Simona Cavallaro, 20, dies after the attack of a dozen stray dogs in Italy

Simona Cavallaro, 20, dies after the attack of a dozen stray dogs in Italy

A fatality keeps the town of Satriano, located in southern Italy, shocked after a 20-year-old girl lost her life as a result of a fierce attack by a pack of herding dogs when she was enjoying a picnic day with her boyfriend at a snack on Mount Fiorino.

Simona Caballaro suffered a serious attack

As reported by 'Corriere Della Sera', Simona Cavallaro would be surprised by a dozen dogs without being able to do anything to save her life. In fact, his attempts to escape would be in vain, contrary to what would happen to his partner Yuri, who would manage to shelter himself in a shed.

Everything would happen when both of them took a walk around the area and realized that the animals were coming as possessed against them. Both the young woman and her companion would start running, hopefully shooting. Simona tried to get to her car, but the dogs jumped on her earlier, beginning to bite her by her shoulders, legs and arms and causing her serious injuries and numerous hemorrhages that could not be successfully cured once taken to the hospital.

Simona Cavallaro, de 20 años, muere tras sufrir el ataque de una docena de perros callejeros en Italia

In fact, the attack of the dogs would not cease until the police, alerted by the groom, made an act of presence firing into the air to propitiate her freak. That would not prevent the prosecution from opening an investigation focused on a shepherd who had a herd of cattle in the area, although only one of the animals carried the mandatory microchip that allows the owner to be traced.

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