Ana Simó about Mami Jordan: "It's a sign of how our society is"

Ana Simó about Mami Jordan: "It's a sign of how our society is"

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The New Diario, Santo Domingo.- Ana Simó, psychologist and sex therapist, said Wednesday, through a publication on his Twitter account that "Mami Jordan is a sign of how our society is", referring to the controversial video that circulates on social networks, where it is visualizedTo the aforementioned personality of social networks to make a dance qualified as sensual to his minor son.

The video, where the child is shown in underwear, was broadcast through a “live”, in his mother's Facebook account that appears under the name of “Mami Jordan la Para Para 23”.

In that sense, Simó said that “in short, what Mommy Jordan did with his son of course that he was not well but I wonder how many do not?She is a sample of the consequences of abandonment and sexual abuse, "and said" that parents are the ones who need to be educated in sexuality ".

De Ana Simó sobre Mami Jordan: “Es una muestra de cómo está nuestra sociedad ”

After the video went viral on social networks, the Instagramer, came out in his defense through a video he published on his Instagram account on Tuesday night, and questioned why they do not better investigate the case of the girlLiz María, the little girl who was sexually abused, murdered and subsequently her body launched into the Caribbean Sea for being Francisco Santos aka "El Panadero".

He also said that his children "have more education than others", and added "now what they want is to cover the sun with a finger.That is the subject that is.What happens is that the sick and maniacos are what is great, because I do not see anything weird.What they say is that Dizque grabbed Don Miguelo and now they go with me.And what I say, the girl's theme for when? ".

The video generated negative opinions, especially after knowing this Monday that the urban exponent Don Miguelo is being held at the Palace of Justice of the municipality of San Francisco de Macorís, after disseminating videos of minors in their social networks, dancing its mostrecent musical single "And what was it?", Under the framework of making a challenge in order to promote the aforementioned simple.



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