Hugo bursts in ‘Survivors’ for having lost and makes an approach to the contest refusing to leave in camera ... Jorge winner!

Hugo bursts in ‘Survivors’ for having lost and makes an approach to the contest refusing to leave in camera ... Jorge winner!

Hugo Boom-Boom Sierra.(Photo: Telecinco)

You have to try to win, but you have to know how to lose.The day they gave in school the second part of this premise Hugo was bad at home.And last night in survivors lost, he was expelled, Jorge and Hugo won him.

Hugo refused to go out with the rest of the teammates to celebrate that Jorge had won, in a uglier gesture than a lunch making grimaces.Yes: It is a burst.Because there are those who say that JJV made him angry.No one takes to make Hugo anger, who is more sensitive to jokes than a vampire to sunbathe with garlic.

But we will return to that later.

The first thing is the first: Follow me in networks or Hugo will appear at night angry!

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Let's go with the gala friends and friends.

The gala began with a music that was a mixture between only at home and the Goonies.They wanted to run adventures and put clothes with shoulder pads.

In the attire section I can say that JJV carried a hairsty.On the sides he wore a shaved that the meninges touched him.

Ferre had put a bow tie.A blue bow tie.Matching the suit.In my neighborhood you go dressed like this and they hit you.

Nino wore a shiny blue jacket.This man does not put anything that does not reflect the light at least 70%.The greenhouse effect is created by Nyno's clothes on to dry.Nyno does not wear the mobile lantern, it is enough to go dressed.There have been Marian appearances that were Nyno shining.

Pavón had dedicated so much care to his suit that he had forgotten to comb.In the hairdressers, Pavón's hairstyle is taught as the ‘Electrocution Look’.It gets into the client in a dryer with the peeled cables.He wore a faces shoes as footwear.

Lara was very pretty.What happens is that I wore a dress that is what happens when you leave the shower, stumble and end up wrapped in the sheets you had to wash.Lara took out a leg for the skirt slit.Those of Estopa of gave a host with the Seat Panda.Lara is able to make the International Space Station fall.

In his first appearance he had around mosquitoes.The insects were eating it.Later they had to fumigate that as to kill even the birds, because nothing was flying again.

Video: They made a fishing contest in a pond that was next.Equal to Honduras was that.There were the most were tents of those that fall into the water and eat you.The crocodiles do not dare to get into that puddle.

They were in boat in pairs.Rocío almost opens his head to Jorge with a row.In a matter of historical weapons are El Cid with the Tizona and Rocío with a stick.

Ana María was wearing diving glasses on the boat."In case he turns," said Ana María.And the asshole on the cruises putting life and float vests when people can be diving glasses.Of course, so if you sink you do not die.

But she ended up throwing himself into the water because it was thought that the whole mountain is Hondurate and that he was going to swell to fish.He did not take anything.No one did, in fact.

"The bait, which are disgust.In Los Lagos you fish with Red Velvet and Percibs cake, do not fuck you.

"On one occasion a fish seemed to have chopped but he was only laughing at us," Jorge explained.Gangsta Vasilones Fish, Madafakas.

Video: They gave their wrong bags to "make a joke".Call it to make a joke, call it Paco we have no content Invest anything to make a fucking video that will last the gala ten minutes.

Rocío was given Hugo's suitcase.I was full of turbopacket swimsuits.Hugo wants the world to know that he has a penis and that's why that kind of swimsuits gets.Hugo likes to go to the beach and look like a grandfather in underpants just raised from a nap.Of course, it has the same humor.

Ana Maria was given Jorge's.Ana María criticized Jorge's underpants, for old people, but come on, that I saw them well.And nothing in this damn the world is more comfortable than a domadito underwear.The same do not fuck with that, but huh, there the badjo and his friends to give love well to taste.

"I feel like Lara in Palapa," Jorge said, that he had Rocío's suitcase and that a bra.It was nail to Lara.I distinguished him by the severe voice, I don't tell you anymore.

Hugo was given Ana María's suitcase."Um ... how good it smells.This smells that you shit, ”said Hugo olisqueando fasteners.I think Hugo is one of those who buy panties used in Japan.If you invite Hugo to your home, put on the underwear drawer.The same Hugo Trepa through the gutters to reach the clotheslines and smell softener garments.

Live, in a connection, Hugo spoke."I have the female side very developed, Jorge," said Hugo, who confessed that "women's shoes" are attracted and claimed that shoemakers make men's shoes more like those of women.Yes, please, it's what the world needs.

"I had a friend who when I got home was put heel shoes, to be at home," JJV told us.The neighbors below should be delighted with that cheerful habit.It makes me that and I shit in the mailbox.

First reunion with family members.Because these contestants are more with their relatives than a family with five children and one bathroom.

