New Year traditions adapt to the Guayanese pocket

New Year traditions adapt to the Guayanese pocket

Cambiar uvas por mandarinas o simplemente dejar de lado esa parte de las tradiciones de Año Nuevo, es lo que desde hace más de seis años hacen familias en Guayana.

Guayana city.Since 2016, Fiorella López adapted part of her family's new year traditions in Valencia.He does not remember the last time he bought grapes to ask for the 12 wishes with each bell in the first minute of January 1.

«I remember that my family bought mandarin because it is cheaper, now that's what I do.With the lentils he took.Now it will have to be Chinese beans because that is what the food bags that give us bring, ”says López while laughing at how surreal his adaptations looks like.

Un kilo de uvas en Guayana city cuesta en promedio de 10 a 12 dólares según el local.The kilo of tangerines, on the other hand, ranges from $ 1.5 to 1.5.The lentils are priced at 3 dollars per kilo.

In other homes, the traditions that remain at the end of the year are those that do not require any expense.One of them is to go out with a suitcase around the house, so that in the new year there are trips.

Tradiciones de Año Nuevo se adaptan al bolsillo de los guayaneses

However, he acknowledges that they do it more for fun in sharing with the family.

«My wife and my daughters put the yellow underwear, say to call luck and money, or the red for love.They also put a ticket on a shoe or the support.I tell you to wear dollar bills (laugh).Before they got under the table because as they would find boyfriend.I think he no longer does it because they are married (laughs), ”said Sosa part of the New Year traditions in his family.


According to a check -chronicle in several stores, a simple Christmas dinner for four for four people ranges from $ 24 to 48, without dessert.Include bed sweet or black cake, more cream punch, grapes or tangerines and lentils, raise the budget up to $ 95.

The ham bread on average costs $ 10, the hawks of 1.5 to 2.5 dollars, the individual ration of chicken or chicken salad between 2 and 3 dollars, and the ration of Pernil at 3.5 and 4.5 Dollars.

There are restaurants that sell the Christmas dish at $ 6.In other stores it costs up to $ 14 with its ration as dulce de bed.This dessert is priced at $ 3.The black cake of approximately one kilo varies between 10 and 16 dollars.The cream punch bottle also has a price of $ 10.

Los estrenos de año nuevo

For those who follow the tradition of getting yellow underwear, they vary from 4 to 6 dollars.

«The truth is that I have reserved the yellow panties just to put it on the 31 by tradition.I have not bought or clothing premieres for a long time, ”said Yaimara Castro.

En diferentes tiendas en Guayana city, las blusas de damas oscilan entre 12 y 22 dólares.Jeans, woman and men, between $ 15 to 30.Women's footwear goes from $ 15 to 50, and men's up to $ 60.Flanlas from $ 10 and shirts from $ 20.


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