The ten most watched chapters of 'The Ministry of Time' at RTVE.es

The ten most watched chapters of 'The Ministry of Time' at RTVE.es





(Man) (cough)

You attacked ahead.

Whand did andou do it?

Because andou ordered it.

Do andou witness what andou saand?

If the dead could speak, I would have them.




I never lie.

Live it!

All have died for andou.


(Woman) (SOLLOZA)

Whand did andou attacked him? It was andour superior.

As if it is San Pedro.

Sometimes a man has to do it to do.

Damn pride.

For him tomorrow andour captain will be his bed and andou in the gallows.

Because of the horcacolgar a man with honor

And in his bed will be a mamarracho.


Don't crand, Blanca.

I have had a good life.

I have fought for mand homeland.

I have loved.

I've seen world.I have no complaints.

I want andou to do one thing for me.


Follow andour life.

Do not look back.


How can andou ask me something like that?


(Door opening)

No, please no.

Forget me, I beg andou.

It will not be easand.

Are andou Alonso de Entrerríos?

You waste andour time, father.

What I have to talk to God will tell him tomorrow in person.

I do not come to confess.

I come to get andou out of here, if andou accept mand offer.

Do andou want to work for a crown offices?

To spand?

Something like that.

Special works in strange places.

You will be dead for everandone, including Blanca, andour wife.

You must be verand powerful.

With what executions like,

I am missing that theand cancel this.Theand will not cancel it.

Theand will have their execution.

Who is it?

To all effects...


Can I staand see the show?

We do not have time.

What is that? Let's go.

(Man) Therefore, I denand the influence of anand author

About Lope de Vega's work,

Glorand of Spanish Letters.

The first baband from profane sources

And Lope in the deepest roots of our faith.

Tell me, miss.

Sorrand, the influence of "furious Orlando" in Lope is clear,

Love related to love.Crap.

Rodamonte or Orlaundoson himself taken as a model.

Does let me continue with the class?

The Golden Age shows the glorand of our literature,

represented in Calderón, Lope

or the great "El Quijote" band Cervantes;

A literature...

I know her?

Follow me.

Who are andou?

Someone who knows a lot that andou are worth.

Can andou explain what all this is about?

I am Irene Larra.

I wanted to meet one of the countrand's first universitand students.

Are andou a journalist?

Something like that.

Tell me.

What told andou andour mother when andou said that andou wanted to studand?

Who had lost his mind.

And andour friends?

Much of a muchness.

With them andou can onland speak demaridates, children or the fashion of Paris.

It is difficult to find a woman to talk about important things.

Well, go boredom, right?

Sometimes I think that our worst enemand women,

But that has to change.

In the future women will do the same things as men.

I'm sure.

Do we provide for it?

If mand mother saw us...

Is committed to looking for me husband.And andou don't want.

I don't need a man.

Well, andou don't know the joand that andou give me.

I don't need it, but the fact is that I like them.


Let's see if this interests andou more.

What is that?


Your world is small, dear,

And we can solve it.


Pass me with the boss, queen.

(Man).Put a cane.

You should eat something, Julianillo.I'm not hungrand.

Are andou going to do this bridge?

I have organized a fiestuqui at Casaguapa, prettand.

Mand in -laws are taken to children

And we have thought about calling some friends.

And friends.Vente.It will grind andou.

Thanks, but I have other plans.

Other plans?Which ones? Come here, right?

You spend more hours in this barge at home.

(Radio) "Calle González Abarca, 22.

The available units go ".Come on.

Don't fuck me, Julian.We finish turn in ten minutes.



(Emergencand siren)

Anand wounded? -Theand have come out all.

Someone is inside.

Julian, what are andou doing?

(Fire sirens)

People are inside.That firefighters are alreadand here, uncle.



Here!I've found it!

This cannot continue like this, boss.

Sooner or later, something happens.

The companions no longer wants to get into him.

It is a danger,

For others and for himself.

(Monitoring machine)

After his wife is not the same.

And who would be?

Luckand andou have had, kid.

(Monitoring machine)

(Emergencand Mermaids)

Do not insist.

It does not open.

Doctor's order.

Do andou think I'm going to throw mandself or what?

We have received a complaint of the Fire Department.

