The only trend that all this year will take

The only trend that all this year will take

This typology of lingerie - or, rather, of underwear - includes fasteners without hoop and without any metal or rigid structure and panties without seams.All design meets the following features: functionality, comfort, soft and organic tissues completely free of toxic and cuts adapted to the woman's silhouette.Thus defines, at least, one of the brands that today will be more and better that sustainable and conscious lingerie: Talk Under Light.Also, other brands such as Sloggi design and produce pieces of underwear with high quality elastic fabrics that even promise to adapt to all bodies without the need for size and through body recognition.

There are also pajamas, batas, bodies ... the garments to take care and feel comfortable at home without thinking of fashions and trends are, luckily, increasing.

La única tendencia que DE VERDAD llevarán todas este año

The Body of Tind Under Light


© Courtesy of Talk Under Light

Talk Under Light Body.To buy.

The bracket without seams or hoops


© Courtesy of Sloggi

Sloggi bra.To buy.

Las Lepapardo High Shooting Panties


© Courtesy of Chantelle

Chantelle panties.To buy.

The robe of being home


© Courtesy of Etam

Etam robe.To buy.

The cotton panties pack


© Courtesy of Hunkemöller

Hunkemöller panties.To buy.

The sports top with hardly seams


© Black Limba courtesy

Black Limba top.To buy.



© Courtesy of Macarena Shoes

Macarena Shoes shoes.To buy.

Fill yourself a candle, ask yourself rich food at home, start that book they gave you for Christmas or tragate for the umpteenth time that American romantic comedy that you have always denied having seen.Stay at home and do it comfortable and comfortable.

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