Who to get vaccinated against influenza?what you need to know

Who to get vaccinated against influenza?what you need to know

Today begins the National Campaign of Vaccination against influenza for people with the highest risk of complications, hospitalization and mortality for this disease.

The campaign will take place from November 3, 2021 and until March 31, 2022;The Ministry of Health plans to apply 32 million 328 thousand 200 doses.

The priority groups for vaccination are:

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The Ministry of Health reported that the population from 6 months to 8 years, which has never received an influenza vaccine, must receive two doses with a month between each one between each.

From 9 years, people with risk factors will receive an annual dose without considering a previous vaccination status.

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The agency seeks to cover at least 70% of the target population before December 31 and the totality of this sector for March 31, 2022.

Can the influenza and Covid vaccine be applied?

The Under Secretary of Health Prevention and Promotion.

He indicated that the population can put both vaccines, either on different days or at the same time, without representing health risk.

The dependencies that participate in the implementation of the influenza vaccination campaign are:

Influenza vaccination for pregnant women

The vaccine is safe for the pregnant person, in any quarter of pregnancy, as well as for the baby, said Karla Berdichevsky, general director of the National Center for Reproductive Health and Gender Equity.

He commented that pregnant women who do not vaccinate, have a greater risk of presenting serious influenza, hospitalization and death.

Meanwhile, Undersecretary López-Gatell said that pregnant people can have the confidence to vaccinate against influenza, even if they have the Covid.

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29 de octubre, 2021

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