -day concentration: intense training where players and their coaches are isolated for a while and dedicate themselves to preparing for the matches.It was such isolation that the cell phones even took the players and could not communicate with anyone for several days.

Upon arrival, Carolina registered and greeted some of the players - who had between fourteen and sixteen.She also met the props - the person in charge of enlisting the uniforms - who offered to show him the hotel and accompany her to her room.

Rozo: I was telling me while the hotel showed me, what is the temperament of the ... of the technical director, which is a bit strong.

Arévalo: The technical director of the Women's Sub -seventeen was Didier Luna, a sixty -year -old man with a long journey in Colombian football.Carolina knew very little about him, so what the Useful said did not caught his attention.She stayed in her room and remained that she would go down at lunchtime to meet the rest of the team and the director.

When Carolina went down to the dining room he met Luna.

Rozo: He greets me: “A pleasure, doctor.How good it is here.We are going to have lunch, we will present it. ”So normal.

Arévalo: Carolina seemed kind and felt welcome for him.When they finished eating, she introduced him to the rest of the technical team: a doctor, the physical trainer and the psychologist.Then they gathered to plan how the following work days would be.And that's it.It seemed to go well.

But everything changed very fast.The next night, at dinner time, Luna approached her and in front of her co -workers said:

Rozo: "Hey Doctor you are very pretty." Well, I took it as, as normal. I said, suddenly ... Suddenly, a man seemed pretty a woman and now.

Arévalo: No one of those who were there said anything.So that night he went to sleep without giving the matter many more turns.But the next day, when all the team went down to breakfast ...

Rozo: It was no longer only the greeting, but it was the hard squeeze to get together with his and spoke to me and tell me: "I really like it."

Arévalo: Several people saw him, but again nobody said anything.Carolina was frozen, not knowing what to do.She had never lived such a situation.She only separated from the moon and sat down to eat.But she didn't stay there.

In the following days, when they went to some courts near the hotel for training, Luna sat next to her on the bus and said things like:

Rozo: "Doctor you woke up very pretty today."

Arévalo: commented on his appearance and body ...

Rozo: "How that uniform looks, how that cap looks at him."

Arévalo: I invited her out ...

Carolina: “I want to invite you to dance.Let's ... to dance salsa. ”

Arévalo: And so it was for several days.A terrible discomfort, a torture.Especially in the bus, where Luna always cornered her.But Carolina preferred to remain silent.After all, she was her new boss, there was a very clear relationship of power, what could she say?

Rozo: Because I said good, I've been five days and this man with this suddenly I am thinking badly and I don't want to generate a conflict.I have to wait.

Arévalo: wait and see if things changed.So every time she told him something, he tried to talk about something else: about the players, injuries, and their training.

Until one day Luna tried to take his leg.

Rozo: And that's when I said: "No, stop, no."And it was there when I already made the decision to go to the last chair with the players who went.I said I don't sit there again.

Arévalo: He preferred to evade him to face it.Carolina began taking precautions for her security.For example, with the hotel room door ...

Rozo: I spent the insurance chain, because I felt fear.

Arévalo: I was afraid that Luna went to her room without permission.There were many indications to believe it was possible.

One day, when Carolina was in her room, someone touched her door.She approached and saw for the peephole that Luna was outside her with a cake in her hands.Carolina opened her, but she didn't remove the chain.

Rozo: And he told me: "Over my love, open me that I am not going to do anything. I brought you a ... a bit of cake."

And I, with that heart that came out, I said this man can enter at any time and can do something to me.

Arévalo: But I also knew that he could not refuse to receive the piece of cake without a reason.So he decided to remove the chain and opened the door a little.Enough to receive the cake quickly, thank you and close it again.

Rozo: But he told me: "Why don't you let me enter? Let me enter."And I said "no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, I'm not ... I'm going to shower, I'm going to do other things."

Arévalo: He kept insisting but Carolina told him no and not.Until finally Luna left.

Rozo: that is, I was worse scared because I said this man is capable, with that behavior he has, he is capable.

Arévalo: Able to do anything.Carolina did not understand Luna's behavior and she began to feel guilty.

Rozo: that is, one enters that duality of emotions and thoughts, in saying, is it that I did something for this man to behave with me like that?

