Religion classes: Mormons

Religion classes: Mormons

In cabin with Scott McDonough, originally from Salt Lake City, Utah, in the United States, has been living and working in Mexico for more than 10 years.It comes from a family of several generations of Mormons.He arrived in Mexico to live two years as a missionary in the 80’s.After the mission, he returned to the United States to continue his studies and returned to Mexico where he founded his company, Alta Growth Capital.With his wife, Marianne, has three sons, two 17 and 16 -year -old daughters, and a 12 -year -old boy (TW: @ScottwMCDONOUG).

Juan Carlos Marín, was born in Cuernavaca, Morelos.He became Mormon at age 21 in 1987 and served as a missionary from 1988 to 1990 in Paris, France.He is married and has two daughters of 20 and 15 years.It served as a bishop of a Hispanic congregation in Houston, Texas for 3 years from 2012 to 2015 (FB: Johnmarin).

• There are more than 15.8 million members worldwide.

• There are 84,000 Mormons missionaries.

• 155 Mormon temples worldwide.

• The Church is the fourth largest Christian church in the United States, although most members now live outside.// Salt Lake City, Utah is considered the world headquarters of religion

• Mexico is the country with more mormons in the world outside the United States.

Who are the Mormons?What do you think?

To begin with, it must be clarified that he is known vulgarly as a Mormon Church, Peeeero his official name is: "Church of Jesus Christ of the last days".

• Jesus Christ: for being the Son of God, the redeemer of the world.

• Saints of the last days: The members of the Christian Church of Antiquity were called Santos.

• They were saints of the first days.

• They are currently "saints of the last days".

• Mormons: for the belief they have in the Book of Mormon as the Word of God.

• Religion was founded by Joseph Smith, in the United States in 1830.

How it all started?

• According to its founder Joseph Smith, at age 14 he had a vision in which he was warned not to adhere to any religion, because God, through him, wanted to restore the gospel.

• In 1827, he appeared in the form of an angel, Moroni, son of Mormon, and the last prophet of the Americans who had been Christians in a time.

• Mormon: He is a character in the Book of Mormon, considered by the saints of recent days as a prophet, military general and historian.Most of the book is narrated by him.

• Moroni commissioned him to look for the records of former inhabitants of the American continent that were buried in a nearby hill and contained the fullness of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

• Joseph was and indeed, in a stone box, he found the records in gold plates.

• Joseph translated the writings with the help of God, and created "Mormon's book: another testament of Jesus Christ", then along with other people organized a new church.

• Missionaries were sent all over the world to publicize this new ideology.

Book of Mormon

• El Book of Mormon es otro testamento de Jesucristo, es la traducción que hizo Joseph Smith de los hombres santos de la antigua América y que confirma las verdades que se hallan en la Santa Biblia.

• El Book of Mormon NO REEMPLAZA A LA BIBLIA, sino que son obras compañeras que unidas enseñan sobre Dios y Jesucristo.

• It is a compendium of several writings and archives that would supposedly cover 600 years of history before Christ and 400 after Christ.

• Take his name Mormon, because he would be one of the last prophets who wrote in him, around 390 d.C.

• El Book of Mormon se ha traducido y publicado en 110 idiomas, incluyendo Maya, Tzotzil, Cakchiquel, Q’eqchi’, K’iche’, Guarani, y Catalán.

• It was published in 1830.

• El acontecimiento de mayor trascendencia que se encuentra registrado en el Book of Mormon es el ministerio personal del Señor Jesucristo entre los nefitas (uno de los pueblos mencionados en el libro) poco después de su resurrección.

It is exposed:

• The doctrine of the Gospel

• The salvation plan is described

• And what should be done to achieve peace in this life and eternal salvation in coming life is said to men.

El Book of Mormon concluye con una gran promesa: que aquellos que lo lean y oren con sinceridad al respecto podrán saber por medio del Espíritu Santo que es verdadero.

Divisiones del Book of Mormon

El Book of Mormon está formado por los siguientes libros, cada uno de los cuales supuestamente está escrito por un descendiente de Lehi, o algún profeta nefita.

• First and second Book of Nephi

• Jacob's book

• Enos Book

• Jarom Book

• OMNI's book

• Mormon words

• Mosiaah's book

• Alma Book

• Helaman's book

• Third and fourth nephi

• Book of Mormon

• Ether Book

• Moroni's book

Are there differences between the Mormon book and the Bible?

• El Book of Mormon es la palabra de Dios, al igual que la Biblia.

