This is the super kit that they give to the United States athletes in Tokyo 2020

This is the super kit that they give to the United States athletes in Tokyo 2020

A few weeks ago we presented the kits that were given to each athlete of the Mexican delegation that are in Tokyo 2020 - if they do not remember it, here we leave it - and although they wore the details they gave them, the United States with their athletes, he became handsome and everything they gave them is crazy.

The American athlete Katie Nageotte, uploaded a video to her Tiktok account where she shows us the complete kit they gave to all the United States athletes that went to the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games, I would like one, even if it is tennis orA Playerite of those.

Nike is one of the sponsoring brands of all the United States athletes -a very nationalist brand, because it was born in Oregon -so the brand's clothes could not be missing, a few pairs of shoes and another among many more socks are thethat gave the competitors of Tokyo 2020.

That is nothing -and what we are starting -within the clothing, gave them uniforms for their different competitions, jackets, lycras, pants, shorts and even flip flops;A quite complete kit with several thousand dollars that would cost your one to go with those clothes to the gym we attended.

Así es el súper kit que le dan a atletas de Estados Unidos en Tokio 2020

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Another brand that makes its appearance in the video is Pole Ralph Lauren with different attire that include shirts, shirts, bags, pants and shoes -some used those outfits at the opening ceremony -, pure elegance in the United States.

Kim Kardashian at Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games

Although it seems difficult to imagine that the surname Kardashian is related to the Olympic Games, not so much the last name of his minor sisters -jenner, who has an Olympic background-, but in Tokyo 2020 "Kardashian" has his name in the fair.

Not as a competitor or anything, far would be the reality show shows of the Olympic Games, but its brand will be and wearing some United States athletes.Women athletes from the country's country and stars will receive Skims underwear, the Kim brand.

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In the following link we leave the link to the store, in case you want to buy something that Kardashian designers did for athletes -if they are men, there are also things for you -.

But the athletes also received their endowment of skims products, as sleeping products comfortably could not miss, obviously with the American logo and flag, because patriotism does not lack athletes in Tokyo 2020.

Photo: Special

Photo: Special

Extras for athletes in Tokyo 2020

Other gadgets and additional came to athletes, a quite luxurious clock entered the kit that athletes gave them, in addition to 4 different models of lenses -for all kinds of occasion -some that would serve us for the sun that we later have in Mexico.

Also and that seems to go to all athletes, from Mexico - we saw it in the video of Rommel Pacheco - to the delegation of the country that wears less athletes.The cell phone, headphones and headphones case were for all athletes, obvious with engraved Olympics.

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