SOURCING Journal: 22 topics for 2022 in the fashion sector

SOURCING Journal: 22 topics for 2022 in the fashion sector

Angela Velasquez apunta en Sourcing Journal 22 temas para 2022 (o mini-tendencias) que serán importantes durante el añoSourcing Journal: 22 temas para 2022 en el sector de la moda Sourcing Journal: 22 temas para 2022 en el sector de la moda

26.01.2022.- British journalist Angela Velasquez has pointed at Rivet 22 themes for 2022- we will not dare to call them trends- which will be present throughout 20 by 2022.Lyst has projected his experience in 2021 to also give trends for 2022.

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Lyst celebra el año nuevo con sus predicciones de tendencias para 2022

Predict the issues that will influence fashion at a time still dominated by the pandemic and the consequent security protocols- the author says- seems almost impossible task.But there are always issues, accents, concerns that float in the environment, which affect creators, manufacturers and consumers.I aim here 22 trends that will make the year 2022 exciting for all of us.

Many of those 22 issues for 2022 have a lot to do with celebrities, entertainment and social networks, which continue to inspire an important part of the market.Details players, for example, are willing to try almost anything to revive their businesses.

1 Fashion & pop culture (Moda y cultura pop), el primero de los 22 temas para 2022

Pop culture is absolutely present in current fashion, in part thanks to the tastes of generation Z and the validity of celebrities.It is the first of the 22 themes for 2022.In the year that its influence begins now it will be even greater on mainstream fashion.Therefore, in the shops in the sector we will see more psychedelic prints, shoes with important platforms and stones everywhere.

2 aesthetic (aesthetics)

Consumers of the Z generation Tik Tok fans use looks and styles that transmit a convincingly winning force.The fashion storytelling no longer refers to concrete articles but to a total essence or aesthetics, which can be expressed visually on social networks and that even reaches metoverso.

3 Carrie and Emily Effect (Effects of series)

The confinements lived since the spring of 2020 have increased the influence of the musical and entertainment programs of the TV in the fashion we dress.This year this will happen mainly with the Emily in Paris, Sex and The City and Just Like That series.His eclectic style and his designs will be lived at all levels of society, regardless of the plots they serve.

4 mono-fiber jeans (monofiber jeans)

In recent years, jeans use cellulosic, regenerated and synthetic fibers instead of traditional cotton.Their ingredients manage to give them elasticity, recovery, durability, etc..As consumers, in addition, are increasing.

5 Collaborations (collaborations)

Since the beginning of this 21st century, collaborations between brands have been multiplied, enabled by the practical disappearance of borders between product categories.In 2021, the Fendace Operation (a collaboration between Fendi and Versace) called the attention).In 2022 we will undoubtedly see more examples of this trend.

6 Lower Rises (Low waist)

The waist height of the jeans has been going down and will continue to do so in 2022.But, at the same time, there are brands that boast otherwise.In any case, in this marble of trends, brands and consumers will have to think well what they do.Consumers, meanwhile, will have to understand well what they buy so as not to call themselves to deceive.

7 Hobby Hype (Importance of hobbies)

Sourcing Journal: 22 temas para 2022 en el sector de la moda

The enclosures forced by the pandemic have encouraged us to dedicate ourselves to sometimes forgotten hobbies (gardening, point, etc..).Also, to review books, movies and television series of our youth.In 2022 fashion will continue to channel those interests through licenses and accessories probably.

8 hipster 2.0 (hipster 2.0)

Now that the 2000 effect is a full -fledged marketing trend again, it is time to reexamine what came after that dazzling fashion and inspired fashion at celebrities to understand where our sector could go in 2022.Basically, fashion rebirth focuses on provocative indieness, blurred makeup and party atmosphere.

9outdoor/Indoor retail (retail for home and outdoor)

Outdoor activities, such as gardening and hiking, provided a necessary respite for 2020.In 2021, the exterior became the safest stage to meet with friends and family.Now, consumers are not in a hurry to give up outdoors.Detailsers are likely to incorporate more trees, natural elements and exterior spaces in the design of their stores.