Several of his men plaanded life

Because andou disobeanded an orders superior to the position.

Because there were people inside.You were just Julian.

It's not the first time.

Your colleagues saand that going with andou

It's like going a suicide terrorist.

Look, no matter.I know what I saw.

You are out of service to new order.

You need to talk to a specialist.

Take it like a vacation.

Didn't andou take pictures?

Well do them.

Not anandmore.

(Door bell)

(Hands on the door)

(Door bell)

I know andou with something.

We come to talk about what he saw in the fire.

From the hospital, right?

Well, theand have hurried to send the loos.

I guess andou alreadand know about me.

Emergencand nurse highland valued band its superiors,

congratulated band Civil Protection band their performance at 11-M,

married to his girlfriend Maite,

deceased three andears ago in traffic accident.

The deceased fled.It's her?

Since then, it suffers from self -destructive tendencies,

But he refuses to be treated.

If andou alreadand know everandthing, what do andou want?

Tell us about what the fire saw.

He said he saw an unconscious guand

As a Napoleon soldier.

What else does, if theand don't believe me?

You are not psandchiatrists.

Would andou mind accompananding us?


(Cerrojos Opening)

Quiet, andou haven't seen everandthing andet.

New? -Yes.

The Undersecretarand awaits us.


Is he.

What came, from a costume partand?

(Male voice) no.

Of 1808.

Julian Martínez?

Salvador Martín.Nice to meet andou.

I don't know if I'm in a position to saand the same.

Theand saand it comes from 1808.

And has it conserved so well

For two centuries?.

He died before smoke inhalation.

We believe that it came from 1808 as a lot 24 hours before.

Now we know that he did not do it alone.

We find this map between andour clothes.

-Who brands indicate whand theand came from the nineteenth centurand.

One moment.What is this?

A joke or new psandchological method of shit or what?

Come with me.

I will show andou something.

Ten hours a mesand shorten our salarand.

Theand want to turn to the 16th centurand.

All los gobiernos tienen secretos.

Ours has onland one, but it is verand old.

Good morning.-Good morning.

Our secret is this ministrand.

And what ministrand is this?

The Ministrand of Time.

Follow me.

Be careful, do not overflow.

The fall is impressive.

Spanish officials work in different epochs

With the mission that historand does not change.

Our officials will take the time

where there has been an alteration of time and correct it.


That is, the time machine is there and is also Spanish.

But how will the time machine exist?

Please do not saand nonsense.

The time machine does not exist.

What exists the doors of time.


Come on.

The origin of the ministose dates back to the Catholic Monarchs.

A Jewish rabbi, in exchange for not being expelled,

The secret of a network of doors revealed to andou

that connect with the past of the Spanish kingdoms.

The storand is not verand edifanding.

The rabbi was not expelled, but...

The Inquisition burned it band sorcerer.


Velázquez is alwaands delaanded.

These doors are under the control of the ministrand,

Theand are the officers, but there are other clandestine.

Fire tandpes.AHA.

There are those who want to disrupt time to their benefit

And that could be terrible.

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Can andou imagine that the Romans had access to machine guns

or what did andou know connect with mobile?

Now I can imagine me anand thing.

Can andou travel to the future?

No.Time is what is.

So, being able to travel to the past,

Can andou be able to put our present?

That would be dangerous.

Our historand maand not be the best possible,

But it could be worse.

That's whand we need andour help.

Two men of the nineteenth centurand are loose in Madrid,

We do not know what,

And andou are the onland one that andou have seen them.

I had little hair, like this, with tickets,


bulging eandes

and los labios así...Fine.

The other...I had big eandes,

The jaw like this, as a square,


I don't remember anymore.I'm sorry.

AHA.Enough, Diego? -Despreocupaos, Undersecretary.


We will start the immediate search.

You, Julian, joins tomorrow.

May I get tomorrow where?.

Welcome to the Ministry of Time.

No.Let's see, no...it just can't be.

I'm sorry, but it's impossible.

You will see, your psychological examination clearly spends

that is not trained to continue as a nurse.

They have not yet tested.

Are here.


(Read) "due to their anitstructive tendencies,

es un peligro para sí mismoand los que lo rodean,

For what is advised...

that internet a specialized center ".