Arévalo: But Carolina did not take long to realize that she was not the only one being harassed by Luna.The first thing she noticed was that in training, he shouted at the players and told them things like "useless," or sometimes even called "lesbians", as if that were an insult.

But what caught her attention was to see that one morning, during breakfast, the players went into a row to greet him.And when they approached him ...

Rozo: Well, they took their tail.Some approached the table and talked to them as well.He took their face and tried to kiss them.

Arévalo: I also did it during physical recovery.After training, the players had to get into an icy pool.And since it was not very big, they did it in groups.

Rozo: They passed in Lycra and Top and the guy there took advantage of them to take and touch."He has the badly put here," and he accommodated it, but it was with morbidity, it was with the second intention.

Arévalo: I touched them everywhere.And while she did this, Luna told them:

Rozo: "No, I am like his dad."

Arévalo: as if that were something normal that parents do with their daughters.

The players were silent and did nothing more to bow their heads and get into the pool.Some, according to Carolina, had normalized this because they worked with Luna since they were small.Then they thought he was so and it wasn't something they had to worry about.Remember that they were teenagers of fourteen, fifteen and sixteen, and it is not always easy to recognize a harassment.

Carolina saw this and felt a lot of anger.She didn't know how to help them.She commented with the team's doctor and she told him that she had also seen how Luna behaved with the girls and that she didn't like it at all.But the conversation was there.

Meanwhile, Luna was still looking for Carolina.She sent him from WhatsApp telling her that she was very pretty, that she took care of her, that when they were going to get out of her.Carolina usually did not answer the messages and, when she did, it was shear.

But Luna continued with the comments, the tights.

Carolina says that she once tried to kiss her.It happened one night after dinner, when she approached to say goodbye to him.

Rozo: The Lord takes my face with my hands and looks at me with an intention of kissing me.Players were leaving and the coaching staff was there and I all did, eh, take my head back and scared I said: “No, no, no, this guy who happens to him?No no no no no".

Arévalo: And, as always passed, nobody reacted.That was a break point for her.

Rozo: I got on my very nervous room.That day I started crying because I said no, because this is clearly a harassment, what I do.

Arévalo: They had been eight very difficult days for Carolina so he decided to tell everything to the team's psychologist.She told her that she bother him too much Luna's attitude and that she planned to give up.But the psychologist replied:

Rozo: “No, that's normal.It is that the Lord is affectionate and already, that is, do not be careful.Don't go for that. ”And I said: "No, I don't like that lord's attitude."

Arévalo: Carolina seemed strange this answer, but he left her thinking that perhaps she was exaggerating.She felt more confused than her before.

Then he chose not to say anything else to his team.He ended the concentration on December 23, ten days later, he packed his things and returned home for the holidays.

The days passed and Carolina could not stop thinking about what had happened to him in the concentration.She was upset.And while she turned more to the matter, she was more convinced that that was not normal, as the psychologist had said.

Fuera de lugar : Radio Ambulante : NPR

Rozo: that is, I did not know that it was sexual harassment.And I started investigating huh ... Internet and articles.

Arévalo: I wanted a definition and see if your case fit there.He found that sexual harassment is an unwanted behavior that causes the victim to feel offended, humiliated and intimidated.That can manifest in several ways: comments about their appearance, unwanted touching, blackmail, gestures or sexual looks, forced kisses.

Carolina was able to identify herself and the players in everything she was reading.Full of outrage, she started looking for what she could do.

Rozo: And I read the law here and then said that ... sexual harassment had to be repetitive ... eh, that evidence was needed.But it is very difficult.

Arévalo: very difficult to try.

Rozo: I said, as a victim, they won't believe me, they won't be careful, they won't listen to me.

Arévalo: because he knew that his word was not enough to check what was happening in the team.Then, there he made a decision: he would return to concentration in January.

Rozo: In order to look for evidence and also with what the players had already told me, I said here I can get something.That's why I risked to continue.

Arévalo: But it wasn't going to be easy.When she reached the concentration, Luna began with the same harassment of always and more intense than before.She even told Carolina that she took care of her, because he was going to steal a kiss.Carolina was afraid and she felt insecure.

On the third day, when she was going up to her room ...

Rozo: The Lord was waiting for me in the hall where there are some free railings and corner me against that railing and signs me with the finger to the Federation logo, I have the breast.

Arévalo: Carolina took her hand but stayed still, cornered against the railing.She was dead of fear.