Hugo revienta en ‘Supervivientes’ por haber perdido y hace un plante al concurso negándose a salir en cámara… ¡Jorge ganador!

The first was Hugo.

"I hope my old woman is.If it is not, nothing happens ... "said Hugo.The balls.If your mother does not accuse the contest of wanting to destabilize him psychologically and demands them.

But yes, it was his mother."It's my mother, Jorge," said Hugo, in case JJV didn't know who he was."She was the most good woman in the world," said Hugo, thus using the past.

"This is the leg of the legion," said the lady, showing her the stuffed.That goat was painting more to be clearing down food for the wolves than there.

And they went to the giant condom door.Hugo hugged her so strong against plastic that he almost left her glasses against her face.The lady almost suffocated.

We knew that Hugo's brother had been writing to Ivana on Twitter.Apparently it was before entering the contest."It was a mamoneo message," said Yiya, that if he doesn't put a trick, he bursts.He also informed us that he is frustrated because he has asked China wigs and they do not arrive.The world conspires against Yiya's capillary coverage.

Bea was a collaborator, but sitting in the stands.Every time they put it above.Luckily there are no more galas, because it ends up collaborating to a focus of the ceiling.

Hugo-Jorge duel on the first televoto.

And it was saved ... Jorge !!



Hugo said "It's time to leave".Ha ha as if he had chosen.

"This sometimes happens to have a big mouth," he added."Sometimes my way of being very visceral, very controversial in some aspects and not shutting up anything, because that's what it is about, in life you have to be real," he said.Yes, of course, you have to be real, because if you are a lies spectrum you cannot have DNI or those things of real people.

"Having a big mouth there are people who see it as a defect," he complained.Well, in the world of porn, there the cache rises and it is like having English in the curriculum.

“I've been thinking these days and I thought the realities are not for me.It is the last reality that I do and I will dedicate myself to my profession, ”said Hugo.I hope it's a promise.

"So far my television history came because I have no temper for this story".LOL

Truffle pigs know how to find truffles.Police dogs know how to find drugs.Hugo knows how to find excuses.Now it turns out that he has lost to say things and complain.He is unable to think that there were more people supporting Jorge than him.

And JJV, who is not holy of my devotion, in fact, is not holy, dry, last night it was well:

"You leave as a great loser of this edition and if something has been clear, you don't know how to lose" Zasca !!!!

"I would like to have a father to teach me to lose," JJV said, because Hugo had said that he would teach his son to be like him.

"You've taken a pamade that you will not go to a contest again," JJV added.Hugo was looking at María Patiño with her vein as the tire of a truck.

"The defeats of a test were the anger of the moment," Hugo excused himself, who has those moments every ten minutes.

"You are a real uncle's pain but I love you, you are my pain," said JJV, who looked like the poison.

Back to the set.

"14 years of the death of Rocío Jurado, your mother, Gloria Camila," JJV said, because Gloria Camila did not know who her mother was.Surprise for Gloria Camila.

The fact is that in the Kikiwaka camp where they are Rocío they gave him a photo of his grandmother.What a way to look for easy tear.The organization was doubting Rocío a photo of Rocío Jurado or a pepper spray to cry more.

- We need an emotional video by Rocío Flores.

- Is it attacked with mustard gas in Tol Keto?

- Well, the same with the photo of a deceased relative is worth.

- You're softening, partner.

And so.

Recommend game, I don't know what it was, but I play.

Callo Carrie's game.Mother of God.The name of a movie in which a poor girl was sprayed with pork blood and ends up killing them all.The next game is called Saw and we put chainsaws and things with edge.

It was about enduring some porcuelas with your arms up so that it would not fall on you a lot of shit.

Rocío couldn't even remove the pestillo.Then he said his shoulder hurt.He wore the fogged diving glasses as if they were showering his eyes with hot water.That was definitely his favorite test.

Ana María closed her eyes and clenched her face as she was fighting for not shitting.

In the end he fell all the shit on Rocío, who ended his shoulder more screwed than my grandfather's fiat shock absorbers.So Rocío would face the person who lost in the Apnea test on the televoto.

Video.They were turned around helicopter to say goodbye.

"Goodbye, my fish, like that face!" Ana María told them.The "you like the face" in this case is literal.He ate them.If Ana María tells you that she eats her face, she doesn't say it with love, she says it as Hannibal Lecter would tell you sharpening a knife.

"My Roquita ... I take you here Roquitaaaa," said Hugo saying about a piece of Pedrusco."Arbolitoooooooooo," said Rocío, saying goodbye to a plant.Fuck these people, what rare affections take.

How I had to smell in that helicopter with all crowded.There are cattle wagons that smell like pine at the side of that helicopter.They had to boil at the end.

And JJV connected with Rocío.

