Fridays of Fridays |The provinces

Fridays of Fridays |The provinces

All my attention is concentrated in the phrase that Esther, a co -worker, pronounces at coffee time."Eye that is Wednesday and take the panties on Fridays," she launches."And that?" Asks another."I have stayed with that of the gym that I told you," she solves, and paste a drink to her cut from her.To mind comes that set of seven white cotton panties with a brief lace whose front was crowned with a sign indicating the different days of the week.I never had them, but I remember fascinating myself for seeing them in some companions in the school locker room.For the context, I assume that it is not the ninety weekly pack and I am interested in knowing how those panties that announce the weekend.

As we are between Ladies, Esther, who has updated her intimate clothing drawer since her divorce, has no problems in showing them.She is a Brazilian cut model in pink satin and black lace crowned by a golden ornament ornament that hits low in navel."How are those of Saturdays and Sundays?" He asks another spontaneous, assuming that the festive character will raise the status of the garment.Esther laughs and explains that it is not the date or the mission, but that it is a matter of attitude, because the panties, for her, are a faithful reflection of her intention and mood being able to act, sometimes, as a motivational acid orEmotional balm.

We invite her to a second coffee to continue.She tells us that if she has an important job appointment, she chooses firm lycra panties and high steel gray size, which force her to adopt an upright posture and make her feel like Angela Merkel.Those days in which she feels vulnerable and little, she opts for a kind of Slip with Wonder Woman print, capable of returning the feeling of protection she experienced in her years of childhood.

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To do sports, he prefers high thick cotton of shot that optically stylize his legs and, at the time before the shower, they make him walk to the box office as if it were Rihanna.When she goes from dinner and party with friends, she opts for a thong of medium thickness, because she wants to feel sexy but not spend the fine night taking off her ass.If you are with school mothers, two pieces are put in garnet or coral, something sober but with a touch of color to transmit that it is in line with those other women in terms of class and manor but who, in addition to children, workAnd leisure, enjoy a leafy sex life with men to those referred to as fresh flesh.

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On Sundays, when he is going to eat at his parents' house following a family tradition, he opts for basic cotton in neutral tones in a good girl's way out of respect for paternal authority and because it is the day of the Lord.The rest of the companions divert their eyes reflecting in silence about our own underwear."Well, I carry some with worn rubber," confesses one of the group."Married word," releases Esther ceremonially parting with laughter.


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