The most intimate garment |Diario de Cuyo - News from San Juan, Argentina and El Mundo

The most intimate garment |Diario de Cuyo - News from San Juan, Argentina and El Mundo

Yanina Ochoa began in 2017 to develop a table of differentiated cup corpiños sizes.Since it is sought that the bodice be the most appropriate to each body to achieve a good sock in a bust and back, in parallel to this, it would bite for different types of garments.Pre -formed corpiños, soft cup, reinforced, bustier, bodys and different types of bombs are made, everything is designed and carried out by the entrepreneur."Today it is the same women who inspire me, sometimes the situations, moments and everyday life. And, I summarize it in an image of a candid girl rather than a perverse woman. Lingerie is a first skin garment and therefore theMore important, which communicates almost unconsciously. "I consider that it is one of the most complex areas because they are always constantly changing," Yanina thinks.

As for the fabrics for manufacturing, she adds: "It is a somewhat complicated task, you can rarely think of a collection with certain textiles, because when searching there are no materials that meet the necessary compositions for a good purpose.

La prenda más íntima | Diario de Cuyo - Noticias de San Juan, Argentina y el mundo

In matters of trends, it is always marked by the color palette that dictates fashion.And, transparencies do not miss the opportunity when presenting becoming the ones that predominate in each season.In this spring - Summer 2021 a garment is incorporated into the concept of lingerie that is the Bustier.This was an icon in the 80s, it was Madona that showed it, which returns this season with a re functionality such as lingerie and use as a garment.In addition, the season brings the preform with ring, as the most chosen due to versatility.The colors start from the infallible neutrals, the black and white and also the natural one, adding a range of pastel colors that give a touch of harmony and subtlety.Today we want to consolidate the brand nationwide, motivated by a large amount of sale in the north, central and south of the country.

Some prices

Preformed set with hoops, made of lace, white, $ 2,399 cotton and elastic set pink, black/white, $ 1,700 top back adjustable back, made of carved, black/white, $ 1,099 bustier and colaless, made of morley and lace, black with lilac, $ 2,709 bodice wide waist and lace back, Trusa waist tar, made of cotton and lace morley, $ 2.054

Contacts: Ayra Lingerie (Hand Made) Web: www.ayralenceia.com.ar instagram: @ayralence.sj whatsapp: 264 - 5655165

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