Border Homicide: They murdered a young Colombian shot in the head

Border Homicide: They murdered a young Colombian shot in the head

The crime was initially warned by agents of the Radioelectric Command that arrived at a house located on 100 to 600 street around 5 in the morning after receiving a call that warned about the presence of a person who agonized as a result of an armed attack.

At the time of the arrival of the uniformed, the victim still presented vital signs so the police transferred him to the Iturraspe hospital in San Francisco, where it was found that he had a gunshot wound in the front region of the skull with an entrance holeNo Exit.Some time later, doctors found his death.

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A 50 -year -old who was present at the place had more than 130 doses of cocaine in his underwear

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Drug witness

Homicidio en Frontera: asesinaron a un joven colombiano de un disparo en la cabeza

In the place of the fact together with the victim was his partner and a man in his 50s, identified as Javier E., who at the time of being questioned by police personnel about his identity showed some nervousness.

The police called a civil witness to requisition the man and as a result they found that he hid in his underwear a bag with several doses of cocaine (20 grams), prepared for sale, so the situation was reported to the federal court and federal prosecution ofRafaela in turn.

After the finding, the 50 -year -old man was arrested and available to justice for his subsequent investigative hearing in which the Prosecutor's Office, by Gustavo Ice, as it transpired, would blame him for the crime of "simple possession."


Victim with a history

At the crime hours, the history of Colombian Zuleta began to circulate.In 2019 he was sentenced to three years in conditional execution prison, after being arrested on Christmas Day 2018 in the Acapulco neighborhood of the town of Josefina.At the time of his arrest he had a .40 caliber gun, and moments before he had been involved in a shooting.

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