10 Old-Meets-New Merchandising (second-hand merchandising)

According to a recent McKinsey report, the luxury products resale market will record an annual growth rate of 10 to 15% during the next decade.Vaquera clothing retailers are at the head of this new sales modality.Madewell Forever, Levi’s and Diesel already have second -hand programs.In 2022 more brands and retailers will probably enter that market.

11 Humanwear (human garments, without gender)

Thom Browne's male skirt was one of the garments that most caught attention in 2021.The attitude towards genres continues to evolve.Even its definition is increasingly inaccurate.Fashion Snoops already talks about humanwear instead of meswear or womenswear.More and more brands abound that offer collections that do not respond to the needs of a specific genre.

12 Ocean Life (life in the ocean)

The calm and relaxing blue and aquatic motifs fit perfectly with the denim.The premiere of the new Disney movie - the Little Mermaid - will inspire consumers to channel their interior siren.You can find cowboy garments with waves and laser undulations, as well as bright ornaments and coatings.The history of marine inspiration is completed with the replacement of the virgin polyester with recycled oceanic plastic and with new dyeing and finishing techniques with little water.

13 Góth (Gothic)

Gothic fashion is reborn.Latex, leather, skewers and skulls can be a good contrast to cozy and conservative trends of cottagecore and cabinore that have illustrated fashion lately.Jeans brands will also enter this game with leather applications, subversive patches and aggressive metallic hardware.

14 HEMP (hemp)

Hemp, rapid growth fiber that absorbs carbon, is becoming a usual ingredient in the capsule collections of jeans.Last year, companies such as Kantoor Brands and Agi Denim signed agreements with Panda Biotech, industrial hemp supplier.Brands such as Ganni, Levi’s, UNSPUN and Madewell expanded their use of that fiber wrapped in cotton.If the increase in the cost of that fiber is added to this, 2022 may be the year in which hemp between definitively in the denim sector.

15 Embroidery (embroidery)

The embroidery had a rise in 2010 when it served to decorate everything.This trend disappeared when- with the pandemic- the empire of basic streetwear grew.In 2022, to the extent that patchwork, crochet and arrangements become high quality symbols, fashion brands will resort to handmade techniques such as embroidery to beautify their jeans.

16 Durability (durability)

The weight of the Fast Fashion decreases as millennials and generation Z realize their harmful impact on the environment.It is expected that in 2022 brands transmit more forceful messages about the durability of their jeans.For the same reason, the information on the weights and compositions of the fabrics will highlight and the presence of functional details in the work garments, such as reinforced kneelets, will increase.

17 Statement tops (tops with style)

Before the pandemic, the dresses were the most important article within women's fashion.Now, as there are more and more consumers attending meetings, parties and lunches in real life, tops will acquire a more theatrical and festive touch, with meshes, pursed, sequins, feathers, etc..The denim will be ideal to help soften and balance these pieces so striking.

18 Metaverse (metaverso)

As the life of consumers develops more and more on the network, fashion companies have the opportunity to grow with virtual fashion and garments for Avatars and Gaming.With this, they can connect with the young population leading digitalization.

19 Custom jeans (custom jeans)

The customization of the jeans reaches not only the male marks but to the female and those aimed at the younger and ecological population.Calky jeans are increasingly accessible and more fashion.

20 Supply Chain Issues (Problems in the supply chain)

Although the problems of the supply chain have always existed, now they seem to have achieved greater importance.In fact, they have become the scapegoat of almost all market problems and, of course, the detailed trade.In 2022 we will hardly escape them.

21 Rewards Program (Rewards programs)

Between traditional trade, online and second -hand, consumers have a lot to choose from when making their next purchase.Consequently, rewards and loyalty programs have become fundamental tools for sale.Its own content is evolving.Crypto-Recompensses, according to WGSN, are having a bridge between traditional systems and the flouring cryptocurrency market.

22 mini-me fashion, the last of the 22 themes for 2022

The children's fashion of design reached its peak in the 2010 decade thanks to the celebrities that appeared with their children dressed with mini-me looks of brands such as Burberry, Marc Jacobs and Stella McCartney.It is the last of the 22 themes for 2022.More and more brands offer that alternative to dress the little ones, and even the pets.Diesel, Fendi, Versace and Moncler already have dog clothing lines.

+ Info: https: // www.Lyst.com/es-es/and https: // sourcingjournal.com/

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