Accessories for everyone! These new motorcycle jackets, pants and gloves are pure comfort and protect from winter

 Accessories for everyone!  These new motorcycle jackets, pants and gloves are pure comfort and protect from winter
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T.ur is a new brand created and developed by the Italian firm Tucano Urbano with a completely new product range designed for touring/adventure pilots, in which a careful collection of jackets, pants, gloves and accessories made with premium materials stand out. quality, prioritizing comfort and usability.

With these premises and with the drop in temperature that we have suffered these days, T.ur has brought to the market several sets of jackets, pants and gloves, rain suits, bags, and accessories to continue rolling even in the most unpleasant moments of the year. .

Prepared for cold, ice, wind and rain

For all those who see life as an adventure and who do not give up taking out their motorcycle in the coldest months of winter, they will find in the new range of winter clothing from T.ur an opportunity to continue getting the most out of two wheels. .

In Motorpasion MotoThe brand of accessories and accessories for the Tucano Urbano motorcycle is absorbed by Mandelli

And there are so many places to visit along the peninsula such as the Selva de Irati in Navarra or the Arribes del Duero-Sanabria in Castilla y León that show an unusual spectacular landscape in autumn and winter, that not having adequate equipment rainproof, mudproof or capable of protecting against extreme cold would be a shame. To solve this, T.ur has released a complete winter range suitable for all audiences, from jackets to accessories.

T.ur suits stand out for having an aesthetic that pays homage to classic rallies, without neglecting current trends. These garments, which incorporate the latest technology and high-quality materials, are approved and have level 2 ventilated protections on the shoulders, elbows and knees, as well as a pocket for the back protector. They also integrate the Tucano Urbano Hydroscud patented system that guarantees 100% waterproofing and breathability.

As for its particular features, the ZERO jacket and pants set is ideal for the colder months thanks to the intelligent "Thermore" insulation, which increases body temperature the colder it gets, guaranteeing continuous and long-lasting warmth. For all four seasons, the ONE, ONE Lady and TWO suits are capable of adapting to all weather conditions while providing maximum safety and comfort. They are available from 349 euros (VAT included) for the jacket and 249 euros (VAT included) for the trousers.

The range of gloves also shares common qualities with the sets such as approval for use on motorcycles, the integration of protections, in this case rigid in vulnerable areas such as the knuckles, and the Hydroscud system. We also find some more suitable for cold seasons such as the G-ZERO, the G-FOUR capable of offering high thermal protection, or for the four seasons such as the G-ONE or G-ONE Lady from 99 euros (VAT included).

But not everything is going to be to protect from the cold, they also have accessories to protect us from the water. Its WP-ONE and WP-ONE Lady raincoat set, very light and easy to transport, offers a water column resistance of 5,000 mm and breathability of 5,000 g/m²/24h. Both jacket and trousers have interesting qualities that guarantee complete waterproofing, thanks to their sealed seams (including the collar) or the anti-water flap on the central zipper of the jacket. This garment can be found for 129 euros (VAT included).

To transport our personal belongings and be prepared for getaways, the Italian firm has also developed a collection of travel bags of different capacities that share some attributes, such as functionality, protection against humidity or resistance to possible impacts or blows from the path. All have been made of high-quality materials, such as canvas combined with ripstop, a highly durable, water-repellent, ripstop fabric used in military equipment. If you want to get one of them, it should be said that their price starts at 39 euros (VAT included).

T.ur also makes other elements available to users such as the Hydro-Support System kit, which includes an elastic lumbar belt and a water bag, the U-SKIN thermo-adjustable set, a high-visibility V-FLEX windbreaker vest or its V-ONE backpack for the most "endurant".

As you have seen, the Italian firm has many garments to offer to insulate you and protect you from the cold in any situation, but if you want to take a look at the full range, we advise you to visit their website.

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