Rozo: And he tells me: "This is the woman I want for me. I just want me to give me a bit of her heart. That costs you anything. I want a son to give me. I want my lover to be.I want my special friend to be. ”

I let him talk and I told him;"No, you are wrong. I come here to work. I come is with a goal of growing professionally, of helping these players. You are wrong."

Arévalo: But Luna did not remain calm with that answer.

Rozo: This man tells me: “I can take you to great things in football.If you only ... that, it doesn't cost you anything.If you are with me, I can take it to the top. ”

Arévalo: Carolina couldn't believe what he was proposing.And firmer than she before she told him:

Rozo: "No, my answer is no and let me work."Then the Lord gets so brave, very brave, that He shouts at me and says: "Don't beg you anymore, tighten the consequences. Take things, teacher."And he left and left.

Arévalo: At that time Carolina moved away from the railings against which she was cornered, quickly looked for the key to her room, got and closed the door with insurance.

Rozo: I felt very bad.I felt outraged, I felt trampled.That is, II ... And I cried so much because I didn't know what to do.

Arévalo: He felt exhausted.She didn't even have a head to think about collecting evidence or denouncing it.She just wanted to stop working there.So she decided that she would end the concentration and that she would never return.And she hoped that she told him with what she would leave her alone.

But tell him that he did not bring him consequences.That same afternoon, when Carolina went down to the court to help the players in her training, Luna was already another.

Rozo: That man already took a very strong attitude with me and begins to treat me badly."Listen, work, you don't know how to work. You are an inept."That is, the guy took reprisals.

Arévalo: And he was not the only one to treat her badly.Carolina says that her co -workers allied with Luna.They began to ignore her, they did not let her speak at the meetings.They completely canceled it.According to her what Luna wanted with that was ...

Rozo: bore me and get me out for not having accessed what he wanted.

Arévalo: And that was something that Carolina was not going to allow.She dared to face him one day and asked him if she had a problem with her work.

Rozo: And that man screams only.He then tells me: "I told you something and you didn't want to do it. So, assume the consequences."

Arévalo: Luna also told her that if she wanted you could go, that she didn't work well.She defended her, but he turned her back and left.

A day later, the concentration ended and Carolina returned home.Although she had not been able to collect evidence at that time, she decided to call her head of her, the sports director of the Federation, and tell everything.

Rozo: And he told me: "How Carolina. But this cannot be happening inside the National Team, that is wrong, to that man what happens. Leave me I am going to look at how I do and look so that I do not bother her more".

Arévalo: It seemed genuinely surprised.After a few days, he called her and asked her to go to her office to talk a little more.He thought he would give him a solution but to her surprise when he arrived, in addition to her chief, there were also the psychologist and the federation physiotherapist.

She told everything that had happened to her again, and of course they heard her.But there was something in her eyes ...

Rozo: And they at that time, everyone looked at each other with a complicity, which I said, I am in the mouth of the wolf, because these gentlemen know.

Arévalo: There Carolina realized that those of the Federation were complicit in Luna's behavior.

As he thought they were definitely not going to do anything, he thought that if it wasn't she who acted, everything would remain the same.So she decided to resume her initial plan and go to collect evidence.

One of the first days of the February concentration, one of the players, which I will call Liliana, was injured.Carolina separated her from the group to review her and when they stayed alone ...

Rozo: And then she tells me very curious: "Physio, I want to ask something, but if you tell me, I tell you something."

Arévalo: Carolina was surprised what Liliana told him.She then replied that good.

Rozo: He told me: "Is true that Didier harassed her?"And I said yes, she did harassed me and that's why the situation is like that.

Arévalo: that is, the tense work environment, the screams of the moon, the ill -treatment of his classmates.Then Carolina asked what she wanted to tell her.

Rozo: And that's when I turned on the phone.I said I have to record because this girl is going to tell me.

Alarcón: A pause and return.

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Alarcón: We are back on Ambulant radio, I'm Daniel Alarcón.Before the pause, the physiotherapist Carolina Rozo was talking with Liliana, one of the players, about Didier Luna's harassment.And Liliana also had something to tell him.So Carolina took her cell phone and started recording.But without her permission.

Rozo: Because if I told them ... they were very afraid of the guy and they were not going to speak.

