Lionel Messi on PSG: The step by step of his first hours in Paris

Lionel Messi on PSG: The step by step of his first hours in Paris

7:25 The College of Nenes and a new house

In talk with ESPN, Leo Messi talked about his first steps in France.“After all this happens, my family will return to Barcelona to accommodate everything until the children begin at school.I spoke with Lower (Di María), with Lea (Paredes) and with Ney about the possibilities of where we can live or send school to the children.I don't know when I'm going to play, I don't do it for a month.I need to train, ”he said.

7:16 with the PSG channel

One more stop on Messi's tour of the Princes Park.A brief interview with the official PSG channel: “It is crazy everything that is being lived in the city.At the airport, in the streets, at the hotel.See so many people....They are everywhere.I'm very happy.I think the club grew a lot in recent years.Try to have the best in the world and get it.He is always fighting for the Champions and is a powerful team.I have many friends in the team.It is important for me to know that they are for adaptation.It was easier to decide.I hope we can live unforgettable things together ”.

7:03 facing fans

At the entrance door to the stadium, a special platform was armed so that Messi can go out to greet the people.Flares, psg flags and a crowd to cheer it out.Awesome reception to the Argentine footballer in Paris.

7:01 Toured by the Club

After the press conference, Messi travels the facilities with the club president.The protocol photos follow in the Princes Park and return to the court for more photos.

6:41 Neymar and Verratti

“Neymar showed that he is a great player.Of the best in the world in their position.In Barcelona he loved it a lot for many years when he came.Today touches us backwards.I come here to play with him.It is a phenomenon.Like Marco (Verratti), I could meet him and he is a spectacular boy.All the costumes.We have the best in the world in each position.I hope you can contribute my thing to achieve the objectives ".

6:40 The adaptation

“When I talked to Leonardo I told him that I expected my family to be fine.We are in a spectacular city and we will also enjoy it.We are calm and happy.Then football is the same everywhere.I have colleagues and friends in the costumes that will facilitate the adaptation.I am really hopeful".

6:35 The importance of Pochettino

“When the conversations began and we saw that it was possible, the first thing I did was talk to him, because we are Argentines, there is a closeness.Everything was very good from the beginning.Coaching staff and the squad that Paris has a lot for me to here ”.

6:32 The origins and the same desire

Asked for how much the child who left Rosario, Messi replied: “Many things happened.I don't know if I imagine what was going to happen.But I have the same illusion and the same desire as when I was a baby.I will leave everything to achieve the objectives pursued by the club ".

6:32 "A competitive league"

“I follow PSG's games for my friends, I see the French league.Grew a lot in recent years and that helped PSG with signings.I think it is a competitive league and the other teams also reinforce to beat Paris.It will be a new experience for me, after so much time in another competition, but I am happy to be able to do it ”.

6:28 "I am in the ideal place to win the Champions"

“I arrive at a team that is made, which is armed, beyond the signings that were made.I come to help.I will give the maximum, with a lot of enthusiasm and with more desire than ever.I want to lift another Champions and I am in the ideal place to have more chances of getting it.PSG and I looked for the same objectives when we were separated.Now I hope we can achieve it together.Ney is important for this place to have chosen ".

6:24 "You can have the best team in the world and not win"

The first question about the Champions League for Messi.Your answer: "It's not easy.You can have the best team in the world and not win.This is football and sometimes small details can leave you outside.The PSG knows.It was very close these last two years, with a team, but could not get it.It is a competition where the best are and it is difficult to win it.It is necessary to have a united group, a strong group.From what is seen outside, this is a good costume.Then a little luck is needed.It doesn't always win the best, because it is a special competition.That is what makes it so pretty.That's why everyone loves her.My dream is to win another Champions ".

6:22 The president says that Mbappé does not leave

Given the rumors of a possible transfer, the president of PSG Nasser Al Khelaifi says that Kylian Mbappé will not go: "It is Parisian, it is here and will continue here".

6:19 Your debut, still without defining

The first game: “I don't know when it will be.I come on vacation, more than a month stopped.Yesterday I saw the coach.I will surely have to make a preseason only.And when prepared to start playing.I hope it is as soon as possible.I can't say a date.I have to start and when the coaching staff considers it, I will play ".

