Valentino Rossi returns to the load: "I would have ten MotoGP World Cups if they had not stolen from 2015"

Valentino Rossi returns to the load: "I would have ten MotoGP World Cups if they had not stolen from 2015"

Valentino Rossi leaves no one indifferent, not even in his lowest moments. The Italian is not going through a great moment at a sporting level, but in a recent interview with Gazzetta dello Sport he has once again reviewed his career, and there he once again has words for what happened in 2015.

Rossi still considers that it was a robbery that deprived him of his tenth world championship. Furthermore, the Italian acknowledges that he lost a great opportunity in 2006, when he crashed in the last race, in Cheste, leaving the world championship in the hands of Nicky Hayden. Once again, Rossi has dispatched for everyone.

Rossi defends why he does not retire despite his terrible results

"If they hadn't stolen the World Cup from me in 2015, I would have won the tenth and would have extended my sporting life as a champion for six years", says Rossi, responding to why he hasn't put an end to his sports career yet. The Italian continues to defend the version that there was a conspiracy against him in 2015.

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Let's remember that Rossi led practically the entire world championship that year, but in the penultimate race, in Sepang, Marc Márquez began to battle against him in a rather strange way in the first few laps. It was then that Rossi knocked Márquez to the ground and was sanctioned with starting last in Valencia. There Jorge Lorenzo won and was proclaimed world champion.

Valentino Rossi is back:

Rossi continues to miss that season, but also 2006. In fact, he explains that if he can change something about his career "I would return to Valencia in 2006. There I threw away a World Cup that I could have won, and it would have been ten titles, even after of the 2015 robbery". In that race in Cheste, Rossi fell when he was leading the world championship, and in the end Hayden won it.

The interview also covered many more interesting topics. Like, for example, why Rossi does not put an end to his career despite the fact that he is breaking all the negative records in 2021. The year is being dark, but Rossi still justifies why he likes to be in the Grand Prix .

"My reasoning is very simple and I'm surprised that some people don't understand it, maybe my way of thinking is different. I like how I feel, the feeling, the adrenaline that winning, getting on the podium or just having a good race. I'm good for a few days. I like that feeling. If I wanted to go to the top I would have left it a few years ago", says Rossi.

'Il Dottore' continues explaining that "I don't want to be 16th. I know very well that in the end time will end up winning me, unfortunately it is like that for everyone, but I try with all my might to make it as difficult as possible for them. And that is the The only reason I keep running." Regarding what his best seasons have been, Rossi stays with 2001, 2004 and 2008.

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