Alarcón: It was a desperate reaction to an extreme situation.And it must be remembered that for Carolina, she could make a complaint she needed evidence, whatever it was, and recording in hide and was the only way to get them.

Then, with the recorder of his cell phone on and hidden in his uniform pocket, Carolina asked him.

Rozo: "Well, and what do you have to tell me."

Alarcón: And what Liliana told him, would show him that harassment went beyond Luna, and beyond her.

Lisette continues to tell us.

Arévalo: Liliana began telling her that one day, during the concentration that had spent a month before, in January, she was returning to her room after a recovery.She was only wearing a towel.

This is one of the recordings that Carolina made.She doesn't hear very well because, as we said, she had her cell phone in her pocket.

Liliana: When I got to my piece and then I was alone because [Beep] had already left.

Arévalo: That Beep who listened to, is to protect the identity of another player, Liliana's roommate.

Liliana: And he entered my piece.And then she approaches me and kisses me on my mouth.

Arévalo: He says that someone entered his room, approached him and kissed her on his mouth.

Rozo: Didier?Didier?

Liliana: No. Sigifredo.

Arévalo: You don't hear very well but Carolina asks if it was Didier and Liliana replies no.That was Sigifredo.Sigifredo Alonso, the team's physical trainer.He told Carolina that this forty -four -year -old man told him that he would separate from her wife to be with her - which at that time he had sixteen.

Liliana told him no and threw him out of his room.

Then, Carolina took the opportunity to ask him about Luna.

Rozo: But Didier has never harassed you?The truth.

Liliana: Well, sometimes as I kiss me on my mouth.

Rozo: Do you try to kiss?

Liliana: Ajá.

Arévalo: Carolina asks Liliana that if Luna has harassed her.And Liliana tells her that she has sometimes tried to kiss her.Liliana also told her that she sometimes grabbed her buttocks but that she was dying to say something.After all, they were very powerful in the world of football and she was afraid that they would end her career.

Carolina told Liliana that what had happened to her was sexual harassment and that she was unacceptable.She was silent.The recovery ended, they said goodbye and Carolina stopped recording.She couldn't believe what she had heard.It was not only Luna who harassed the players, but also Sigifredo.

Rozo: That is, I felt like when you feel one, a bad news that goes down your body and anticipates adrenaline and you ... rather it makes everything effect.

I had them about three meters and I turned them to look at them and I said "what am I get, what am I get in."

Arévalo: because what was happening in that selection was much bigger than she imagined.So she decided that she would talk to the other players because they surely had more things to tell her.As they already had a relationship of a lot of confidence it would not be difficult.

After a few days, the entire team traveled to Argentina to participate in the South American tournament.Once there, every time she could, Carolina asked the players questions and sometimes she recorded them.She listened to all kinds of harassment: they told her, for example, that Luna made her pants remove and stay alone in underwear to bathe in the pool.All this while he looked at them.

In addition, many told him that Luna had several times tried to kiss them and that he gave them but.To the players, as had happened to Carolina at first, they were afraid to denounce him.But it is not the same situation.Carolina was adult and professional.She could exercise as a physiotherapist anywhere, but for these adolescents, all minors, there is no other Colombian team.

And, as they told Carolina, there had already been reprisals against one of the players who had complained about Luna.She took her out of the National Team 3 days before traveling to Argentina to play the South American.

Rozo: That was the type of ... this man had.The one who spoke took her out and because their great dream was to be playing football, playing in a Colombian team.

Arévalo: They didn't even want to talk to the psychologist of the technical team.It had already happened to them before if they told her something, she told Luna and he took revenge.

Carolina also decided to record the psychologist to prove that she was allied with Luna and that she was not interested in supporting the players.The audio is almost unintelligible but in the conversation it is clear that the psychologist knows all the details of these harass ... here for example, the psychologist tells her that she has seen how Luna takes the face of some players and makes him kiss themAnd he asks if he is afraid.That she has seen that some only laugh but that others look at everywhere without knowing what to do.

Psychologist: Then the man in the end does not give them anything and separated and says: "Ah see it no longer scares him."Then the girls laugh.Some laugh and the others like they look everywhere.And I: "Oh no, not what I do."

Arévalo: In the end he says: "And I: Oh no, no, what do I do."He refers to the fact that she does not know how to deal with the situation.

This audio was the proof that Carolina needed to show that several people in the team knew what was happening, that they knew it was wrong and that nobody did nothing.