• It is sacred writing, with a format and content similar to that of the Bible.

• Both books contain God's guidance as revealed to the prophets.

• Mientras que la Biblia fue escrita por y acerca de un pueblo de la región de Israel y las zonas circunvecinas, y abarca desde la Creación del mundo hasta poco después de la muerte de Jesucristo, el Book of Mormon contiene la historia y los tratos del Señor con un pueblo que vivió en las Américas aproximadamente entre el año 600 a.C.and 400 D.C.

• Los profetas del Book of Mormon llevaron registros de esos tratos, que luego fueron compilados por Joseph Smith.

• They believe that the Bible is sacred, but they consider it the word of God "as far as it is processed correctly" and that the "most reliable way to measure the accuracy of any biblical passage, is not by comparing different texts, but the comparisonWith the book of the Mormon and the revelations of today.

• They believe that God sent many prophets to spread his word after the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ.

Canonic books.

There are four writing volumes considered by the Church as the Word of God.These are:

• The Bible

• El Book of Mormon

• Doctrine and agreements:

It is a book of Scriptures that contains revelations that the Lord gave to the prophet Joseph Smith and to the few other modern prophets.

The pearl of great price:

It includes fragments of the translation that Joseph Smith made of the Bible (the inspired version), as well as the translation of some Egyptian papyrus that contain the writings of the prophet Abraham, passages of the testimony and the story of José Smith and the articles of faith

Faith articles: thirteen basic points of their beliefs.

• Its founder Joseph Smith wrote: “The fundamental principles of our religion are ... about Jesus Christ who died, was buried, resurrected the third day and ascended to heaven;All other things that belong to our religion are only appendages to it.

• Joseph Smith wrote a letter addressed to John Wentworth, editor of the Chicago Democrat newspaper, in response to the desire he expressed to know what the church members believed.

• That document became known as the letter to Wentworth, and was first published in the newspaper of the Times and Seasons church, in March 1842.

On October 10, 1880, by the vote of the members of the Church, the articles of faith were formally accepted as writing:

• They believe in God the eternal Father, in his Son Jesus Christ, and in the Holy Spirit.

• They believe that men will be punished for their own sins, and not by Adam's transgression.

• They believe that by the atonement of Christ, all human race can be saved, by obedience to the laws and ordinances of the Gospel.

They believe that the first principles and ordinances of the Gospel are:

• First, faith in the Lord Jesus Christ.

• Second, repentance.

• Third, immersion baptism for the remission of sins.

• Fourth, imposition of hands to communicate the gift of the Holy Spirit.

• They believe that man must be called by God, by prophecy and the imposition of hands, by those who have the authority, so that the Gospel can preach and administer their ordinances.

• They believe in the same organization that existed in the primitive church, that is, apostles, prophets, pastors, teachers, evangelists, etc..

• They believe in the gift of languages, prophecy, revelation, visions, healing, interpretation of languages, etc..

• Creen que la Biblia es la palabra de Dios hasta donde esté traducida correctamente; también creen que el Book of Mormon es la palabra de Dios.

• They believe everything that God has revealed, everything that currently reveals, and believe that it will still reveal many great and important issues belonging to the kingdom of God.

• They believe in the literal congregation of the people of Israel and in the restoration of the ten tribes;that sion (the new Jerusalem) will be built on the American continent;that Christ will personally reign on earth, and that the earth will be renewed and will receive its paradisiacal glory.

• They demand the right to worship God Almight.

• They believe in being subject to kings, presidents, rulers and magistrates;in obeying, honoring and sustaining the law.

Clases de religión: Mormones

• They believe in being honored, true, chaste, benevolent, virtuous.

Basic Mormons Principles

• Jesus Christ is the Son of God and Savior of the world.

• The family is fundamental in the creator's plan for the eternal destiny of their children.

• Current prophets and apostles are a restoration of models that existed when Christ was on earth.

• We have the responsibility as children of God to take care of those in need.

Other beliefs

• Virgin Mary: They recognize Mary as the mother of Jesus Christ, but do not worship her.

• Jesus Christ: The Savior of the World, is the only way we can live again with our Heavenly Father.They believe that in the future, Jesus Christ will reign again on earth in peace for a thousand years.Jesus Christ is the Son of God and will be our Lord forever.

• Sin: men will be punished for their own sins, and not by Adam's transgression.

• Atonement of Jesus Christ: the atonement of Jesus Christ allows everyone to resurrect.For those who regret their sins, also open the way to continuous growth and progression through eternities.

