Can I get pregnant with the preseminal fluid?|Mothers today

Can I get pregnant with the preseminal fluid?|Mothers today

Does the preseminal liquid are a risk?

There are many myths and truths regarding pregnancy and whether or not you can be pregnant according to what situations and always with the preseminal liquid of the protagonist.The preseminal fluid is a liquid that comes out of the penis before there is ejaculation and male orgasm, something that I will explain in the following lines.

Today I want to help you understand if you can have a risk of pregnant in some situations in which there has been penetration with ejaculation (or has not been penetration) but that the preseminal liquid has had an appearance in your sexual relations.


The preseminal fluid and the Coitus interruptus

First of all you should know that the preseminal fluid can contain sperm so it is possible to become pregnant if the vulgarly called “reverse” is made.When introducing the penis into the vagina, there is a pre-ejaculation that although the man withdraws from the act before orgasm and ejaculation exist, the preseminal liquid can perfectly cause a pregnancy in a woman who at that time has all the conditionsTo be able to conceive.

While it is true that there are times that the preseminal liquid does not always contain active sperm or if it contains they are not enough to transfer all barriers to fertilize the ovule, it is also true that it can occur perfectly because it contains thousands of sperm.

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But I also have to tell you that it is more difficult to get pregnant only with the preseminal liquid than with full ejaculation."Reverse" or Coitus interruptus Therefore, it is not a correct method to avoid pregnancy, because this practice is not at all a contraceptive method.

In addition, practicing this type of sexual intercourse is unsatisfactory because you cannot really enjoy full sexual relations because of being aware of whether it is ejaculated or not, as if that were not enough, the uncertainty will be present all the time.Something that with the use of condoms or with other more effective contraceptive methods does not happen.

It should also be noted that this sexual practice, in addition to not avoiding the risk of pregnancy (mostly unwanted) does not exempt from the possible infection of sexually transmitted diseases.

Possible doubts about the preseminal liquid and sexual relations

Then I want to explain some doubts that are usually present in many people, especially in youth population in terms of sexual practices, the possible pregnancy and the preseminal liquid.These doubts will usually appear cause of the misinformation that exists in our society something that makes the young myths that are normally circulating through the network in unreliable sources.Today I will try to answer some questions that we have been finding in our Madreshoy blog, if you had any different questions, do not hesitate to know us writing a comment at the end of the article.

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Can I get pregnant with clothes on?

¿Me puedo embarazar con el líquido preseminal? | Madres Hoy

No.In no way it is possible that there is a risk of pregnancy having the clothes on.If the ejacula man would stain his pants but little else, there is no risk although he rubs the woman with semen stained clothes.

If in the reverse it ejaculates a little inside, can I get pregnant?

Yes, it is very likely that if you are at a time when the fertilized ovule can be there is a risk of pregnancy, since both the preseminal and semen contain sperm that aim to fertilize the female ovule.

Is there a risk of pregnancy with "false sex"?

"False sex" occurs when the couple has skin sex with skin in the genital area but without direct ejaculation inside the vagina.In this case the probability is very low but there may be a risk of infection of sexually transmitted diseases.

If penetration has been for a few seconds but without ejaculation there is a risk of pregnancy?

Provided there is unprotected penetration and the penis between contact with the vagina may be risk of pregnancy since the preseminal liquid may have been introduced into the vagina.Although the possibility is low, diseases can also be transmitted that can be avoided with the use of condom.

Can you get pregnant if you have touched my hand stained with semen or preseminal liquid?

If the man has introduced his hand stained with preseminal liquid or semen into the woman's vagina, the risk is very low since sperm need speed but to reach the ovule, but although there are no conclusive studies on this, it could happen.

Can I get pregnant if there is no ejaculation inside the vagina?

If there is no ejaculation within the vagina but there has been close to the vulva or the preseminal liquid comes into contact with your genitals may be risk of pregnancy, because the preseminal liquid contains thousands of sperm and only one is needed to get pregnant to get pregnant.

What is the probability of pregnancy without ejaculation?

There are many women who wonder if there may be a probability of pregnancy without ejaculation and of course, if you do not ejaculate you can quickly think that it is impossible to get pregnant, and although it is complicated, you must clarify.

A man who has not ejaculated into the woman's vagina is likely that there is no risk of pregnancy, especially if he has not introduced the penis into the vagina and sex has been based above all, on erotic games without penetration.

But when there is penetration, although there is no ejaculation inside the vagina, there is always the risk that the man expens preseminal liquid while the penis is inside vaginal.This preseminal liquid, although in less quantity, also contains sperm that can fertilize the ovule of women and start pregnancy.

Seminal sperm or liquid

Seminal sperm or liquid is also commonly known as semen.It is a white (or grayish) liquid substance that is emitted from the urethra (the penile tube) in male ejaculation.In general, each millimeter of semen contains millions of sperm (sperm), but most of this liquid is composed of the secretions that originate in the seminal glands of the male reproductive organs.

The purpose of semen is only for human reproduction, it is the vehicle to carry sperm in the female reproductive tract.Semen ejaculation is accompanied for sexual pleasure, erection and male orgasm.

When can you get pregnant?

A woman can get pregnant if when she has sexual relations without protection, the ovule that has left the ovaries is in the uterus waiting to be fertilized.This occurs for 24 hours within the fertile week of women that usually occurs in a regular menstrual cycle of 28 days between day 14 and 21 of the cycle (counting since the last rule began).This is why it is very important to use contraceptive methods at the time you want to have sex, because the ovulation of women can really be unpredictable.

What can I do if I have doubts?

If you think you could get pregnant the best thing you can do is perform a pregnancy test after 15 days have passed since the moment you think there could be conception and consult what are the rare symptoms of pregnancy in the first daysAnd that can make you out of doubt.But also if you want to have more information about sexual relations and the possibility of pregnancy, do not hesitate to go to your medical center to explain everything you need to know.That it is not ashamed.

He also remembers that it is very important, in the case that you do not want to get pregnant, the use of condom or other effective contraceptive method.If you do not know any contraceptive method or think that those you know are not doing well, ask your doctor to advise you about reliable contraceptive methods for you.If you are a woman you can also go to your gynecologist to advise you on another type of hormonal contraceptives that can go well (there are more in addition to the condoms that can go well).

Do you have more doubts about the preseminal liquid or if you have been able to get pregnant in any sexual practice?Do not hesitate to ask us those doubts you have.

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