Carolina had been in that process of getting evidence for almost two months but trying not to raise suspicions.Among her she learned more angry she gave her.She frustrated him not being able to do something immediately but she had to be patient.Carolina just cried, she called her husband and relieved.What mortified her most was to think about the players.

Rozo: I was very sad, because that ... at that time they were very innocent.Their parents trusted.He won the trust of the parents and the parents believed that they were fine.

Arévalo: The work environment was worse.While Luna did not continue to harass her sexually, it was clear that he was taking revenge on her for not accessing what he asked.The insults, the extended schedules of her, forcing her to work at night ... all this was a clear indication.

He filed a final complaint to the Federation.He spoke with a delegate who accompanied them to Argentina.He told him everything that was happening and again, as others had already done, he acted surprised and offered his help.But he said ...

Rozo: “What can we do, it is not the time, we are in competition, we cannot generate this scandal here.Hopefully we get to Colombia. ”

Arévalo: And although it was not an immediate solution, that reassured her a little.She gave him the impression that he was going to do something on her back.In addition, she had talked to the psychologist and the doctor and told her that they also wanted to file a complaint.

So when he returned to Colombia, he thought that all he had to do was wait for him to call her from the Federation to give his testimony.

Rozo: I arrived and nobody communicates with me.My boss didn't talk to me again.That is, it is as if they had forgotten, as if nothing had happened.

Arévalo: as if he had never denounced Luna with his boss, with the delegate, with his co -workers.And they never called her again.She lost her job without anyone notifying her.Remember that they had not even made him sign a contract.

In April 2018, a couple of weeks after returning from Argentina, Carolina decided to denounce Luna to the authorities.She delivered all the recordings and evidence she had and told them what had happened.She there asked him for the data of the players and Carolina, after confirming with them, he gave them to them.

One of them was Liliana, who, after giving his testimony, decided to file a criminal complaint against Sigifredo Alonso, in which he also spoke of what Didier Luna did to him.

Two months later Carolina received a call from the federation doctor, her former boss.

Rozo: He tells me: "Quiubo, Carolina! It is to imagine that a complaint came to the Federation. Was you?"

Arévalo: It was Liliana's complaint that had arrived anonymously.The former boss of her pressed her to tell her who she had been.And he told her that he wanted to know if she had been because he was making him bad to have recommended her.

Arévalo: I was cold and I said they caught me.He told her that she had not been.

Rozo: And he told me;"Sure? Because you know that the Federation has powerful people and in two days we will know if you were and if you were then imagine in the problem you got."

Arévalo: It was clearly a threat.They wanted the whole matter to disappear, and soon, because the Women's World Cup Sub-Diecisiete was approaching and the Colombian team was going to play.

However, the Federation could not ignore the case of Liliana.She was a minor and physical contact, that is, her kiss, was already an aggravating.

And although they tried to press Liliana to change her version of the facts, she didn't.A month later, they took Sigifredo Alonso from his work in the National Team.But the complaint that Liliana submitted later against Luna was filed.It never knew why.

Although the formal complaint was from Liliana, already in the federation they knew that Carolina had had to do.And the consequences soon arrived.

Rozo: They vetoed me on the side of sport, football and the one who speaks leaves.It is that simple they vent it and leave.

Arévalo: The Federation is so powerful that they could not call it again from any team to work as a physiotherapist.And that was precisely what happened.Carolina was devastated but she was also very afraid.

Rozo: Well, an anxiety shock entered.I did not go out.But from my house to the church and from the church to my house.

Arévalo: It was paranoid, looking everywhere as rarely.She thought all the time they were following her.She didn't feel safe, or backed.

Rozo: Meanwhile, I fell into a terrible depression.I just cried no ... I took a number of pills.I didn't want to continue living.Touch the background, the bottom, the background, the background.

Arévalo: Carolina says that he sought refuge in his church and his family and that they helped him slowly out of that depression.In addition, she began to go to psychiatric therapy.And that also served him.She slowly felt that she was recovering control over her life, but she didn't stand the idea that Luna did not pay for what she did.

So in September 2018, almost a year after having met him at that hotel, he decided to criminally denounce Luna for sexual harassment.

The prosecution began investigating.But even with that open process, Luna followed her normality: she traveled in November to the Women's U-17 World Cup in Uruguay, received a decoration of the Federation and participated in talks about women's football.