• Symbols: no official symbol;Cruz is not used;The Moroni angel who lifts a trumpet looks over the Mormon temples.

• Commandments: They have the same commandments that are in the Bible as the ten commandments and the teachings of Jesus Christ, how to love God and love neighbor.

• Baptism: Baptism in the Church of Jesus Christ of the last days requires the total submersion in the water made by a person who possesses the priesthood authority to baptize.

It is the means by which people join the Church.

• People who are baptized in the Church are clean of their previous sins and are placed under the agreement of living the principles of the Gospel.

• Children are baptized at age eight.

Baptism for the dead: a member of the Church can be baptized in favor of a deceased person by serving as a representative of the person who has died.

• In the beliefs of the last days, a person who has died retains the right to make decisions in the following life, and the acceptance of the baptism rite opens the path to continuous progress.

• Baptisms for the dead are done only in temples.

Glory degrees: They believe that there are 4 places where a person can be for all eternity, according to his works and the grace of Jesus Christ.

Glory or the celestial kingdom (the highest kingdom)

• In this place people will live in peace, with happiness, love, and harmony.

• The people who will inherit this glory are those who have lived according to the will of God, those who first sought the kingdom of God.

• They may be with their relatives as long as they receive the sealing ordinances and heavenly marriage to receive this glory.

The Terrestrial Kingdom:

• People who inherit this place will be those who did not accept the gospel in mortal life even in the world of spirits.

• Also the people who did accept the gospel, but they turned away

The telestial kingdom (the lowest kingdom)

• There will be those who did not accept the gospel.

• These people will suffer the punishment for their bad works.

The darkness of outside

To this place there will be those who through the Holy Spirit, have obtained a testimony of Jesus Christ and after this they have let themselves be overcome by Satan, denying the truth.

Death and resurrection: death is not the end.It is another beginning, another step forward in the plan of the heavenly father for his children.The spirit does not die, will go to the world of spirits, where you can continue learning and progress, and be with your loved ones who have already deceased.

Euthanasia: They oppose euthanasia, for them the termination of life in this way constitutes a violation of God's commandments.

• Although, when death is inevitable because of an accident, and there is brain death or similar situations, the fact should be considered a blessing and a part of the eternal existence that has its purpose.

• Members should not be forced to prolong the deadly life by means that are not reasonable.

Patriarchal blessings: Patriarchal blessings are granted to church members and these contain personal advice from God.

• These blessings have the purpose of being a map for people to guide themselves along the path of life.

• There is no age established to receive the patriarchal blessing, but receptors must be sufficient age and maturity.

• The one who gives the patriarchal blessing is the patriarch, a man named by the church leaders to give such blessings.

Fasting Sunday: on Sunday, which is usually the first of each month, they abstract from taking food and drinks during two consecutive foods and donate the equivalent cost, or more, to the Church in order to help the poor and the people in need.

• The money donated is called fasting offering.

• The sacramental meeting of every fast Sunday, is called a fast meeting.

• Tithe: they donate ten percent of their income to the Church, and in that way they put into practice the biblical principle of tithing.

• Special parties: they have no private parties, they participate in the typical Christian parties, such as Christmas and Easter.

• Codes of clothing: They have general principles of modesty.

Family: The family is one of the most important symbols for the Mormons.

• That is why there is a lot of approach and programs to promote family relationships.

• They believe that families guided by a father and a mother, children develop virtues such as love, trust, loyalty, cooperation and service.

• They believe that the family endures beyond the grave, and family members can progress for eternity individually.

Genealogy: It is the study of ancestors or the family history of people.

• For the members of the Church of Jesus Christ of the last days, learning in terms of their family history is more than a sporadic activity.

• As they believe that families are eternal, it is essential to strengthen the relationship with family members, both with those who are alive and those who have died.

Marriage in the temple: they believe that the marriages held in the temples are "sealed", that is, blessed to last for eternity.

• Once a couple marries and sealed in a temple, children who are born from that marriage will be automatically sealed to their parents at birth.

• If the children are born before the couple is sealed, they can then be sealed to their parents in the temple.

• Adoptive children also have the opportunity to be sealed to their adoptive parents.

Familysearch: It is the world's largest genealogical organization.

• Since 1894, Familysearch has worked in cooperation with archives, libraries and churches in more than one hundred countries in order to facilitate access to records so that people can find their ancestors.

