600 years ago women already used bodice

600 years ago women already used bodice

A revolutionary discovery has changed the history of underwear: about 600 years ago women already carried corpiños.

The University of Innsbruck announced Wednesday that its archaeologists found four medieval linen linen in an Austrian castle.Fashion specialists said the discovery is surprising because so far that garment was considered just over 100 years ago, when women left the corset.

Instead, apparently the bodice was born first, followed by the corset and then the reinvented support.

In particular, one of the garments "looks exactly a modern bodice, said the curator Hilary Davidson, of the London Museum."It's an incredible discovery".

Although those linen garments were discovered in 2008, they were not news until now, said Beatrix Nutz, the archaeologist responsible for the discovery.

Hace 600 años las mujeres ya usaban corpiño

Garment investigations and carbon tests took time.Last year Nutz delivered a conference but the information did not leave academic circles but with the publication of a recent article in the magazine BBC History Magazine.

"We did not believe it," said Innsbruck's Tarolsian village in a telephone conversation."From what we know, there were no garments like the support in the sixteenth century".

The University said the four bras were among more than 2.700 textile garments - linen and line.

"Four of Lino's garments remind of the modern corpiños", with their glasses and one in particular resembles today's versions, he added, "with two wide braces on the back and possibly a posterior stroke, which no longer exists,but whose previous existence is indicated by the edges partially torn from the glasses with which it was roasted ".

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