6:16 "My goal is to continue winning titles"

Messi and his sports goals: “I came here because I have the goal of continuing to win titles.I want to thank the people of Paris for yesterday's reception.We are going to fight together for the objectives we have.I already want everything to start ".

6:14 "Barcelona's departure was very hard"

“My departure from Barcelona was very hard, because I spent a lot of time.But the happiness of coming here is huge.I already want to start training.I can't take any desire to meet my classmates and my coaching staff to start this new stage.I want to thank the president, Leonardo (PSG manager), for how they were made available.We fix everything very fast and in a very short time ".Lionel Messi's first words on PSG.

6:10 The presentation

Nasser Al Khelaifi, in a long speech, presents Lionel Messi: “We have the best player in the world, we are very proud and it is very important for our club.I hope Paris becomes your favorite city for you and your family ”.

6:06 Messi arrives for the press conference

The Argentine, accompanied by his wife Antonella Roccuzzo, is already in the club and prepares for the presentation press conference.Thiago, Mateo and Ciro, their children, dressed in the PSG number 30 shirt.

5:55 long lines to buy the shirt in the club store

While the player's press conference is awaited in Park of the Princes, the fans make long lines to buy the new Messi shirt, with the number 30, in the official store of the club.

Wednesday eleven/8.5:32 Waiting in Parc des princes

Lionel Messi en PSG: el paso a paso de sus primeras horas en París

After his first night in Paris, Lionel Messi will have another day moved.Presentation, press conference and the first practice with your PSG classmates.Will you debut on Saturday?It seems risky after a month without football activity, but anxiety is great and it is not ruled out that he plays at least a few minutes in the match against Racing de Strasbourg, for the second date of Ligue 1, which will be played on Saturday at 16(Argentine time), in the Princes Park and with 49.700 spectators.

23: 59 The summary of a agitated first day

After a day of high activity and exhibition, Lionel Messi already spends his first night in Paris.The PSG uploaded to its social networks a video in which it shows all the intimacy of what was experienced by the Rosario star on its arrival on French soil and its first hours as a player of Paris Saint Germain.The next step will be the press conference that will give this Tuesday, from eleven (6 in Argentina).

twenty.38 PSG's mistake in a Messi fact

Just as Lionel Messi was immediately removed from the list of the Barcelona squad and gigantographs in the stadium, he was immediately included in the payroll of the players of Paris Saint-Germain on the Internet site of the Club of the Club of the Club.But with a mistake: as a date of birth it appears on June 23, 1987, one day before which corresponds.Leo turns years on June 24;The world crack that meets 23 is a Frenchman, Zinédine Zidane.The mistake remembers one who committed Denver Nuggets by mentioning Facundo Campazzo as "Francisco Campazzo", at the end of last year.

19.57.The Rosario-Paris loop

Paris Saint-Germain account in Spanish publishes an image composition that makes a bridge between Lionel Messi's childhood as a Newell's player in Rosario and this PSG star's actuality, with the monument to the flag and the Eiffel tower as symbols as symbolsof each stage.

19.twenty.The first hug with Pochettino as his DT

Lionel Messi's videos made by PSG covers their first contacts with team supporters, their transfers through the streets of Luz City and the initial greetings with President Nasser Al-Khelaifi, sports director Leonardo and the technical director,Mauricio Pochettino.With his new coach he shares origins: Argentina and Newell’s Old Boys.

18.43.The medical review, in images

Lionel Messi exceeded the exhaustive physical exams in the American Hospital of Paris, located in a northwestern suburb of the French capital.PSG shows it in another video.

18.32.The agitated day video

Lionel Messi's intense Tuesday from Barcelona to Paris is summarized in a one-minute video that disseminates Paris Saint-Germain: between the departure of his home from Castelldefels and the signing of the contract on the French night, the itinerary that the Argentine made withAntonela Roccuzzo and their children included arrival, medical review, greetings to fans, family installation at the hotel and video presentation at the stadium.

17.36.Two years of contract, with option to a third party

At the end of an intense day, Messi finally signs his contract with Paris Saint-Germain: two years with one possible extension for another.The club announces it on Twitter with the motto “Leo twenty23 ″ and its president, Nasser al-Khelaifi, is publicly pleased to receive the Rosarino:“ I am delighted that Lionel Messi has decided to join Paris Saint-Germain and we are proud to giveWelcome to him and his family to Paris.He has not hidden his desire to continue competing at the highest level and winning trophies, and naturally that is our ambition as a club, ”says the Qatarí.

