How to choose your underwear so that it does not alter your vaginal health?

How to choose your underwear so that it does not alter your vaginal health?

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Underwear is a fundamental factor when taking care of vaginal health.In this note we tell you which one you should use


It is true that the underwear that women choose to buy is usually sexy and beautiful.But it is also important to remember vaginal health, when choosing what type to use.This is because in a high percentage, the correct intimate health is altered by the characteristics of the underwear.

Specialists recommend that underwear is always cotton, because this material allows oxygenation of the intimate area and, consequently, the fungi produced by moisture.In turn, the nylon, generates irritations in the vaginal area and can lead to infections.

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Another factor to keep in mind is that intimate clothes should not be adjusted.In this way, your intimate area will not suffer marks, inflammation and will not darken.The latter is produced by the contact of the garment with the vagina, since being color usually darkens the skin.Therefore, it is recommended that light colors be used.

Care of garments, as well as their washing, are fundamental.They must always hygienize with neutral soaps so that they do not alter the natural pH of the vagina.It is also essential that it is not used wet, because in this way the proliferation of fungi is more prone.

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