'Secret Story': These are the 17 resolved secrets of the contestants

'Secret Story': These are the 17 resolved secrets of the contestants

When Secret Story was introduced to us, many of us thought it was a Big Brother by another name. And more or less, why fool ourselves. But there was a novelty that was to try to guess each of the secrets that the contestants kept, including Adara Molinero who entered later. Discovering her classmates could make them earn a lot of money and week by week we have been seeing how the experiment turned out.

Each participant was assigned a sphere, which they would have to hand in if they discovered her secret, if they failed to guess that of one of their classmates, or if they were expelled. One of those spheres contains €50,000, so the more in a contestant's power, the more chances of winning the grand prize.

Now, with many participants out of the house and others competing without a sphere -or with it still with the secret resolved, due to this somewhat peculiar aspect of the program-, the list of secrets has been revealed. And beware, because some continue to surprise thanks to their explanations:

Chimo Bayo and his miracle

The DJ entered the reality show as one of the great surprises, although he ended up being the first expelled from the edition. With him, it was discovered that the secrets of the participants, if not resolved before, would be discovered with the expulsion of him.

In the room of truth, he himself explained that his secret was 'I did a miracle'. And look at the anecdote: 18 years ago, Chimo went to see one of his fans, who unfortunately was terminally ill in the hospital due to cancer. He gave her a series of his products, and although his visit lasted only half an hour, he discovered that after her he improved drastically. He himself denies the word "miracle", although the truth is that it seemed that everything would have the worst ending until the artist's visit. To this day he is still in his life and even went to his wedding, since he is tremendously grateful to her.

Arrocet mustache and his bundle of papers

The singer and former María Teresa Campos came out in his nomination along with Miguel Frigenti, and did not have a good result. He left the house second, and therefore had to reveal one of the secrets that caused the most headaches for the audience.

'I am my father's brother or sister' corresponded to him. Although it was something that was awarded to Julen -because he has been with his parents for a few years-, the Argentine revealed that it was his. The explanation was that, when registering him in the registry, they did so with the two surnames of his father. Nothing strange, but it totally squared with the mystery that the program enunciated.

Sofía Cristo, bandit lover

The daughter of Ángel Cristo and Bárbara Rey shone more and more in the contest, but she ended up being the third expelled for a disciplinary matter. An attack on Miguel Frigenti caused the organization to send her to her house that same night, and therefore, she would have to reveal her secret.

What the DJ was hiding was that 'I had an affair with a married woman'. She apparently had a love affair with a woman for a while, after meeting her when she was getting out of rehab. It was a real crush and there was real affection between the two, although the lover in question did not want to take the step of leaving her husband to formalize as a couple.

Adara and her mischief

Although she had been in the house for a few days as a guest, Sofia's expulsion made her enter as a full-fledged contestant. Thus, the extra secret that she added to the list had to be resolved immediately for the audience.

The GH VIP 7 winner revealed that her secret was 'I made love at a funeral'. Although she never explained about it -she is supposed to wait for it to be discovered-, Gianmarco Onestini was quick to deny live that this anecdote had something to do with him.

Miguel, tragic beginnings

At the entrance of Adara and shortly after Sofia left, Miguel Frigenti left Secret Story. He did it after turning almost the entire house against him, and therefore, a large part of the audience. He finally left, and days later, he commented on what her secret was.

Miguel Frigenti revealed 'They have given me extreme unction'. An anecdote that everyone linked to Fiama -in fact, it was something that she herself told on the MTMAD channel- of her, but that corresponded to the birth of the journalist. When she was just a baby she did not get enough oxygen to her brain, although after three days of treatment she reacted well and was able to live a completely normal life.

fiama the collector

And speaking of one of the most controversial faces of The Island of Temptations, her secret was also another of the surprises of the edition. She was expelled at the fifth gala, after being angry with Adara for several days. And after her departure, she revealed what everyone wanted to know.

Very unexpectedly, Fiama confessed that her secret was 'I steal my lovers' underwear'. Although it seemed quite obvious to award it to Cynthia Martínez - her entry into the reality show was practically for doing the same with Canales Rivera -, the Canarian said that it was a custom that she has had since she was 18 years old.

Emmy 'Twist' Russ

The German from the edition presented herself as an expert in reality shows... Although before the sixth gala she practically asked for her expulsion. Perhaps due to wear and tear, perhaps because certain companies in the house did not fit in, Emmy Russ ended up just the way she wanted: out of the contest. Besides, when she left, she found love.