16.58.Now, it's very official

Paris Saint-Germain spreads the expected advertisement video: Lionel Messi, in a suit, poses with shirt 30 in the Park of the Princes.In other images, less produced, played with a ball, completely dressed as a PSG footballer.

fifteen.37.The Messi, on the balcony

Last hours of an unforgettable day for the Messi family, which started in Barcelona and ends in Paris.In the middle they traveled on a private flight, arrived in the French capital and Leo fulfilled the steps prior to the signing of his contract with PSG, which will be formalized on Wednesday at the Park of the Princes stadium.Already installed at the hotel, they will have dinner there and spend the night, ready to live the official presentation of the new football player of Paris Saint-Germain.At 34, Messi starts a new stage in his extraordinary professional career

fifteen.25.Messi's arrival at the hotel in Paris, in photos

fifteen.01.The Messi, at the hotel

The new PSG footballer quickly left the stadium, where there were overflow risks for the presence of the public, and went to the hotel where he will live with his family in his early days.There they will be installed to live the vigil of an even more mobilizing day: this Wednesday it will be officially presented at the stadium, at6 in the morning (Argentine time).

14.fifty.Messi is already in the Princes Park

The Argentine star entered the Parisian stadium, in which he will play the next two seasons.It was expected by a tide of cell phones and cameras eager to get a snapshot of the moment.He arrived at the Sports Coliseum after the medical review was carried out.Tomorrow, Official Presentation and Press Conference.In addition, the Argentine shirt will be available at the official club store in Champs Elyseés, the traditional French capital avenue.

13.30 The Argentine flag, between Neymar and Mbappé

Another PSG video on social networks to prepare the land for the presentation of Lionel Messi.This time, and in the middle of the uncertainty that surrounds the shirt number that will wear the flea (it is estimated that it will be 30), the club published a fragment in which Neymar (10) and Mbappé t -shirts are seen (7) In the costumes of the Princes Park.In the middle, an Argentine flag.

12.45 six gold balls and the new PSG video

The Parisian club continues to make noise on social networks.To clarify the wait for the presentation of Lionel Messi as a star reinforcement published a second allegorical video.The six golden balls won by the flea are seen with the background Eiffel tower.

12.25 The luxurious Parisian hotel where the Messi will live

While Lionel Messi meets all the protocol steps to sign their link with PSG, his wife and children begin to settle at the Royal Monceur hotel, which will be his home during the first weeks in Paris.A few steps from Champs Elyseés, it is one of the most exclusive and sophisticated accommodations of the French capital.

eleven.40 PSG summons a press conference for tomorrow

It will be at eleven in the morning of Paris (6 of Argentina) and can be seen through the official channel of the French club.Lionel Messi will give his first words as a player of the French team.

eleven.05 Messi's greeting to fans

Minutes after landing at Bourget airport, Lionel Messi greeted the fans who were waiting for him at the air station."Here is Paris," says the shirt that wears.He will sign his contract for two years with the option of a third party, the medical review will be made and then he would be presented.

10.47 The first PSG announcement

A 13 -second video that refers to an Argentine footballer (a mate and the albiceleste flag appears) is the first official PSG announcement about the arrival of Lionel Messi.It carries the title "Mercato Update" ("Market update") and was already seen by more than fifteen0 thousand people in the Spanish profile of the Parisian club.

10.45 Messi is already in Paris

The Argentine has just landed at the Paris airport, where a multitude of PSG fans hopes to greet him.The Argentine is expected to carry out the medical review this afternoon and firm his contract.Tomorrow would be the official presentation.

09.01 A new adventure, the message of Antonela

Antonela Roccuzzo, wife of Lionel Messi, uploaded a story to Instagram from the plane before taking off to Paris."Towards a new adventure.Together the 5 ″, he wrote.

The player

08.twenty Messi ya viaja rumbo a París

The player, acompañado por su esposa, Antonela, y sus tres hijos, ya se encuentra en el aeropuerto de El Prat, de Barcleona, para partir viajar a París para firmar su contrato con PSG.

