What happens if you wear lycra underwear?Know the risks

What happens if you wear lycra underwear?Know the risks

Tegucigalpa, Hondurase despite the warnings of gynecologists, most women make the mistake of using underwear of any material, ignoring the consequences it can cause.What happens if Lycra always uses? Lycra underwear generates heat and using it more than three hours a day could cause you a vaginal infection.When intimate clothing is too tight causes cystitis - inflammation of the urinary bladder - or some vaginal infection.You should never wear underwear that does not allow your intimate area to "breathe".

This warm and humid atmosphere helps fungi to multiply at an accelerated pace.Lycra does not breathe and does not allow the air to between the body.It is best to wear cotton underwear, or even lycra clothes that have the cotton crotch.

¿Qué pasa si usas ropa interior de lycra? Conoce los riesgos

In addition: five signs that indicate that something is wrong with their thyroids show your underwear when you are very cupcase women who tend to sweat should change their underwear regularly, otherwise it would be the perfect place for microbes.

People prone to sweating should opt for a material that absorbs more.During physical exercise, you can opt for a daily protector.

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