• Each month, more than 3 million people use family records, resources and services to learn more in their family history.

• These records and services are available online in familysearch.org or in more than 4.600 family history centers in 126 countries, including the famous family history library of Salt Lake City, Utah.

Family History Library: FamilySearch sponsor the world's largest genealogy library: Salt Lake City Family History Library.

• This world -famous building is open to the public and entrance is free.

• The library is attended by expert consultants in genealogical research and volunteers who can help beginners to start their genealogy or attend family historians with experience to find new information.

• The library collection contains the names of more than 3 billion people who died from more than one hundred countries.

This information is in:

• 2.4 million microphilmes rolls

• 727.000 microfiche

• 356.000 books, serial publications and other formats

• More than 4.500 periodic publications

• 3.725 electronic resources.

Hogar Night: Since 1915, the Home Night Program, established by Church leaders, has encouraged parents to build and strengthen family relationships.

• At present, “Home Nights" are usually held on Monday nights.

• A typical home night begins and ends with a prayer and normally includes songs, reading writings, a brief lesson on a religious or practical theme, and a snack.

• Home nights are oriented to participate all family members.

• The Church provides teaching materials for home night, reviews and suggestions for lessons, in order to help families of all religions to plan and implement this weekly activity together.

Divorce: When divorce occurs, spouses have the obligation to forgive themselves instead of condemning, having an attitude that elevates and helps.

• Separate parents must maintain a good relationship with their children.

• They must remain active in the Church.

• If they regret their bad decisions, they can be forgiven.

Sex: Mormons believe that sex is sacred.

• Not dirty or shameful..

• However, outside marriage, they should refrain from all sexual intimacy.

• Sex is, after all, a sacred expression of love, not recreation.

Abortion: They believe in the holiness of human life.It opposes elective abortion for reasons of personal or social convenience, advises its members not to.

• The Church grants possible exceptions to its members when:

• Pregnancy is the result of rape or incest.

• A doctor determines that the mother's life or health is serious.

• A doctor determines that the fetus has serious defects that will not allow the baby to survive after birth.

Polygamy: there are almost 16 million members of the Church of Jesus Christ of the last days and none of them is polygamous.

• As a restoration of the ancient Church, some members of the Church practiced polygamy in the beginning as the Old Testament prophets (Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, etc..) and to grow the church.

• The practice ended in 1890 and has been prohibited since then, more than 120 years.

Health Code: Mormons are known for their healthy lifestyle.

The Church Health Plan was first written in 1833 by Joseph Smith, and presented it as a revelation of God.

Among the provisions of the Health Code:

• There are no alcoholic beverages

• Do not smoke or chew tobacco

• No “hot drinks" - tea and coffee

• Meat should be used in moderation

• No drugs

Humanitarian aid: Mormons make great donations, in an organized way, to places that need help.

• Since a record began to be carried out in 1985, the Church has donated more than 1,000 million dollars in cash and in materials to 167 countries that have needed humanitarian aid.

• The Church does not discriminate against any religious, ethnic or national affiliation.

• Offer hope and the possibility of a life that overcomes disease, poverty and despair.All this is part of God's plan.

Church organization

Cay clergy

• The Church does not have a full -time professional clergy at the congregation level.

• Even at the highest levels of the Church, leaders called to be full -time apostles abandon more lucrative professions to serve in a life call as "special witnesses of Jesus Christ" and to supervise the Church worldwide.

• The Church is directed by 15 apostles.

• The most antiquity apostle is the president of the Church, and he selects two other apostles to be his directors.

• These three make up the first presidency, which is the maximum ruling body of the Church.

• Other twelve make up the quorum of the twelve, which is the second ruling body of the Church.

• Together, the first presidency and the twelve, supervise the entire Church.

• Church members argue that this organizational structure originated in the New Testament.

• Church members consider all apostles as "special witnesses" of Jesus Christ around the world.

Leaders called Seventas - another trade mentioned in the New Testament - help twelve apostles and serve in various parts of the world.

• There are currently eight quorumes of the seventies.

• Each quorum can have up to 70 members.

• Some seventies are assigned administrative functions in the general offices of the Church, but most of them live and work in a specific geographical region of the Church.

Local congregations

• The leader of a congregation is called Bishop.

• His administrative "parish" is called neighborhood.

• A group of neighborhoods integrate a stake, and the stake leader is the president of Stacha.

• The term “stake" is not found in the New Testament, but it is taken from the image of an Old Testament store in which the “store", or the Church, is supported by support stakes.