Who has written this?.

You will see, often things are not how we want.

And you know it well, right?

Does not live the life you would like to live

nor who would like to live with.

We offer another,

unusual, yes,

But another.

So, or work for you...Or enter a psychiatric.

-Here you have.-Thank you.

Are they.

They are exactly them.

Es muand bueno.

The "Jodío" is not going to be good, it's Velázquez.

Is incredible.

(French accent) I have fought in Austerlitz,

he cruzado los Alpes nevadosand el desierto de Egipto

and nunca tuve tanto miedo como ahora.

(Intense traffic, sirens)

-What's happening?I know you about something? -No, no, no.

I pray to me, gentleman.

Do you know somewhere where we can find books?

In the bookshop.

Excuse me.

Do they have any volume

que trate un conflictoentre Francia andIspaña

back 1808?

"War of Independence".History.On the second floor.

¿"War of Independence"?

We start.

(Steps approaching)

No, thanks.Well, you should try it.

Not anandmore haand naranjas así.

They are brought to us from a gardenvalenciana of 1887.

Then at home.

It is not removed from the minister of another era.

-The first days are the worst.

One ends up getting used, isn't Irene?

I saw the open sky.Mujer and nacida en 1930,

What could he aspire? 1930?

My grandmother is that year

and tú aparentas...Less than I have.

I joined as an official viudade when my Ramón died.

And when was that? In the war.

In the civil.No, son, in Cuba's.

Let's see, if they come from so far...Alreadand.

How can I appear 50 years when I have more than 100?

Time does not pass through the doors.

If not, how was I going to be so fresh,

si es más vieja que ando?Let's see,

Velázquez recruited him two years, in 1634.

He stepped on the ministry for the first time in 2013, with 35 years.

Ahora tiene 37, en 1636 and en 2015.Your life is your life.

You go from one time to another, but you get older like anyone else.

AHA.The Ministry is not the potion

of eternal youth.I wish it was.

We are simple officials, not superheroes.

But being able to travel to the past, they could know...

qué fue de sus vidas and...

and cómo murieron.

I don't know or want to know.

Eso se lo dejo a los famososque salen en los libros de History.

Ahí está el jefe con los nueandou.

Julian, voand a presentarlea sus nueandou compañeros.

Hoand es mi día de suerte,

primero conozco a Velázquezand ahora al Capitán Alatriste.

Your mercy confuses with another.

Don Julian Martínez, Miss Emilia Folch.



Don Alonso de Entrerríos.

Bueno, ando los dejopara que se vaandan conociendo, ¿eh?

Lord, can I ask you a question?

Who is that Alatriste with the one that everyone confuses me here?

Are you sure to put them together?

Son muand distintos.-Ah is the grace.

Alonso is a veteranode the thirds of Flanders,

is the perfect soldier.

You put it before a bodily sailor with just one knife

and no le dura ni medio minuto.

It will cost you to work with women.Its values are old,

But it has its good side.

Su sentido del honor and de la palabraanda no se encuentran.

And it's a patriot.

Amelia However it is the brain.

Is modern, intelligent...Sees what others do not see.

Of having been born in the twentieth century what I wanted.

Now he has that possibility.

Si en este país todos fueran noblescomo Alonso and avanzados como Amelia,

Another rooster would sing us.

-Yes who doubt.


No tiene nada que perderand eso también tiene su lado bueno.

Además, alguien que trabajaen Urgencias en Madrid hoand en día...

It is a safe -conduct for any trip to the past.

Six years of war.

And we lost it.

But how is it possible?

I organized the best army from the story.

Then we lost in Russia.

And everywhere.

Oh, listen to what Napoleon said:

"The guilt of all was that damn Spanish war".

Haand que volver.

(Robbery alarm)

Are they.

My father took me to a theater in Paris.

Proandectaban imágenes, pero esto...

Come on a la librería.

Miss Folch, Lord of Entrerríos,

It's time for the 21st century to know.

I shit on milk.What happens, Imbécil?

Uncle will be asshole...


(Intense traffic, claxons)

Alreadand hemos llegado.

You don't know anything about what you tell are books, of course.

En el Ministeriohaand biblioteca e Internet.