08.14 Jorge Messi confirms that the contract will be signed on Tuesday

Jorge Messi, Lionel's father, arrived at the Barcelona airport..And in dialogue with María Garrido, journalist of the sixth, confirms that the contract with PSG will be signed on Tuesday.The presentation will be made tomorrow.The possible scenario for the great launch would be the Eiffel Tower.

07.10 In France they already confirm the pass

The main media, including the AFP agency and the newspapers Parisien and L’Equipe give the arrival of Lionel Messi to PSG.They even detail that the Rosario crack will arrive in Paris this afternoon to carry out the medical review and sign its contract.

06.30 The mystery of Messi number

According to versions, Neymar would have already offered him T -shirt number 10 of the PSG.However, those same sources assure that Messi would have gently rejected his friend's kindness.His idea would be to reuse a dorsal to which he has a lot of love and generates nostalgia: the 30.That was the number that looked in the dorsal of his first Barcelona shirt, when he debuted in twenty06.Then, the Blaugrana team 10 was also in the hands of a Brazilian: Ronaldinho.Who coincidentally in his professional career also defended the colors of the PSG.

05.10 Paris, getting closer

In the early hours of Tuesday it was learned that Messi's representatives are negotiating a contract with PSG for the next two seasons.While there is an agreement at several points, there are still several clauses and details to talk even before proceeding to signing the agreement, including the exploitation of the player's image rights, as well as the salary and other objectives.

On the PSG side the anxiety to announce its arrival and present it as soon as it can in the French capital grows.Messi still remains at his home in Casteldefels and has just planned to travel to Paris once he is certain that a total agreement with the Parisian club was reached.Messi, after the strong impact that meant the refusal to its continuity in Barcelona, does not want to rush into the decision to choose the club in which your career will continue.

Tuesday 10/8.05.00 Distress the last attempt in Barcelona

In the early hours in Europe, Fuentes de Barcelona completely ruled out the version released hours earlier by the La Portero TV program on an alleged contract for the Catalan Club to stay in the Catalan Club.

Khalifah Bin Hamad Al Thani, brother of the owner of Paris Saint-Germain, also explained that the versions were false and did so with a message on Twitter he wrote in Spanish, so that nobody is doubted.There he addressed journalists looking for "false emotions".And he stressed: “Things are 100% arranged.Messi al Paris Saint-Germain ".

22.25 A last minute attempt in Barcelona?

After midnight in Europe, the TV goal ensures that the departure of Lionel Messi of Catalonia is not closed.At the last minute, Barcelona made a new proposal to the Argentine, with Ferrán Reverter, CEO of the club, as an interlocutor, since President Laporta is on vacation in Ibiza.Apparently, the Blaugrana club tries a last minute effort, while the Rosario analyzes the offer that Paris Saint Germain made, and whose negotiations are taken by his lawyers and his father Jorge.

From Paris, sources from the Qatari leadership say that this news is not real and maintain optimism about the prompt arrival of Messi to Paris.At the moment, the player continues at his home in Castelldefels.

Far from hurrying in the move, Messi evaluates the various edges of a complex contract, in which there are several elements to take into account, including the possible assignment of their image rights, as well as the costs of your file and the forms ofpay.It is worth remembering that Messi, beyond what happened in the last hours, is a free agent since last June 30, when his contract with Barcelona ended.

17.45 Messi's trip takes

According to sources close to PSG, Messi would not travel on Tuesday to Paris but on Wednesday, once they are completely defined the terms of the contract that would link it to the French capital club, and will carry out its moving just by signing its incorporation.Olo will move to Paris when everything is finished!The presentation planned for Tuesday is postponed.PSG maintains optimism, but you must still solve details with the player's representatives.

17.30 Donnarumma, delighted to play with Messi

The Italian goalkeeper Gianluigi Donnarumma, recently arriving at Paris Saint Germain, said in statements to Sky Sport: “Messi is the best footballer in the world.It will be exciting and an honor to play with him if he signs with PSG ".

fifteen.23 Impact on networks

Lionel Messi generated the first revolution for Paris Saint Germain, which since last Friday multiplied his followers in different social networks at an unprecedented pace.One of the manifestations of the digital phenomenon occurred on Instagram, where the French institution went from adding 24.000 new daily subscribers, on average from January 1 to August 4, at 91.600 that are recorded every day since Friday when the rumor of the arrival of "La Flega" to Paris began to circulate with greater force.