Rama: In places where there are few church members, they are organized in branches.

• The lay leader of a branch is called the president of Rama.

• The branches are supervised by a stake, a mission or a district.

• Anyone can visit the worship services of a branch or a neighborhood on Sundays.


• A bishop in addition to ensuring all the members of the neighborhood, has the responsibility of guiding the young men and women of the neighborhood.

• Supervises the teaching, missionary work and the spiritual growth of the neighborhood.

• It is responsible for conducting dignity interviews, advising members and administering the church discipline.

• You must take care of the poor and the needy, supervises finance, records and the use and safety of the meeting center.


• There are two priesthood orders.

• A 12 -year -old or older can enter the Aaronic priesthood, seen as an earthly priesthood.

• Melchizedec's priesthood can be obtained when a man turns 18.This implies spiritual and heavenly duties.

Melchizedek priesthood:

• Men who have the Melchizedek priesthood can administer ordinances, such as granting the gift of the Holy Spirit and giving health blessings by the imposition of hands.

• In a neighborhood, men who have the Melchizedek priesthood belong either to the quorum of Elders or the group of high priests.


• Elder is one of these trades within the Church, and means a specific position for those who possess it and requires certain responsibilities and duties.

• A general authority or a male missionary is regularly called Elder.

• Elder means old man and in the Scriptures we can find this term.

Religious education


• They give great importance to the teaching of children about God's plan.

• Therefore, the Church sponsored the organization of primary school (founded in 1878) for children between the ages of 18 months and 12 years.

• Primary is designed to complement the religious teaching that parents teach at home.

• Children meet during worship services two hours every Sunday to talk about church doctrine, participate in learning and singing activities.

• Currently more than one million children attend primary school worldwide.

Sunday school:

• All church members, 12 years and old.

• Those of other religions are also invited to participate.

• The purpose of Sunday school is to teach the Gospel of Jesus Christ and strengthen people and families through teaching, learning, and friendship.

Young men:

• Dignified men are ordered to the deacon trade in the Aaronian priesthood at the age of 12.

• They advance to the job of teacher at age 14 and the office of presbyter at 16.

• One of the main responsibilities is to prepare young people to accept responsibilities of the priesthood in addition to building in them a testimony of Jesus Christ and his gospel.

Young women:

• The purpose of young women's program is to help adolescents to build their testimony of Jesus Christ.

• Learn skills that prepare them for their future functions as women in the Church and as members contributing to society.

• The leaders of young women plan Sunday classes in which young people teach the principles of the Gospel and how to apply them to their daily life.

of relief

• Laof relief es para las mujeres de 18 años en adelante y tiene el propósito de brindar apoyo en las necesidades temporales y espirituales de todas las mujeres de la Iglesia, así como de las personas que estén necesitadas.

• Laof relief de La Iglesia de Jesucristo de los Santos de los Últimos Días es una de las organizaciones de mujeres más grandes del mundo.


Mormon temple:

• Temples are not common places of Sunday worship for church members.

• Due to the holiness of temples such as "Houses of the Lord", only to the members of the Church who qualify for it are allowed to enter the temples.

• They are the place where the highest sacraments of their faith - the marriage and the "sealing" of families for eternity are made.

• Temples serve as the only place where ceremonies such as baptism and marriage can be performed in favor of those who have died.

• Angel Moroni statue: It is a golden statue that is in most temples, it represents a man on loose robes by pressing a trumpet with his lips.

• The statue also symbolizes the preaching of the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the world.

Temple apple:

• Located in the heart of Salt Lake City center, the historic apple of the temple is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Utah, and the world headquarters of the Church of Jesus Christ of the last days of the last days.

• Guided visits are provided to the temple apple free.

• The 14 -hectare area attracts millions of visitors from all over the world every year due to its famous research libraries, cultural activities and historical buildings.

• In the apple of the temple there are two centers with exhibitions and films where visitors can learn more about the beliefs of the last days of the last days.


• They are the meetings centers of the Church of Jesus Christ of the last days.

• They have a room with capacity for 200 or 300 people.

• It is used for religious services every Sunday.

• The word “chapel" is also used to describe the entire building or meeting center.

• The chapel is a religious and social life center.

• The most important part of the week is the sacramental meeting that takes place every Sunday.

• Sacramental meeting: It is held every Sunday, it lasts one hour and is similar to other Christian cult services.

• Men, women and even children offer prayers and give sermons about the teachings of Jesus Christ.

