We teach you how to choose the ideal bra for your type of wedding dress

We teach you how to choose the ideal bra for your type of wedding dress

Choosing the wedding dress you've always dreamed of is a complicated task because, for different reasons (budget, trends, etc.), you can't always find it after a quick and effective search. Of course, once the miracle occurs, everything begins to be easier, at least a priori. We must bear in mind that there are many other elements that make up a bridal look and even if we have found the centerpiece, we must continue looking for other garments or accessories until we have everything.

In this sense, one of the aspects that generates the most doubts has to do with underwear. Beyond choosing one or another bridal lingerie, based on our tastes, the comfort that it can bring us, etc. We must take special care with the bra and choose it based on our dress to avoid showing more than it should. For this reason we bring you a basic guide so that you can choose the right model according to the silhouette or color of your outfit.

Depending on the neckline

Something key when choosing a certain bra or another should be the shape of the neckline of our dress. For example, if it is with a halter neck, we will not have a problem wearing a normal strappy bra, however, if it is with a halter neck, but with an open back, it will not look very pretty if the closure occupies the middle of the back.

We teach you how to choose the ideal bra for your type of wedding dress

The same goes for wedding dresses with a bardot, strapless or sweetheart neckline; The best thing in this case is to opt for brallette-type bras, while for the former, there are very different modalities that go from bras with adhesive to the skin to support through the straps.

Color and materials

Many people think that bras and bridal lingerie in general should be white, but the reality is that if we want to avoid unwanted transparencies, the best option is beige or a shade that is as close as possible to our skin tone.

Regarding the fabrics and materials that we can choose, most bras are made of polyester or elastane, we recommend garments, preferably 100% cotton that provide all the comfort for our skin, typical of a fabric so sensitive and also breathable.

Size is important

Without a doubt, the most important thing before embarking on the adventure of looking for the perfect bra is to be very clear about our size because, although we are used to wearing one size in our bras for day to day, it may be that in others it varies slightly.

The best thing, without a doubt, is to let yourself be advised and measured by the professional who is going to attend you in the store. Based on the centimeters of our bust and waist, you can determine what is the perfect size for us and we will avoid unforeseen events such as the cup of our bra cups hollowing out, squeezing us and leaving marks, etc.

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