A 'Tiktoker' tells the serious health problem he had to wear 'high -shot shorts': "I could have died"

A 'Tiktoker' tells the serious health problem he had to wear 'high -shot shorts': "I could have died"

Samantha, a 25 -year -old girl from North Carolina (United States), is likelyhealth there for 2018.

The young woman put these jeans to go to an appointment with a boy who had just started.However, throughout the day he was uncomfortable for the rubbing of shorts and underwear with his body.

"I decided to ignore and enjoy the day.But, the next day, I felt a lot of pain and started to find myself badly, "he told Buzzfeed."That night I realized that I had a great lump in the place where the friction was and, as time passed, it was more painful, like a throbbing puncture at a point".

Samantha went to the doctor to be treated, and prescribed antibiotic for a possible skin infection.But, the next day, it entered a septic shock, an infection that causes arterial hypotension."I was trembling, I lacked the air, I couldn't walk and I had a lot of pain in my body.They entered the UCI and that was when I realized that it was something more serious than I had planned, "said the young woman.

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During the almost four days he was in the ICU, the doctors considered cutting the part of the ass infected with.But, fortunately, he improved, then he spent another three days admitted and then had to rest for a month to completely recover.The next month, the chafing reappeared, but they were solved with the antibiotics that were sent in the hospital.

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The young American assured that she told her story just because of how curious she seemed to her, but such a range was not expected.The video reached almost 8 million visits, and then decided to erase it after feeling overwhelmed by such attention."Even so, I was very surprised by the number of people who said that the same thing had also happened to them," he told Buzzfeed.

As Dr. Carmen Fong, Colorectal Surgeon, explained to the aforementioned, this could happen to Samantha because "he would have a cut or an anal fissure", and her short and tight clothes had to "keep the bacteria trapped in a humid and dark atmosphere", comfortable for them."Anyone can have an anorectal abscess.If it is not treated in time, it can become a very serious infection and make the person a lot ".

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