Woman declares that Ghislaine Maxwell told her that "he had a great body for Epstein and his friends."She was 14 years old

Woman declares that Ghislaine Maxwell told her that "he had a great body for Epstein and his friends."She was 14 years old

Editor's note: This note contains explicit language that could be disturbing.

(CNN) -Carolyn said he was barely 14 when he started going to Jeffrey Epstein's house in Palm Beach, Florida, two or three times a week in the early 2000s.

On one of the visits, Carolyn was preparing a massage room for Epstein when her lifelong partner, Ghislaine Maxwell, entered the room.Maxwell touched her breasts, hips and Carolyn's back and commented that she "had a great body for Epstein and his friends," Carolyn.

Every time he visited her, they left him US $ 300 in cash in the bath sink, he said, but they were not free.

"Something sexual happened every time," said Carolyn.

Now, at 30, Carolyn described his adolescent experiences with Epstein this Tuesday at Maxwell's federal trial for positions that include sexual trafficking of minors.


She is the third woman who testifies that she suffered sexual abuse by Epstein and points out that Maxwell was involved.A woman identified as "Kate" testified on Monday that Maxwell organized those sexual encounters, and a woman identified as "Jane" said last week that Maxwell sometimes joined sexualized massages.

The trial, which began last week, has alternated between disturbing testimonies of victims of sexual abuse and enlightening testimonies about some of Epstein's connections with high profile figures such as Donald Trump, Bill Clinton and Prince Andrés.

None of them have allegedly committed illegal acts in relation to the current trial.

Epstein, who declared himself guilty in 2008 of state prostitution positions, was accused of federal positions of sex trafficking in July 2019, but committed suicide in prison a month later.Maxwell, his confidant and his ex -girlfriend, was arrested a year later and has declared himself innocent.

In the opening statements of their trial, prosecutors said Maxwell and Epstein created a "pyramid scheme of abuse" to attract minors to have sex with Epstein and pay for bonds to bring other girls.Her defense, on her part, said she was a "scapegoat" of Epstein's actions and attacked the memories and motivations of women who say they have suffered sexual abuse.

The trial is held in a Federal Court of Manhattan, which prohibits the use of cameras.

Carolyn says he visited Epstein more than 100 times

Mujer declara que Ghislaine Maxwell le dijo que

In this sketch, Ghislaine Maxwell, sitting on the left, talks to her defense lawyer on Monday, December 6.Credit: Elizabeth Williams via AP

Carolyn testified that he was introduced to Epstein through Virginia Roberts, whose boyfriend knew Carolyn's boyfriend.

Roberts, who also called Virginia Roberts Giuffre, previously told the BBC in 2019 that she was trafficked by Epstein and forced to have sex with her friends, including the Duke of York, when she was a minor.

Giuffre recently filed a civil lawsuit against Prince Andrés in which he affirmed that he sexually abused her both by invitation from Epstein and Maxwell when he was a minor and that the cases of alleged sexual abuse occurred in Maxwell's house in London, inEpstein's house in Manhattan and Epstein's house on the Virgin Islands of the United States.Prince Andrew has strongly denied all accusations on him.

Roberts's lawyer, David Boies, declined to comment, saying that the government advised him not to comment publicly during the trial.

Carolyn testified that Roberts told him that he could earn money going to see "her friend" and took her to Epstein's house in Palm Beach the first time he met him.

He declared that Roberts dressed her provocatively for the meeting.Roberts took her through the kitchen of the house, introduced him to Maxwell and then took her up to Epstein's bathroom, where she Roberts prepared her room.

Carolyn, 14 years old at that time, testified that he sat on a bra and underwear on a "ugly" sofa and saw Roberts have sex with Epstein at a massage table in the bathroom.Then, they left three US $ 100 tickets for Carolyn in the bath sink.

Carolyn said he returned home two or three times a week for years, more than a hundred times in total.

The woman said she remembered having taken three different friends of the same age over the years.On those occasions, she received US $ 600 in cash as an incentive to bring them, and her friends received US $ 300.

Carolyn described several sexual encounters with Epstein.She also said that Maxwell saw her completely naked in the massage room "probably three times" over the years.

He testified that Epstein led two male friends on different occasions to the massage room, but did not give more details and no other question about them was asked.Other times older women joined.

On a visit, Epstein pressed a button on the hall of the room and a naked woman entered and joined the sexual events, he said.

On another visit, another woman entered the room.There, Epstein penetrated Carolyn's vagina but stopped when she said she was uncomfortable, and the other woman practiced oral sex to Carolyn, she testified.And on another occasion, Epstein stopped when she asked her to stop using a sex toy in her vagina, she declared.

Maxwell and Epstein invited her separately to go to an island, but she told them that she was too young and that her mother did not let her travel outside the country, she said.She didn't have a passport either.

Carolyn called Ghislaine Maxwell simply "Maxwell" because he couldn't correct his first name correctly, he said.She during her testimony constantly referred Epstein as "Mister Epstein."

The witness says that she used money in drugs

Maxwell or another Epstein partner called her to agree for an "appointment," Carolyn said.Other times she called asking if she could go to her house because she wanted the money, she said.Carolyn declared that Maxwell and her partner called her mother's phone numbers or her boyfriend if they couldn't locate her.

With a trembling voice, he declared that he used money to buy drugs.

"Marijuana, cocaine, alcohol, anything that could block me to go to the appointment," he said.

He continued sexual massage encounters with Epstein until he was 18, he said.She took a break from going to Epstein for a while when she was pregnant at age 16, but she returned after giving birth because she needed the money to keep her son, she said.

When he returned to Epstein's house, he asked if he had younger friends.

"That's when I realized that it was too old," he testified.

The defense lawyer Jeffrey Pagliuca interrogated Carolyn for more than two hours this Tuesday and spent a considerable time suggesting that Carolyn made inconsistent statements specifically about his timeline at different times, including an FBI meeting in 2007 and in a 2009 statement bydemands he filed against Epstein.

It was revealed that it received almost US $ 450,000 as a result of the agreements.

During a 2009 statement, he testified that Maxwell and an associate from Epstein would call her to arrange appointments with him, according to an extract of the transcription of the decline that is read in the registry.

Carolyn said in a direct interrogation that he currently takes several medications, including an opioid blocker for his addiction history and medicines related to schizophrenia.She sometimes listens to voices that tell her that someone is going to kidnap her daughters, she said, but she can identify voices as something that is not part of reality.

Carolyn también reconoció delitos pasados ​​de los que se declaró culpable, incluido el delito grave de posesión de cocaína y el delito grave de posesión de propiedad robada.

Ghislaine Maxwell

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