This is the frequency with which you should wash your sheets

This is the frequency with which you should wash your sheets

Every week you invest at least 49 hours in your bed sleeping.It is the minimum time that is required to rest and recover the body of daily activities.

To improve your rest, having good sleep hygiene is key.For that there are studies that determine which is the best time to go to sleep, but, in addition, physical hygiene could also help you fall asleep.

It is that humans be thrown between 30 thousand and 40 thousand dead skin cells, and considering the time we spend lying down, they inevitably accumulate.

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In addition, in the sheets they can live mites that contribute to develop allergic paintings.These microorganisms feed on dead cells, so your bed would be like its great banquet.

If you sleep without clothes, you would be increasing bacteria.It is that as explained by the microbiologist Michael Schmidt to Self magazine, this could add small dry fecal remains to the equation.

So how often should the sheets change?

From the sleep foundation they recommend washing the sheets once a week, and if you do not sleep in your mattress every night, then you could extend it two weeks.

The washing frequency should be every 3 or 4 days if you have pets that sleep with you.In this way, you can avoid suffering from allergic or asthma paintings.

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