What do they mean? These are the 7 most famous New Year's traditions

What do they mean? These are the 7 most famous New Year's traditions
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Each day is less short for New Year's eve and, as every year, the popular year-end traditions that many people often carry out cannot be missed.

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Every day there is less to celebrate the New Year and, as every year, there is no lack of the popular year-end traditions that many people often carry out. That's why we'll set you up with a list of the most famous rituals to welcome to 2022.

The 12 grapes

One of the most traditional customs is, without a doubt, eating the 12 grapes, which symbolize each of the 12 months that make up next year. Tradition dictates that with everyone who eats, preferably without seeds, the person must make a wish.


The unfathomable. From now on, shops begin to fill themselves with underwear of different colors; the most used are yellow (for money abundance) and red (for love). The person who wants to achieve a goal in a specific field should wear the underwear of a certain color during the night of December 31 to make it a reality.

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The suitcase

¿Qué significan? Estas son las 7 tradiciones de Año Nuevo más famosas

Another of the most typical traditions is the ritual of taking a suitcase around the block during the first minutes of January 1. This rite is used by those who want to travel next year.

New Year's hugs and congratulations

When the clock ticks at 12 and gives way to the first second of the New Year, the most common thing is to embrace and wish happy New Year to the people you are living with at that time, be it friends, family or co-workers. People who are not present for the same purpose are also usually called on the phone.

Bring money in the bag or wallet

If the person wants to attract economic prosperity by 2022, the New Year's ritual to apply is to bring in the bag or wallet money so that next year abundance will not fail.

List of purposes

There are few who are accustomed to making a list of purposes for next year, and there are fewer even those who fulfill what they scored, so in the middle of the new year they realize that they did not lose weight, did not save, and failed to get up early to exercise, but the mere fact of promising them themselves gives them relief during the night of December 31.

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Another custom to receive the New Year is to sweep the whole house if 2021 was not so favorable, in order to get rid of the negative energies that might have left the year that ends.

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