For the judge of the case, Nancy Videla was killed "for her status as a woman"

For the judge of the case, Nancy Videla was killed "for her status as a woman"

El juez que investiga el femicidio de Nancy Videla, hallada asesinada en una casa de la localidad bonaerense de Ingeniero Budge tras permanecer una semana desaparecida, le atribuyó al único acusado por el caso haber cometido el crimen “en el marco de una agresión sexual y por su condición de mujer”, informaron este sábado fuentes judiciales.Para el juez de la causa, a Nancy Videla la mataron “por su condición de mujer” Para el juez de la causa, a Nancy Videla la mataron “por su condición de mujer”

Meanwhile, the criminal and correctional judge 1, Diego Javier Slupski, rejected the request for release presented by the defense of Damián Lezcano Mendoza (70) after evaluating the severity of the fact that is imputed to him and the procedural risks.

They found Nancy Videla's body: the cause of death is a blow to the skull

Judicial sources informed Télam that the magistrate attributed to the suspect "to have caused him deliberately and violently, presumably within the framework of a sexual assault and for his status as a woman, death to Nancy Beatriz Videla (31)".

About Nancy's femicide

For Sluppski, the incident occurred on Friday, November 26, after 19 in one of the rooms of the farm located in Budge Engineer, where "he hid the body under a cement folder".

The accused of killing Nancy Videla was imprisoned for another murder 19 years ago

According to the judge, Lezcano Mendoza "hit and suffocated the victim inside" of that place and the death was produced by "brain trauma and skull fractures".

What revealed the autopsy to Nancy's body

Para el juez de la causa, a Nancy Videla la mataron “por su condición de mujer”

The outcome of the autopsy determined that the woman suffered 20 injuries in the attack, three fractures in her head and another 17 wounds in her body.

Meanwhile, Sluppski rejected the release requested by lawyer Jorge Alfonso, representative of the defendant, for the seriousness of the endilled event and procedural risks.

The body was found on Thursday night under a counterpoint of one of the rooms that Lezcano Mendoza administered on Bucharest Street 2.531 of Engineer Budge, in the south of the conurbano, and was recovered yesterday at dawn.

A week they had been looking for the young woman

The operation on that property was mounted around 19 on Thursday from an anonymous call to the 911 emergency telephone in which a woman warned that Nancy was a friend of the owner of the property, who used to give her money for her to pay therent of his house and also believed that they had a romantic relationship, which aroused suspicions about man, by the complainant herself.

The filtration of that audio to the press caused the Minister of Security of the Nation, Aníbal Fernández, to instruct the head of the Federal Police to make the criminal complaint to investigate who was responsible within the 911 porteño who made it known.

For the call, the prosecutor in the criminal and correctional 27, Marcelo Munilla Lacasa, in charge of the investigation by the search for Nancy, ordered to do a first inspection of the place, where the police noticed that in one of the departments that Lezcano had inrent, there was a recent counterfish made, with still fresh cement.

With that fact, the prosecutor requested Judge Sluppski, who via exhorto asked his pair of the Court of Guarantees 5 of Lomas de Zamora, Laura Ninni, to authorize the procedure, order that just arrived at the Police at 23Yesterday and culminated in the discovery of the body last midnight.

In the operation, four cell phones, female underwear garments and a bucket with water and lavandina where there were clothes with spots were kidnapped, according to police spokesmen.

Nancy disappeared on Friday, November 26 in the afternoon and was recorded by the cameras leaving the building of Santa Fe 3 Avenue.770 from Palermo where I worked as an employee and nanny in a family home.

From there, a group was taken to the Railway Station of Constitution, where a video shows the Hall of the Terminal at 17.36 To address the Roca line for the Lanús station.

In the Transhipdo de Lanús center, another camera took it, half an hour later, at 18.12, climbing to a group of line 283 Ramal B, heading towards Villa Albertina, party of Lomas de Zamora, where he lived but never arrived.

"Waiting for the love train", Nancy's last message

Her boyfriend contributed an exchange of whatsapp that she had at 18.16, when Nancy said: "Waiting for the love train", although by the schedules of the videos and the route of their cell phone, the researchers locate it at that time already in southern Conurbano.

The cell antennas captured Nancy phone for the last time in the Budge Engineer area, about 17 blocks from her house and near the home where a corpse was found at dawn at dawn.

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