The mistakes when wearing underwear that ruin your health (and what you should wear)

The mistakes when wearing underwear that ruin your health (and what you should wear)
Boxers or Briefs?
Boxers, briefs or commando, what is the type of underwear that really protects you and which damages your health?

By Paloma GonzálezUnderwear Mistakes That Ruin Your Health (and What You Should Wear) Underwear Mistakes That Ruin Your Health (and What You Should Wear)

At some point in human evolution, it occurred to someone that we should wear underwear under normal clothes, not just because it is more hygienic, but because it prevents the skin from coming into contact with unpleasant things (dirt, bacteria, etc…) and it is an extra protection to avoid all kinds of painful problems (or exposing too much of yourself by not being careful).

As with almost everything in the world, underwear started out big, uncomfortable, and hot, and gradually evolved into what we have today, ranging from boxers to tiny speedos that not many men dare to wear (and that's a good thing).

Underwear is simple, you put your legs in it, adjust it in the right area and you're done, right? Well no, it's not just about putting on any piece of cloth available, you have to pay attention to the cut, the fit and the material, otherwise you can end up with irritation, injuries and even unpleasant infections that are not going to do much for you. your sex life (or for your daily comfort).

Wearing tight pants is uncomfortable, but it really doesn't compare to all the bad things that can happen when you wear the wrong underwear. Unfortunately, many men simply choose their briefs or boxers by color, failing to understand the importance of the correct fit and fabric, which not only has to do with comfort, but with your overall health.

What are the mistakes when wearing underwear that most damage your health (and endanger the most sensitive part of your body)?

Raspy fabric

Underwear Mistakes That Ruin your health (and what you should wear)

Scratchy fabric will not only make you uncomfortable, it will have you scratching sensitive areas in public (which can go terribly wrong) and can lead to irritation, contact dermatitis and allergic reactions. Materials like polyester and artificial silk are among the most problematic for most people.

The wrong fabric will also not breathe well, which will trap sweat and cause itchiness and irritation.

Underwear too tight

Wearing boxers or briefs that are too tight traps moisture and sweat, which can not only itch, but can give you a fungal infection that can spread throughout the area covered by the garment, leaving red marks and rash.

Underwear that is too tight can also affect your sperm count.

Do not use neutral soap

The soap you use to wash your underwear can also cause irritation and allergies, so you should use a neutral, fragrance-free and hypoallergenic soap, making sure there are no traces before reusing the clothes.

Wrong fit

The wrong fit can cause underwear to end up in places you don't want, cause chafing, irritation and even a testicular torsion problem that can be very painful. This problem happens mainly in teenagers, but also in adult men and you can avoid it with the correct testicular support, aka well-fitting underwear.

You don't wear the right clothes to exercise

Not wearing the right underwear to exercise can cause sweat to build up, chafing and discomfort when performing certain exercises. You want to make sure that you wear cotton clothes that are breathable and feel comfortable when training.

What is the best underwear for men's health?

Choose between boxers, briefs or commando, it really depends on what you like the most, but there are some points that you should keep in mind .

Better to choose something a little looser, like boxer briefs, which are a little tighter than traditional boxers and therefore prevent wrinkles from forming in your clothing throughout the day.

Should you sleep in underwear?

According to experts, the best way to sleep is to go commando, this because underwear can trap moisture, increase the temperature of the area and cause irritation . But, if you are not comfortable sleeping so freely, then you should choose a loose cut and lightweight material. He considers that sleeping naked is better for health, and sex.

What material should you wear?

Nylon helps wick moisture away from your body, spandex blends help keep your underwear in place, and cotton is a natural material and breathable that is more comfortable, so any of these is a good option. What you should avoid at all costs are synthetic and plastic materials.

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