New Year Rituals that are carried out in RD

New Year Rituals that are carried out in RD

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The New Diario, Santo Domingo.- At the end of a year and give formal start to a new one, some Dominicans realize a series of traditions and cabins trusting that this will help them to have a year old from the bad.

Some of the most common traditions on New Year's Eve are: sweeping the home from the back forward, doing a deep cleaning to the house and painting it, writing requests on a sheet and burning them and putting a yellow underwear for the goodGood luck or red for love.

Also, light incense to attract good luck, throw all old belongings so that between the new, eat 12 grapes that each represent one month of the years, travel the block with a suitcase in the New Year so that this allows them to travel during theincoming year and getting hand or feet with the first rain of the year so that this brings blessings to your life, are other of the common traditions.

Rituales de Año Nuevo que se realizan en RD

On the other hand, the evangelicals, expect the new year within the Church celebrating God and praying for the requests they want for the next year.



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