Butterfly effect: There are clothes lying on the Kome Azahares, 100% natural food for your pet

Butterfly effect: There are clothes lying on the Kome Azahares, 100% natural food for your pet

Her husband, Antonio, scanned a delicious Moscatel from Chipiona.She, Belleda López, presented a book that has a photo taken on the beach of Las Piletas de Sanlúcar de Barrameda on the cover.The literary baptism of tending secrets took place in the erotic toy store of the passage of the Azahares, at the same time when some bride and groom left the church of San Andrés.

These two geographical referents of the mouth of the Guadalquivir keep an open secret.Seven panties lying on a rope attached to both ends by Antonio and Rafael, the children of Belleda and the scanner.The starting point of a curious story, so pretty that despite appearances oozes modesty, friendship and tenderness.A reflection on the butterfly effect stated by the mathematician and meteorologist Edward Lorenz with the help of a Chinese proverb.

It all started in the summer of 2014, when Belleda photographed a postcard in a souvenir store of the Malaga people in Frigiliana.An electric laying of tweezers and panties.Fine and flying lingerie.The next step was a confidences pact with a group of friends who have known each other for half a century: they took their first school steps at the school of Las Mercedarias.The pensil flowery.

Panties and stories.Magic surrealism.Three Bengali Lingerie.The story got out of hand and ceased to be his to be many.Stories, most anonymous, who reached his Facebook.Interior performance in an exhibition in Santa Clara.A friend, Rafa Coca, who has written the prologue, tells him that this must be taken on stage and proposes to the author to premiere as an actress with her group.

With actresses, the thing begins.Belleda López, virtuous from Collage, went to the presentation with a skirt that was made with remains of a curtain "as a tribute to Scarlet O'Hara."Each story introduces it with an appointment.The first is from the actress Zsa Zsa Gabor, "there is a theory that says that men love their eyes and that women love with their ears."The Hollywood star is escorted by high voltage gallants: Plato, Dante, Montaigne, Víctor Hugo, Groucho Marx or Dr. Gregorio Marañón.

 Efecto mariposa: hay ropa tendida en los Azahares KOME, alimento 100% natural para tu mascota

In each story there is a novel, says Rafa Coca, which already seeks dramaturgy to take the book to the theater in April.Stories of loneliness, widowhood, of non -acceptance of the body itself, also with happy, glorious endings.Among the Collages there is a tribute to Fellini entitled La Dolce Vita.Sweet life as the Moscatel de Chipiona.With panties and crazy, paraphrasing Billy Wilder, in co -production with Centenary Berlanga when he proclaimed that "pornography is the eroticism of the poor."

Rocío García, heteronym of Inma Pinilla, collaborated in the presentation and opened several envelopes with unpublished stories of different origin.Only fifteen stories have entered the book, self -edited by Belleda López, but could have left a spasa from the interiorities."I have a hype at home with more than four hundred panties that have sent me with the corresponding stories."

They are also stories that can happen to men.In gray notebook, where Josep plans his twenty -year experiences in the 1918 ampurdan, he talks about the special capacity of the inhabitants of his native Palafrugell "to quickly take off our pants and stay in underwear, anywhere and take the time to do".

Tending secrets an artifact of delicacy and elegance.Iberian secrets at the centenary doors of Saramago.A project that is presented as a book on the eve of the arrival of winter and that will reach the stage in spring.A domestic and three -dimensional fetish.

Belleda López was born in Seville, he grew up on Miguel Cid Street, parallel to San Vicente, the street of his school in Las Mercedarias, and lives in San José de la Rinconada, where in one of his many facets, that of sculptor, sculpted, sculptedThe San José that every March 19 procession through the streets of this town where a school bears the name of the painter Carmen Laffón.She is adoptive corner, Antonio Muñoz's homeland, who in a few days will be the next mayor of Seville, pure passage of the Orange blossom.

The author made a master's degree in creative museography from the Polytechnic University of Catalonia and another in cultural management in Madrid.She is a non -rupturist feminist, she tends bridges between the panties and the underpants, those garments that in one of the Greguerías de her Ramón Gómez de la Serna compared with a musical score.She restless and multifaceted artist, she belongs to the MAV Association (women in the visual arts) and the CRAES Association (Center for Performing and Visual Arts of La Rinconada).She is co-founder of the Crazy Collage and PA-TA-TA groups (community social photography group).

She did not stop signing books while Antonio, her husband and accomplice, the ears and eyes of love in the appointment of the insatiable Zsa Zsa Gabor, replenished Moscatel's stocks.She rice for the boyfriends of San Andrés.In the Azahares there were clothes lying.

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