Leaving, she revealed that her secret was 'I lived in a juvenile center because my mother abandoned me'. A hard story that the audience expected, since the program put Olver Twist's book as a clue about her great secret. About this harsh confession, she said that her mother abandoned her when she was 17 years old in Alicante.

Lucia Pariente and the little swindle

Lucía Pariente ended up starring in one of the biggest face-to-face events on the show. Alba Carrillo's mother played the expulsion against Adara Molinero, and she ended up losing. It would not be her last time at her house-she was proposed for the playoff-although it did mean a before and after for Secret Story.

Days later, Pariente revealed that 'My family does not know that I scammed them'. According to her account, she was signed to make covers of music records, although the paintings were done by her sister. In fact, she got her job by going to buy brushes for herself.

Canales Rivera and his LGTB allegation

Precisely, the hearing linked the secret of the scam to Canales Rivera. She said that she changed her grandfather's will to remove him and include her mother, although she also made it clear that it was something her family knew about. However, a white rose was beginning to connect the dots regarding her mystery.

The bullfighter's secret was 'I lost my virginity to a trans person'. A secret that at first received some criticism, but that Rivera explained that he wanted to tell it -despite his doubts- for a reason that earned a great and well-deserved applause: "Seeing in the media and the harassment that the group is suffering , from the universe that I proceed as it is quite the opposite, I want to give it all the notoriety and respect it deserves". thumbs up

Cynthia Martínez, Madridista at heart

The one who was a lover of the bullfighter believed to be one of the highlights of the edition, although after being saved several times she ended up going out at the tenth gala. Luckily for her, and despite the fact that there was more than one clue about it, she kept her secret well.

Cynthia revealed her secret, which was none other than 'I had a relationship with a Real Madrid player'. She went 10 years ago and she didn't even say her name, although she did reveal that her initial was the letter A. Make her bets.

Isabel Rábago, a born worker

Isabel did not need to distribute her spheres, since she was discovered by Julen hours before leaving the house forever. She left losing a whopping 11 spheres against the extronista, although her secret was revealed by sheer discard.

Rábago confessed that her secret corresponded to 'I was Kelly'. Something she could imagine, though she inadvertently revealed by making her her lifeline. And it is that before dedicating himself to politics and even appearing on television, the Mediaset collaborator cleaned in hotels to earn a living.

Gemeliers and their alternative to music

Gemeliers proved to be great strategists from the start, playing at guessing secrets from the first few weeks. However, Luca Onestini proved to play better than them and ended up learning his secret.

Thanks to a hint from a stately wig, it was discovered that the twins' secret was 'I will inherit a marquisate'. Of course, they will have to share it.

Cristina Porta, the best of both worlds

The sports journalist has always been on top of the show, although hiding her secret was not exactly good for her. It was Lucía Pariente who ended up discovering it, much to her and her spheres' regret.

Porta's secret was 'I wanted to be a nun but they suggested I be a scort'. Although she barely had a relationship with each other, she said that as a child she wanted to continue on the path to meet God, although when she grew up she changed her mind. As for prostitution, it was simply offered to him on Instagram.

Luca and early fame

There was a time when Luca Onestini had the most spheres in the whole house. However, Isabel Rábago broke her expectations by guessing his secret. Again, it was by pure discard.

The Italian entered the house with the secret of "I became famous the day I was born." Many theories suggested that it was due to being born on January 1, and so it was. In fact, the first photograph of him was in his mother's arms on a cold New Year's Day.

Sandra Pica and her hard past

Before Gemeliers lost their spheres because of Luca, they managed to guess what Sandra Pica was hiding. And eye, that brought surprise.

The secret of the Temptation Island Excavator was that 'In childhood they called me a ball of tallow with legs'. In addition, in her confession video, she added that she suffered from bulimia.

Julen and his abnormal penis

Julen de la Guerra was another of the victims of Gemeliers' detective skills. Of course, they did not have much merit either: the clue that the program gave them was none other than the figure of a dolphin. Something that for anyone with a bit of Anglo-Saxon vocabulary would be to tell him the secret directly.

Julen's secret was 'I have a physical anomaly that I call 'The Warrior Dolphin'. And that anomaly is a small flap-like skin on his penis, a minor consequence of a phimosis operation.

Luis Rollán, very television

That Luis Rollán has gone unnoticed for most of his contest may not have given the audience too much content, although he has managed to keep his secret safe until he is one of the last to remain hidden.

However, there was only one option left for him: Luis's secret is 'I am a presenter's lover'. He did not reveal his identity, although he did say that he was not Spanish.

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