14.55 "Messi will not be able to walk quietly through the streets of Paris"

Omar da Fonseca, former Argentine player who wore the PSG shirt, was happy with the concrete possibility that Messi becomes directed by Pochettino: “Messi will not be able to walk quietly through the streets of Paris.Here a revolution is being lived, people are happy and very excited, there is a lot of illusion in the team that could build Pochettino, ”he told TyC Sports from the French capital.

12.35 images of Messi at home in Barcelona

While in France they expect their arrival, Lionel Messi is still at his home in Barcelona, according to the images reproduced by RMC."While it was announced that Messi would fly to Paris today, the Argentine is obviously still at home," Radio Monte-Carlo wrote on his social networks.

The account added: “While hundreds of fans are waiting for him in Le Bourget or in Parc des princes, Messi is...At home, in underwear, next to your pool ".

eleven.00 Thiago Messi's reaction against Barcelona fans

In front of Lionel Messi's house, in Casteldefels, a fan of Barcelona said they were going to laugh at the Argentine and the son of the Rosario, Thiago, he did not remain silent: "And I'm going to laugh at your father.".

10.30 Luis Suarez arrived at Messi's house

From ESPN they report that the house of Casteldefels that Messi has in Barcelona arrived the Uruguayan Luis Suárez.They expect in Paris that the Argentine flight is at twenty, time of France (at fifteen in Argentina).

9.30 From Spain they say that this Monday will not take Messi's trip to Paris

While everyone assures that the negotiations between Messi and PSG are advanced, that the French club fans are already at the stadium waiting for their arrival, in the Spanish environment, they published that the Argentine would not be thinking of traveling to Paris today.They explain that the operation could be closed in the next few hours, although the Rosario landing is not expected to be this Monday.

9.fifteen En Inglaterra aseguran que Manchester United quiere frenar el pase de Messi a PSG

From England they say that Manchester United would be interested in hiring Lionel Messi.According to the English media "The Sun", they already communicated with the Argentine to bring him an offer: 2 seasons and 570.000 pounds a week.

8.55 fans are still in the Park of the Princes, but Messi did not yet leave Barcelona

PSG fans multiply in the Princes Park and also at the Le Bourget airport to try to see Messi.However, from Spain, at the TV beach bar, they say that the Argentine still did not leave his home and wait for his hiring to travel to Paris.

8.twenty Refuerzan la seguridad para el desembarco del rosarino

Before the imminent landing of Lionel Messi to the Princes Park, security measures at the Le Bourget airport intensified to receive the Argentine star.

7.41 The media and fans already begin to arrive at the Princes Park

From Media Parisien they report that everything is ready to receive Messi in the Princes Park.Fans are distributed between the airport and many approached the Eiffel Tower.The media expect expecto for the landing of the Argentine.

7.22 remove the Messi posters of the Camp Nou

Nobody wants to waste time at Camp Nou.Although it is incredible, at the Barcelona stadium they work to withdraw the entire signage in which the figure of Lionel Messi appears.

7.10 Piqué's look on Messi's exit

Gerard Piqué, one of Barcelona's referents and Lionel Messi's partner for many years, referred to the absence of how they should be adapted to the departure of the Argentine: “It is clear that at the level of talent and magic we will not be the same..When you leave the best player in history you have to be realistic and you know that you are going a very important part especially in the offensive, which generated many goals and many assists ”.

6.30 two years and an optional third

While the arrival of Messi to Paris is expected for this morning, local media report that the Argentine already has agreed for two years, with an optional third party.Would charge 40 million euros per season.They also advance that the presentation will be tomorrow, in the Eiffel Tower, as happened with the Brazilian Neymar in twenty17.

Monday 9/8.6.05 The covers of the world, with Messi

The main newspapers in the world gave Lionel Messi a space space.The image of his crying when saying goodbye to Barcelona was shocking enough to cross borders.Even the British newspaper Financial Times led the Argentine to its cover.

L’Equipe chose to mix the possible arrival of Messi to PSG with the official launch of the Paris twenty24 Olympic Games."Paris is worth a Messi," titled one of the most important sports newspapers in the world.

"All the culés we cried with you, Leo," said the Catalan Sport, while Mundo Deportivo summarized him with two words from Messi: "I wanted to stay".

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