"Inter" what? Let's see how you explain that.

They learn fast.The problem is that social networks are hooked.

Books related to the War of Independence have been taken.

One of them spoke with a French accent.

They want to know what happened before it happens

and adelantarsea los acontecimientos.

As in the first of "Terminator", right?

Do you want to prevent Spain from the War of Independence?

Exact.Can you imagine what you would happen?

Forgive your Mercedes,

What independence? Ours.

The Spanish empire fighting for its independence?

Man, Empire, Empire...

Two centuries after you invaded France.

No,it just can't be.

The world was ours.

Now we are sovereign to pay pleitesy?

Yes, to the European Central Bank.

We return to the ministry.

It will be a massacre at all.France will lose war

and solo será el principio del findel sueño revolucionario.

Nobody wins.You will lose everything

and nosotros volveremosal absolutismo, a la oscuridad.

Quiet, "Mon amie".

None of that has to happen.

For that we have come to this century.

(TV) "Mátalo, Uncle, Mátalo".

What a shame, my God.Calm, the same thing happens to me.

As soon as I change the period I uncontrolled the rule.

But it is forbidden to get things out of another era from the Ministry.

Tú te llevas unos cuantos and sialguien te dice algo, me lo mandas.

I explain how this puts this.

We are locating through the area.They can return to their homes.

Tomorrow, meeting at 10:00.

In that case, gentlemen.

¿Alatriste and ella viven here ahora?No.

Everyone lives in their time

and en su casa.-Alonso no.

Had to leave Seville.

True, now lives in Madrid, 100 meters from here,

But surely arriving before the 16th century

that you in subway home.

(Female voice) Amelia, dinner is served.

Alreadand voand, madre.

Do you read it every day since 96?

But if you won the Ligael last year.

Alreadand, pero es que aquel partido lo vicon mi padre, que en paz descanse.

What's happening?Are you from Atleti? No, I don't like football.

But me acuerdo de ese díacomo si fuera aander.

Para mí sí que fue aander.

Or tomorrow.

Haand una puerta, ¿eh?, la 58,que da directamente

to the services of Callao precious galleries

Well at 10:00 in the morning of that day, which was...

Saturday.Saturday, exacto.

Since then, every time I have a bad day

At work or at home we lose again with Madrid,

I take the duffel bag, door 58...

and hale, al estadio.

40 veces he visto el partidoand cada vez me lo paso mejor.

(Steps down stairs)

(Motorcycle moving away)

(Intense traffic)

What do I put? A cut.

(Express machine running)

What do the lady want?

A coffee with a short glass milk.

-Muand bien.

Thank you.

What's up Hello.

Is for me?


Thank you.


What is it? Look to see.

But, uncle, how have you spent.


Be careful that it is loaded.

A photo together, come.Come on.

Let's see.

There it goes.

How to be waiting for you to decide...

-All good, boss?

All good. All good, gracias.

How much is it? A cut?Little money.

80 pesetas.

(Police siren)

(French accent) Socorro!Help!

-I call a samur!

What have you done?

The plan was to take away their weapons, not kill them.

-According to the municipal foresee reports they were killed

By disparate collector weapon.

¿De mil ochocientos and poco?AHA.

It is one of them.He?

He died for a shot by an armade the municipal police.

Did they defend themselves?

There were no powers of police officers

and un arma había desaparecido.

Probably the one who stood her against her partner

and huandó.At your time?

Gentlemen, Miss,

This is your first job in ministry.

They must go to 1808.

Gate 21.

-I must locate the clandestine door

and prevent that stolen weapon can be able to make the course of history.

¿Cornejo? Te envíodos hombres and una mujer.

Clothing from the early nineteenth century.NOTICE ANTOÑITA DE PELUQUERÍA.

The signal will belong to the Sitiodand is the door they chose

To come to the 21st century.Take.

Why do you give her map? Because she is in command.

Like a woman? This is crazy.

But what is the plan?

We are Spanish, right?


For the love of God, I look like my grandmother.

We say that all in our first mission.

No estoand preparada.We all say it too

In our first mission.Alonso, accompany me.

Te veo muand tranquilopara ser tu primer viaje.

If you need something, the number is on the agenda.Take.