Rozo: I was very angry.A lot of anger, because instead of the federation act honestly, because I was not doing it.

Arévalo: The months passed and nothing changed.

Rozo: Then February, February 25, I decide to make the public complaint in a media.

(Vicky Dávila newspaper Soundbite)

Vicky Dávila: Today, for the first time, the complainants who went to the Prosecutor's Office speak to tell what happened to them.In this case, let me greet Carolina Rozo.Carolina Welcome to the W.

Rozo: Thank you Vicky, very good afternoon for everyone and for the entire W team for allowing to be here.

Arévalo: And soon other media replied the news, even internationally.

(News Soundbite)

Journalist: With the case that has exploded in recent days in women's football.

Journalist: After the complaints of recent days about alleged sexual harassment in the Sub-Diecisiete team.

Journalist: The physiotherapist Carolina Rozo delivered statements to the W Radio.

Journalist: He revealed that he contributed what would be new evidence that would demonstrate sexual harassment.

Arévalo: The first to respond to Carolina's accusations was one of the leaders of the Colombian Football Federation, Álvaro González Alzate.In a press interview he said that he did not believe that the complaints were true because there was no probative document and denied that the Federation had received a formal complaint, that is to say written.He said that what Carolina was doing was, and here I quote: "Only an excessive eagerness for undeserved figuration and prominence."

A few days later, Luna took a statement rejecting what Carolina had said.She said that he had been in football for more than 40 years and that they were only slander towards her personal, family and professional life.That his accusations were, and here I summon again, "media and sensationalist" that they only sought to stain the image of him and that his lawyers were already taking actions against him.He said that Carolina surely confused his intentions, that he is demanding and expressive.Nothing more.

He stressed his innocence and said that even some players had campaigned to support him.They called her "by your good name Didier Luna."In social networks some 20 players published videos defending it, almost as reading the same message.They were something like these.

(Campaign soundbite in favor of Didier Luna)

Player: I was under the technical direction of Professor Didier Luna for several selections Bogotá.

Player 2: Eh ... I never felt accused or abused by him.

Player 3: On the contrary, I admire him and respect for his delivery and dedication to women's football.

Player 4: Eh ... I'm with you Professor Luna.

Arévalo: It is important here to clarify something, even if it is obvious.That Luna has not harassed them does not mean that the others have not happened to them.It has been proven that those who perpetuate harassment identify very well who their victims will be.They are generally the most vulnerable, the most shy or those that have just begun in a job.

At the same time as Carolina, thirteen players from the women's soccer team denounced the inequality and discriminatory treatment to which they were subjected.

Among some of his claims were the lack of payment.

(Denunciation soundbite)

Player: We need to receive better financial support.

Arévalo: Lack of health protection, the poor condition of the uniforms, differentiated treatment with men's players ...

(Denunciation soundbite)

Player: lack of national per diem when male soccer players do are given.

Arévalo: And that the Federation had taken some players who had dared to complain.

(Denunciation soundbite)

Player: It is not easy to leave fear aside and talk about the issues that we are here today putting the face of you and the country.

Arévalo: The most players of Carolina made the Colombian government intervene.In March 2019, they called a meeting with the leaders of the Colombian Football Federation to seek protection mechanisms for athletes.

This is the vice president of Colombia, Marta Lucía Ramírez.She says she had had the opportunity to listen ...

(Denunciation soundbite)

Marta Lucía: Carolina Rozo, as well as other girls who have had complaints, claims, suggestions, on how to take timely corrective ...

Arévalo: There they signed a ‘pact for transparency and protection of children and women in Colombian sport.They promised to have zero tolerance with abuse, exploitation, harassment, discrimination or violence in sport.They wanted to prevent more cases of abuse and harassment from the coaches and the technical team of the National Team.

That felt like a first victory.

At that time Carolina received a call and told him that he should appear before the Prosecutor's Office.She didn't know what, but when she arrived she saw Luna with five more people.It was the first time she saw him from the trip to Argentina, a year ago.

Rozo: I arrive and greet good afternoon, regardless of everything.The Lord does not greet, he does not look at me.With an impressive pride.I saw him powerful.

Arévalo: confident, sure of himself and what would happen with his case.

