Stephen Colbert convinces Henry Cavill to add the Red underpants to the Superman suit

Stephen Colbert convinces Henry Cavill to add the Red underpants to the Superman suit

Henry Cavill is one of the most admired actors of these times, because it is not only his appearance that attracts the public, but his talent and pleasant personality, characteristics that have led the actor to where he is currently.He is known worldwide for playing Superman in various tapes of the extended DC universe, in addition, he also stood out for giving life to Geralt de Rivia in the popular Netflix series, The Witcher - 67%.Definitely, Henry is in the list of actors that nobody hates and we hope you still have a lot of success in all your projects.

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Recently, in The Late Show program with Stephen Colbert, Cavill and Colbert they had a conversation about Superman's suit in the movies.The famous presenter asked Henry how he felt that his suit did not have that red underpant that is so characteristic of the character in past decades and comics of course.Colbert said it as follows:

Stephen Colbert convence a Henry Cavill de agregar los calzoncillos rojos al traje de Superman

Henry found the question funny and proceeded to say that he likes his suit, but that if they ever call him again to play the steel man, he would be more than willing to try to include this distinctive part of the hero to the suit.The interview continued relaxed and full of jokes by both celebrities regarding what was mentioned above.About the red underwear, Cavill added:

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Cavill is not happy with the idea of not interpreting Superman again and defends the thought that there is still material to tell about this character.Recently, he spoke with Thr about the fact that he is only waiting for a call from Warner Bros.To put the meshes again.But so far, there has been nothing to inform.The actor commented on the following:

The Superman Henry Cavill is undoubted.We saw it in action for the first time in the man of steel - 55%, then in Batman vs Superman: the origin of justice - 27%, Justice League - 41%and the Justice League of Zack Snyder - 82%, this being his last interpretation of the superhero for the moment.

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