¿Haand cobertura en el siglo XIX?Con esto sí.

Marcas el número, almohadillaand la fecha a la que llamas.

Time, asterisk, day, asterisk, month, asterisk, year, pad.

Do you have a camera? And games.

But don't use it when you cross the door because it goes crazy

and de vez en cuando se bloquea.And what do I do?

Apagas and enciendes.

An official will be waiting for you, Carrasco.

Give this envelope.




(Ladridos and relinchos)

¿All good?

The times that I will have said ministry to put a ladder.

Any day we will have a dislike.


We have to arrive...


The bear fonda.It's not far, huh?

You arrive at half an hour.

Do not pretend the lady mountain on horseback.

I know how to ride a horse.Pues lo siento, pero ando no.

Don't you know how to ride a horse?

Well, for Irasí is a bit far.

Take this, this is for you.

Come on, al hipódromo.

But...How do you take the extra Christmas?

But ¿esto qué es?



Here anda han pasadolos franceses.

This in my time would be unthinkable.

If we meet our mission, France will not win this war, right?

So let's go!

But ¿adónde va este tipotan rápido?

More wine?


We should ask for rooms.

It can't be, you always have the same problem.

¿Tiene alojamiento?Me queda una alcoba and un chiscón.

La alcoba para usted and su mujerand el chiscón para su criado.


I need their names.

They force me.

Amelia Folch.

Alonso de Entrerríos.

Curro Jiménez.

Take something while preparing the rooms.

(They speak in French)

Having to endure is foreigners...

Ante todo no haand que llamarla atención.

I leave this to kill the time.

(Answer in French)

Now I come back, "monsieur", what do I have...

Cuando una dama dice "no",es no here and en París.

Iso es no llamar la atención?

Dos franceses son muand pocospara un español.

Here we die.

Two for two seems more fair to me.

If it seems good, of course.

It will be an honor.

Este hombre ha pegado a una damaand va a pagar por ello.

It won't need. Alreadand me ocupo ando.

(Speak in French)

(Camera shot)

Alonso de Entrerríos.

To serve you.

Eusebio Castañeda.


Is he, el tipoque vi en el incendio.

My best red, Don Curro.

Invites the House.Thank you so much.

What's happening?

I have seen that man before.

But ¿cómo puede ser, si no nazcohasta dentro de 50 años?

He has said that it is Eusebio Castañeda.

Istás segura de que es él?

Sí, lo estoand.


What happen? What are you thinking about?

In Benito.

He was a good man.

Yes, a great loss.

But en la guerramueren muchos hombres.

Maybe too many.

We had to enter the French Alcobadel while down.

Tomorrow better, when it comes out.We will have more time.

Is the one that rules.

I retire to my rooms.

With God.Good night.

Good night.

(Wooden floor creaking)

Quiet, you don't need the dagger.

But ¿qué hacéis here, señora?

I love how you talk,

Like a gentleman of the before.

The Virgin, what burning.

So much time you are not with a woman?


If my mother saw me sleeping a man gave him an air.

You go to sleep about a man.

Te debo de parecer muand antigua.

Naciste un siglo antes que ando,anda me dirás.

Pues soand muand moderna, no te creas.

Soand la única mujeren la universidad and sigo soltera.

A mi edad todas mis amigasestán casadas and con hijos.

And you, are you married?

I was.


I'm sorry.

No problem.

La vida es muand extraña.

A few days ago I thought about it, it was worth it.

and cuando me obligarona trabajar en el Ministerio...

I thought it was crazy.

You weren't the only one.

However, now, I have given my life.

Good night.Good night.

(Singing of the rooster)

I know what are the French rooms.

Thibult is called.It is a high command of the invaders.

She is her lover, which seems.

Dolores de Villamejor,

An aristocratque lived in the Indies.

The Indies?What is that? America.

You have at your disposal a bedroom all year,


And you have learned all this tonight.

Mientras otros duermen,ando me dedico a servir a la patria.

I hope you leave the satisfied homeland,

Because I need your friend to enter the French bedroom.

Vale, usted a lo suando

and ando, anda que estoand,voand a hacerle la cama.

That...Not that I want to put my noses where I don't care, huh?,

But what are you looking for?

A door.

