Dermatologists warn of the increase in tick bite consultations this summer in Malaga

Dermatologists warn of the increase in tick bite consultations this summer in Malaga

In summer the tick bites multiply and more and more dermatologists attend in their consultations people who come because they confuse that bite with a new mole.Identifying it is important to remedy the consequences, experts warn.«The patient comes most of the time because a new lump or lunar has been noticed.Looking closely we see that it is a tick stuck in the skin that normally has been there for a few days, ”says the head of Dermatology of Vithas Malaga and Vithas Xanit, the DR.Enrique Herrera Acosta.

Therefore, they remember that it is important to be aware of each new injury or stain that comes out because "reviewing the skin is an individual responsibility and knowing at every moment that new moles or oddities come out is essential to avoid this type of problem," clarifies theDoctor Herrera.

The ticks live in areas with many trees or animals, also in gardens, swimming pools and there are even on the beach;They are more active during the warm months, that is, from April to September and tend to chop the head, armpits, navel or English.That is why it is important to wear the right clothes if you are going to exercise outdoors during these months.Once the tick is detected in the skin you have to go to the specialist.«The extraction process has to be done with special care.You have to prevent the head from staying inside the skin so as not to run the risk of infection;With some tweezers, the tick's head is firmly grabbed and pulls with force and uninterruptedly, you should never be twisted while extracting, ”explains Dr. Herrera.

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Keep in mind that if the bite is not treated, it could lead to the Lyme disease that produces fever, fatigue, headache and rash in the area.If not, the infection can spread to the joints, the heart and the nervous system.

In turn, at this time of the year it is very important to make an annual dermatological check to control and verify the good condition of the moles and other skin rashes.From Vithas Málaga it is recommended to perform these reviews that are an excellent prevention measure to avoid skin diseases such as cancer.


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