At that time they told Carolina that they called her because the charges' imputation hearing had advanced for that same day.As at that time she Carolina had no lawyer, she didn't understand why she didn't notify her more time.But she believes that Luna advanced the process to avoid the media.Therefore, before she entered, she Carolina called the journalists she knew and asked them to be.

The audience began almost right away.

(Audience soundbite)

Hearing: In order to develop the imputation and position of assurance measure and with respect to the citizen Didier Alfonso Luna González, alleged punishable behavior of sexual harassment.

Arévalo: Carolina had never faced such a situation.

Rozo: The Lord fills the audience room with people from him.I had to endure to look at me, to make fun of me.And I, all I did was ... open a notebook and start writing.Because that man felt victorious.He, he thought he was going to get ahead.

Arévalo: She says it was very difficult to see Luna after so long but worth it.

Rozo: Then I had to endure many things and swallow many things to finally see him sitting at justice.I believe that this is one of the greatest satisfactions that one can have as a victim: to see the guy facing a judge, a prosecutor.

Arévalo: The audience lasted five hours.There the Prosecutor's Office filed charges against Luna for aggravated sexual harassment.He declared himself innocent.But the evidence presented by Carolina were overwhelming enough for Luna's trial to continue.He had shown his screenshots of his conversations at WhatsApp and delivered the recordings he had made, like the ones we heard before.

Luna was given something that is known as restrictive measures not deprived of liberty.That means that she could not leave the country, she had to appear at all the quotes of justice, have good behavior, and could not communicate with the victims.

The process against Luna would continue in the following months.

Despite the charges, Luna continued to deny that what Carolina said was true.This is him in an interview with the magazine Semana, in May 2019.

(Interview Soundbite)

Didier Luna: I'm innocent.I have been harmed, because my sports career is with women's football and following those problems, huh, nobody wants to give me work.

Arévalo: And, according to Luna, his contract with the Federation ended at the end of December 2018, three months before the imputation of charges, and was not renewed.

During the interview, he defended himself with the usual arguments: that he was married and had three daughters.That he had always treated women with respect.

(Interview Soundbite)

Luna: I am a person who always flatter the beauty of women and as such they are situations that suddenly confused them.

Arévalo: that Carolina could argue what she wanted but that he did not act with bad intention.That he was like that, affectionate, nothing more.

(Interview Soundbite)

Luna: Well, there are effusive moments where there is a hug, where there is a kiss, but it is a manifestation of love.It is a manifestation of ... motivation for people to do things as well as possible.But never losing respect for a person and more to a woman.

Arévalo: I contacted Luna to give me his version but refused.She told me that her lawyers were forbidden to speak more with the media.But she made it clear that he is innocent, that there was supposedly no evidence against him and that he did not want to keep talking, and here I quote, "these slander."He also told me ...

Luna: And the journalistic information does not interest me because you are not congruent and are not precise with the information.That is why I do not speak to the media.

Arévalo: The Colombian Football Federation also did not answer my interview request.But according to Carolina, they never contacted her to help her.On the contrary, they showed her back to Luna certifying it to train boys and girls, in the midst of a criminal process for sexual harassment.

The first hearing with witnesses was scheduled for November 2019 but neither Luna nor his lawyer were presented.This caused the process to be postponed until February 2020. Almost a year after Carolina first came out in the media by denouncing it publicly.

Rozo: And that is when I already receive my lawyer's call that there is an approach to make a pre -agreement that if I agreed.

Arévalo: Luna's lawyer wanted to reach a new agreement: if Luna declared himself guilty for sexual harassment, the crime would be changed to one with a lower penalty.Now it would be insult in fact, which is a way of saying that Luna's actions offended Carolina's honor.These actions can range from slapping to unwanted touching like those that a passenger can make another in a public transport, for example.

This change reduces the penalty: instead of going up to four and a half years to prison for aggravated sexual harassment, the maximum of what he could face would be three years in prison.But what interested Luna most was that, by degrading the penalty, he could access benefits such as not having to go to jail in exchange for him to meet some conditions.

Rozo: And I really seeing the situation of how the case was coming ... walking the case and the guy already began to delay the situation, the agreement was decided because if he was not going to get out, he was going to escape, he was going to leaveInvict of the complaint, where I would not have made that pre -agreement.

