How to trim the beard while growing

How to trim the beard while growing

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When you start letting your beard grow, you may suffer from several weird stages until you get to the look you want. (especially if your beard is not as thick as you wish). But once you cover your face and start growing together, you need to trim the edges a little bit. Even if you want it to be very copious, take care of the contours, especially if you want it bulky.

This may seem counterproductive to you: why cut it if your goal is for it to grow? For the same reason you cut your hair when you want it to grow up to your shoulders: regular maintenance helps shape it and prevents you from looking strange, like living in a utopia.

Trust us: your beard will grow just as fast if you cut it as if you Don't. Follow these steps to make him look super all the time.

Never cut your beard if it's greasy, covered by some product, dirty or wet. Just work it when it's in its cleanest and freshest state, so you have a real idea of its length and what areas require attention. So after using a beard cleaner, comb it and let it dry. This will bring you closer to the style you want to wear permanently, without any products, and leaving it ready for a clipping.

Cómo recortar la barba mientras está creciendo

The reason you won't risk the length of your beard is because you'll be correcting punctual areas. Instead of taking a machine and trimming it all, you will use a pair of beard or Moustache scissors (they are the same) and cut everything that stands out or is annoyingly off-level. That easy.

However, you will still need the machine to maintain the contour of the neck and cheekbones. (of course, you can also shave the outline with a razor.) in our opinion, it's the best way to keep an orderly look on your beard as it grows. Master those contours!

If you are not sure where to fix the contour of the neck, it is easy: put your index and middle fingers together on Adam's nut. Imagine a form of'U'at that height and from ear to ear. Everything that's left under that imaginary "u" is gone. Whatever's left on it stays.

Whether you're letting your beard grow or keeping its length, you need to feed it. That'll keep her soft, docile and healthy. In addition, it promotes the quick release of healthy hair. Try to use a few drops of beard oil, applied on clean, dry hair. This is also going to condition the skin under the beard that may be mistreated. Many times the oil works to maintain a style, but if you need anything stronger, use a settling balm, which feeds the hair in addition to keeping it in place.

Once the combs, the beard will show you "yes" and where it needs an additional clipping. Take your scissors and remove the hirsute hairs. It's impressive that they would have survived all this grooming without you noticing them, but if they refuse to be combed and to be in place, you have to eliminate them.

This article was originally published in GQ US.

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