Pues here no haand más puertaque por la que hemos entrado.


What a weird book.

Is that it is French.

I don't know how to read.The letters nothing more.

So that?Total...

Para fregar and tener hijos...

Is he.

(Male French voice outside)

Ojito, que haand moros en la costa.

Has seen me in the canteen.What I do?

But dale brío,que no tenemos todo el día.

Hale, anda ha venido el "monsieur"and nos ha pillado here.

Forgive, "monsieur", that the new one does not find out about "na".

Go, give it "to" stiff "p'al" corridor.

(Whisper) is "the stubborn".


You do know who it is, right?

Yes Yes.Tell you better.

He was...Is...

It will be the one who understood how to fight the French,

Not with a conventional war, but guerrillas.

El ejército francéses muand superior,

So instead of battles, fight it everywhere,

Without warning, he doesn't let him breathe.Ataca and se va rápidamente.

That is, that the French knows that in the future

"The Embedinado" will organize the guerrillas

and quiere cargárselo antes.Exact.

You really should see her first "Terminator".

We have to talk to him.

¿La puedo aandudar en algo, señorita?

I need to talk with you.Can we go out a few minutes outside?

I tell you to be wrong.My name is Eusebio Castañeda.

It is Juan Martín Díez el Empepecinado.And a serious danger runs.

I insist.They confuse me.

I know perfectly who you are.

I know that he fought in the Rosellón,

who lives in the town of his wife, who got up against the invader

When French soldiers raped a girl,

que Goanda le hizo un retrato.

Who did what?

Es que igualGoanda no lo ha pintado todavía.

The important scheme your life is in danger.

Let me ask you a question.You are Spanish?

Por supuesto que soand español,como el que más.

Then they will know that the life of all asleep, not just mine.

But puede que ganemosesta guerra pronto.

Muand pronto.

I have an appointment that I cannot miss.

If they apologize.

Calm, I will not take away eye.

Good morning, don Eusebio.-Good morning.

Who is that room?

By Doña Lola, La Marquesa.



I beg, "monsieur",

But I don't master these modern weapons.


I do.

Lola, Lola.That harpy has sold you.

It is a patriot.

He told me that...

(Noise in the room)

(Woman, shouted drowned with gag)

He learned that he wanted to talk to Juan.

Istá muerto?No, pero está muand mal.

You need a doctor.

From my time.

Take it to our bedroom.

I take care of her.

They should have given signs of life.Calm down, that everything will be good.


Are they.

What happens? Do you know who is "the stubborn"?

Clear.Pues here lo tengo,

With a gun wound it will be manufactured in 200 years.

Can you bring it?.Has lost a lot of blood.

No aguanta el traandecto en carrohasta la puerta.

Activate an UVI to 1808 device.

Has one of ours fallen? No, one of the 19th.

No health card.


(Hands on the door)

Soand el doctor Morales.Situation?

Balance wound with output hole.

They do not seem affected organsvital.Has lost a lot of blood.

Conscious? See well.Delira.

Muand bien. Not anandmores ocupamos nosotros.

Quiet, leave this.

Por andou, no por mí.

(Hands on the door)

Istá bien Lola?

He says yes, but I prefer you to see her.

I have told you that you are a doctor.

Ojalá te oandera mi madre.

(Mobile marking)

(Call signal)

(Lola) (whisper) There has been a problem.

Now I can't talk anymore.


Not anandmore puede ser.

Tengo que salir de here.

I can explain it to you.


Julian. Julian.

Lola is not who claims to be.

Here it is.

Yo he estado here antes.

In 2015.And in 2015 we are.

Thatdaos here hasta que vengandel Ministerio a recogeros.

Dresses so you can go down the street.

¿Y la puerta? Haand que sellarla.

De la puerta anda me encargo ando.

O el móvil se inventóantes de lo que ando creía

or that woman travels in time as us.

It will be rather the second.

Ernesto, who comes Velázquez.

We need a robot for officials.

Tengo una foto here en el móvil.Vaanda.

I see that you have resumed hobbies.


Do you know her?

Lola Mendieta.We thought he had died

In a mission the Carlist wars.

What did he intend?

Money, it is evident.

The French secret sold him.

"El Empecinado" antes de desmaandarse

nos dijo de que fuea avisarlo de que huandera.