Arévalo: It had been a year and the process had not advanced much.He was afraid that witnesses would get tired or retract.Then he accepted because beyond jail, what mattered to him was for him to know what he did.Therefore, what he did ask as part of the pre -agreement, is that Luna gave him public apologies.

On February 12, 2020, they appeared in court to formalize the pre -agreement.

(Audience soundbite)

Secretary: In the case of the hearing, it will not be trial, but its nature will be changed to verification of the pre -agreement of penalty and reading of the Fiscal Mrs. ...

Arévalo: When the judge asked Luna if he had understood the pre -agreement he said yes.But when he asked him to declare himself guilty, Luna evaded the question.

(Audience soundbite)

Luna: In, your honor I am a person who has been in football for 40 years, 30 dedicated to women's football.I am a person who feels football, I am very disciplined.

Arévalo: At one point the judge despairs and interrupts him:

(Audience soundbite)

Judge: But to see the question, I am frankly interested in how much it has in football.I am interested in knowing whether or not you consider this.(FADE) The issue of football in this case ...

Arévalo: the judge had to ask him several more times and Luna replied that he was innocent, that he had made mistakes, that he wanted to change ... until, finally ...

(Audience soundbite)

Judge: Are you considered responsible for this crime for which he was the accused and accused of the Prosecutor's Office.That is, aggravated sexual harassment?

Luna: yes your honor.

Rozo: It gave me a nervous breakdown and my body trembled and I cried and cried there ...

Arévalo: Then the judge asked Carolina if he wanted to say a few words ... she accepted.She was filled with courage, stood in front of everyone and said:

(Audience soundbite)

Rozo: And that's why I'm here.And I look at him to tell him Mr. Luna that I want him to ask me for a public apology.And to all victims who are still silent.

When I told him look at my face because I have to tell him this.That man raised his eyes and I saw red eyes like a demon.And he came back and looked down as I told him those words.

Arévalo: After this the judge gave way to Luna's public apology.

(Audience soundbite)

Luna: huh ... your honor and, and Mrs. Carolina.I felt apologies.Publicly.If at any time he felt that some of my actions transgressed her morale, categorically manifest was my intention (Fade) as I have held my procedure I have always been ...

Rozo: obviously they were apologies that he brought written on a paper there every wrinkled that I think the lawyer was written, because he did not say it from the heart.He has always been clear: I want to get out of this to continue in the Colombian National Team and continue handling women.

Arévalo: Luna was sentenced to two years and four months in prison and prohibited him from exercising any type of public function during that time.In addition, he had to pay a fine of twenty current minimum wages - that is a little more than 4 thousand dollars - to the State.

But as his grief was less than four years and it was his first crime, Luna would not have to go to jail.As long as she met some conditions such as good behavior and compensate the victim - if so she wanted it.But Carolina didn't want money.For her it was never about that.

It is important to mention that although he was not convicted of sexual harassment, the judge determined during the hearing that there was enough evidence that Luna was responsible for that crime.That it was evident that using his position of authority, he sexual and labor to Carolina.

His case marked a precedent: it was the first time that a manager was prosecuted with so much power in Colombian football.

Despite the conviction and having accepted the crime, Luna insists that he is innocent.

Although those statements bother Carolina, she has preferred to ignore them.Because regardless of what Luna says, there is already a legal resolution.

Rozo: I see him as a victory, do you know?Because in the midst of all this opens a very important gap for the issue of sexual harassment and that they realize that yes, that if they continue to harass and that if they continue to touch their tail and that if they continue to morbidity of women, there is a punishment.

Arévalo: And it is that Carolina got much more than public apologies.She made visible a phenomenon that is sometimes minimized: sexual and work harassment.She opened the doors so that many more people like her denounce and say, "it also happened to me."

Alarcón: Didier Luna appealed the decision of the court but not to declare himself innocent, but to lower the compensation he had to pay.The final sentence is not yet resolved after this appeal.

When Carolina denounced these events, many women approached her to tell her that Luna and other Colombian football leaders had also harassed them.In addition, a series of cases of football abuse was uncovered, as well as professional referees who denounced that their coaches had sexually abused them.

Lisette Arévalo is a producer of Ambulante radio, he lives in Quito.This episode was edited by Camila Segura and me.The sound design and music are by Andrés Azpiri.Desirée Yépez did the Fact-Checking.

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Radio Ambulante tells the stories of Latin America.I am Daniel Alarcón.Thanks for listening.



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