Canning Station » The Nine Muses

Canning Station » The Nine Muses

The photo in this article is not a great photograph. But the story behind it... neither. However, I want to tell it.

In 2001 he was taking photos for what would later become the “Desamparos” exhibition (an exhibition that has his own history), for which he had to photograph things that man has left abandoned, abandoned, condemned to oblivion. Estación Canning » Las nueve musas Estación Canning » Las nueve musas

Thinking of places with these characteristics, I remembered the old Canning train station. I had in my head the image of when I went with the colony on vacation to spend an afternoon. I remembered that we walked along the lonely platform and filled the silence inside with our games. I came back after 20 years, and it was too late.

When I arrive I see clothes hanging, signs that, in times of crisis, every roof that is still standing serves as a home for someone in need. It wasn't what he was looking for.

Estación Canning » Las nueve musas

So I tried the other side, thus photographing the empty platform. To access there was a closed gate that was not going to stop me. I'd get as close as I could, close enough to search the abandoned platform.

But as I went along, I heard some barking getting closer, and halfway there, shithead that I am, I decided not to wait for the welcoming committee. I ran back and jumped the gate with that extra energy that fear provides. This time, the photo would be from outside.

I read that cleaning and conditioning tasks are being carried out because in the future there are plans to build a municipal sports center at this Canning station.

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