• Hymns are sung, and participate in the sacraments, similar to communion in other Christian traditions such as Holy Supper (the Holy Supper is represented by bread and water, is blessed and distributed by the priesthood and is received by all members ofThe Church to commemorate the atonement of Jesus Christ).

Mormon missionaries

• The mission is a voluntary service period, usually 6 to 24 months.

• In it, church members are dedicated to proselytism, humanitarian assistance or another type of service, whether in full or full -time.

• There are currently more than 84 thousand missionaries spreading the word of the Church.

• Most missionaries are about 20 years old.

• They work with a same -sex partner during their mission, with the exception of marriages, who work with their spouse.

• Missionaries do not request that they be assigned to a certain area or know in advance if they will be necessary for them to learn a language.

• They voluntarily put studies, work and go out as a couple, for two years, in order to serve the Lord paying their expenses.Communication with the family is limited only to electronic letters or emails and very sporadic telephone calls.

• WHAT DO THEY DO?During the two years of service, (18 months women), full time are dedicated to studying the gospel, meeting with people and teaching about Jesus Christ and his church restored.

• His work is a work of love and most missionaries end with a feeling that they have won more than the service they have provided.

• Your days begin at 6:30 am and end around 10:30 pm.

• Male missionaries are treated with the title of "Elder" and women are treated with the title of "Sister".

Missionary Training Centers

• Before leaving for a training center, the missionaries receive a letter of allocation from the president of the church that is in Salt Lake City in which they inform them where they will serve.

• About eighty percent of missionaries are trained at the largest training center in the church that is proposed, Utah.

• There are 2,700 missionaries at average at the same time or 24,000 in the course of a year.

• In training centers, missionaries receive religious instruction, languages are taught and learn didactic techniques.

• In addition, before traveling, they develop respect and cultural understanding for the regions and countries where they will serve.

• Training lasts between three weeks and three months, as required by language teaching.

Mormon Tabernacle Choir

• It is one of the oldest and most large choirs in the world.

• It has been presented to presidents of the United States (Ronald Reagan).

• Millions of albums have sold, has won twenty prizes and has captivated the public in dozens of countries.

• The choir is based in Salt Lake City, Utah, in the general offices of the Church of Jesus Christ of the last days.

• Integrate the 360 volunteer singers, church members, between 25 and 60 years, who practice and make presentations weekly, and often accompany the Orchestra of the Apple of the Temple.

• Choir recordings have won two platinum records and five gold records, including a Grammy Award for the interpretation of the “Battle Anthem of the Republic.


• Joseph Smith received a revelation from God that the original location of the Eden Garden was in Jackson County, Missouri.

• The American Moses: It is said that Brigham Young, is the American Moses or the great colonizer.

• He left among the ranks of leaders of the beginning of the Church to guide thousands of religious refugees through the unconquedly western western border of the United States.

• He took them to an arid territory;They irrigated him, cultivated and succeeded in founding many populations.

• CIA and FBI have Mormon recruitment programs.

• Their strong moral makes candidates for the careers of the application of law and intelligence.

• According to an investigation cited in an article that appeared in the Los Angeles Times newspaper in 2000, it was said that the weddings made within a Mormon temple have a divorce rate of only six percent.

• Mitt Romney, the republican candidate for the presidency in the United States, is Mormon.

• His Pope, George Romney, who was also a candidate for the presidency and governor of the state of Michigan, was born in Mexico in a Mormon community in Chihuahua.

• Mormons invented television (Philo Farnsworth), digital sound (Thomas Stockham), and video games (Nolan Bushnell).

• Mormonism Museum in Mexico: for more than 20 years the Mormonism Museum in Mexico was the first worldwide and the only one nationwide to provide information on the history of Mexican Mormons and the development of the Church with the history ofMexico.

• The Church is neutral in matters of partisan policy.This applies to all nations in which it is established.

• Do not believe in shopping, travel or participate in activities outside the house on Sundays.

Las Garments: In the Church of Jesus Christ of the last days, there are no external religious clothing in ordinary worship services.

• However, many faithful wear a garment under their clothes that have a deep religious significance.

• Similar in the design to ordinary underwear, it comes in two pieces and usually refers as the “temple clothes."

• It is not told Mormon underwear, they consider it offensive.

• For church members, the modest clothing of the temple, dressed in normal clothes, along with the symbolic clothing used during adoration in the temple, represent the sacred and personal aspect of their relationship with God and his commitment to live a lifeGood and honorable.

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