When to know if the vaginal flow is normal?|The tile

When to know if the vaginal flow is normal?|The tile

In this summer, one of the pathologies that we begin to see frequently in women are vaginosis, that is, infectious and inflammatory processes at the vaginal level and that are mostly manifested as flows, which generate great anguish and loss of loss of the comfort.

Among these flows, the majority we find are whitish-yellowish, these couldGenerate spots on the underwear or even white-yellowish visible flows, is that we choose to medicate them.

The idea is to reduce this level of fungus at the vaginal level to recover comfort, in addition to the long term, these types of infections can generate irritation in the cervix and, therefore, persistent inflammatory processes.

¿Cuándo saber si el flujo vaginal es normal? | La Teja

Now, it is not a good habit of buying ovules to what we can think of, neither creams or pills without having been valued by the doctor, since many times the flows can also be due to bacteria, they can be due to sexually transmitted diseases orOther causes.

The ideal is to review this flow, an observation of the cervix, if necessary to send a sample of the flow to laboratory for its respective analysis and have the security of which is the infectious agent that is causing the problem.

There are many causes that can generate this condition.Among them are pregnancies, high levels of blood sugar, stress, climate changes, fundamentally referring to hot weather, very tight clothes, such as very tight denim pants, inappropriate toilet practices, exhausting physical exercise, some medications such as antibiotics, among many others.

So if you have a vaginal flow do not assume that it is normal, nor that it is simply something to deal with ovules, the important thing is always an adequate review.

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