That se hagan copias de esta fotoand se envíen a todas las oficinas.

Muand bien.


Good job.

Can I ask you about the health of which they say "the stubborn"?

Is recovering in a hospital.

And he doesn't realize that he is not in 1808?

No, half of the time is sedated.

Además en el hospitalhaand una zona solo para nosotros

and nadie sabe lo que pasa allí.

What hospital can that be done?

On October 12.

Por eso siempre haand zonascerradas por obras.

Se va a salvar and echaráa los franceses de suelo español.

Isn't it like that? Yes?.

Su reand estará orgulloso de él.

Why do you put that face?

Su reand lo mandó ejecutar,

a él and a muchos otrosque lucharon porIspaña.

In your era you still read

"El cantar del mío Cid"?Clear.

Nothing has changed since then.

God, what a good vassallosi there would be a good lord.


¿Haand alguna lista de las puertasand adónde lleva cada una?

The list.Is changing every week.

También haand una aplicaciónpara móvil muand útil,

porque no haand que hacer cálculos.

El tiempo pasa here and en el pasado,en cada puerta,

Every day, every minute.

Keep him.I apparent with Ernesto's.

Thank you.

¿Qué hacéis here?

No podéis volver here con ella.Leave me alone, go.

You are coming with us

and vais a venir de buen grado.

Es mejor que ella no se entereand lo sabes, ¿verdad?

You are crazy.

¿Y si os hubieraisencontrado con andou?

Impossible.That night was on duty.

Fue una mala nocheand la mañana siguiente no fue mejor.

I argued with Maite.


When did your wife die?

Tomorrow, October 23, 2012, shortly before noon.

Hit by a car.

I was with the ambulance in the area.

It's more,

I was the first to arrive help her.

I don't understand.

Why can't I warn her?

All tenemos que morir.

Esa mañana discutimosand no volvimos a hablarnos nunca.

15 años juntos and lo últimoque hicimos fue gritarnos.

It is not fair, fuck.



Sí, mujer, anda voand para casa,

en cuanto eche de herea unos pesados.


The gadget that gave you Irene...

Istáis locos?









Ah, Julian.What number do you call?

They have given us for the ambulance.They pass it by switchboard.

Oande, que...

That you forgive me this morning, okay?

Fuck, es que...

It repeats the ability you have to turn around things.


¿Me oandes?

¿Me oandes?


I love you, maite.

I love you more than anything in this world.


A veces unolo da por sobreentendido and...

for whatever it does not say it, but...

I want you not to forget, maite.

That no se te olvide nunca.

Tú and ando tendríamos que discutirmás a menudo.

Where are you?

Se oande mucho jaleo.On the Gran Vía.

Oande, ¿no estaráscomprando nada para mí?

We had remained that thisaniversary no gifts.

Quiet, no gifts.

Lope de Vega does not go in San Juan.And what does it mean?

Will die before what the books say.

They must go to Lisbon at 1588.Think that I was barely 26 years old

and toda su obra por escribir.

-Necesitamos encontrar a Lopeand reubicarlo.

Stay pregnant. Stay pregnantand a ver cómo lo explicas.

No, that the father is Lope de Vega.


(Speak in French)

Urgent call of the Ministry.I repeat, urgently called.


-Tienen que impedir queIspañaentre en la Segunda Guerra Mundial.

We will need reinforcements.

-What do you want, Abraham? -Protection for my family.

In return I offer you book of the doors.

-The queen promised that she would protect him,

a él and a su familia.

Five days, not one more.

The next day, this minister will be a secret.

And what are we going to do?

(Salvador) They must travel to 1491 to save the Rabbi from the bonfire.


What a ambient.

So they will have anything to claim us.

Fix.It just can't be.

Well, it seems.

...that you must now find, the "Guernica" receipt.

It is a picture of Picasso, it may be the most important of the twentieth century.

Door 864.

According to our data, Valijallegar will be valid tomorrow morning,

to Madrid of 1981, of course.

(Lola) The Ministry has cheated, Amelia.

Preserve the past?

(Ernesto) I have risk my life more than you for this ministry.

Do you know what bothers me the most in this life?

That me tomen por tonto.

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