"Place your shoulders what pain it looks like?" JJV asked him.What does chicken know, JJV?"I get out and get into me alone," said Rocío, that as slogan for a lubricant brand is very good.

On the other side of the curtain, his father was waiting for him.Rocío chilló.If you are waiting for the girl with the curve less.He made me very nervous because he hit the face of the glass and left him full of marks.TOC.

Then he began to breathe against the glass fogging him.

"I thought I had no mental strength, but I have developed it," said Rocío who has signed up for a Jedi Academy and can now move objects with his mind.In order to be able to do things lying this girl is able to do Telequinesia.


They have been put an instructor to train them for the APNEA test.That is because in Telecinco there is money, because they do that in the 2 and they tie them a piece of cement to the feet and throw them into the water as training.

Ana Maria grabbed the belly that you didn't know if the diaphragm or gases were feeling.

"I overwhelm under the water because I need to breathe," Rocío said, because she is rare and needs to breathe, not like others, that we do the fucking photosynthesis and we have gills.

Back to the set JJV se observaba con esmero el pene.Apparently, he had a wire of his pants loose and he started it.It was a thread six meters long.With threads like that you can tie ships to the port.Then half a gala was spent presenting with the thread in his hand, as if it were a ninja and went to strangle someone with him.

And apnea test: Ana María against Jorge.

"We have tempered the water," Lara told them, but from the water a smoke came out that you did not know if it was an apnea test or a lobster cooking test.

Lara said what Josefina told Napoleon on her wedding night: "3, 2, 1 and in the" below "we introduce ourselves".

Noooooo, Jorge endured only 21 seconds.

The mother who bore him.How fuck just like he endures his breath to record himself fucking he has to wear a slow camera.What little lung capacity, by God.Jorge makes a lounge to mouth and the bug dies due to lack of oxygen.

Fuck.21 seconds.For the love of God, that Jorge cannot read a long word aloud because he suffocates.I think he showers without wetting his head because he dies.

"These days I had a problem in the bronchi, I couldn't breathe well, but I don't want excuses, Ana Maria has done very well," said Jorge, to endure her breath does not know, but it's a gentleman.

What happened to him is that he has stayed in nothing.Before Jorge was cacas that could embed Thor and Khal Drogo at the same time.Now I couldn't even make a chihuahua one quickly.In Jorge's pectorals a few months ago two bottles of oxygen fit.Now do not put the keys.Only those black nipples have been left like two blight.

JJV connected with Ana María.

After the curtain was her daughter.They started to die through glass.If they get their tongue drill the screen.It was like seeing two alien giving a peak.

"You are the best mother, the best grandmother and the best everything," said the daughter.The best everything.The best nuclear physics?The best.The best fucking everything.

- Hello, I am Dr. Cavadas and I am the best surgeon by rebuilding faces and ...

- Lie, the best is Ana María!Pursue that liar with sticks and stones!

And so.

"How daring, you've gone to the set!" Ana Maria told her funeral, as if the daughter had gone to Vietnam to rescue some Marines from a Vietcong prison.

"I cross the seven seas swimming," said the daughter.David Meca is an amateur next to Ana María's daughter.The passengers of the cruise ships see the dolphins and the daughter of Ana María Surcando the waves.

Ana María touched her daughter's ass.What mania this woman has for touching asses.If Ana María gets to discover the tomb of Tutankámon the first thing she does is turn the mummy and feel her ass.Ortega Cano makes the missionaries with a mesh level covering his buttocks so that Ana María does not make holes.

Today, in JJV's beauty tips ... "To be beautiful you have to see the stars".Thanks, Jorge, let's return the connection.

"The gypsies support Jorge!" Said Nino on the set."That the Civil Guard does not put me more fines," he claimed.

- You went 160 km/h down a pedestrian street full of babies and old people ...

- I voted Jorge in Survivors, Mr. Agent.

- Ah, sorry, sorry, circulate, we escort you so that children do not bother you.

And so .

And it was saved ... Jorge !!


So the expelled was Rocío."We are people who are too exposed," said Rocío, who is like a Belgian in Mallorca in August: too exposed.

Yiya last night I was very shallow, distributing shit and sinister shit.Yiya shot at discretion.If the name of Mother Teresa de Calcuta comes out, put it to give birth.

"If you are not a survivor and do not give reality, what are you?" Yiya said trying to mess with Jorge."Good person," Ferre said.

"Ah, good people have to win," said Yiya Sopundida.No, of course, Yiya, good people have to go for ass.Yiya has a Vlad Post the impaler in his bedroom as an example of people who have to win.

And surprise for Jorge.

After the curtain was his wife, with a banner, who did not know if she was going to see her husband or the head of a manifier.

"You can't even imagine what you are causing," said his wife.A girl tells me that and I get coors.

"You have empathized with children.Young children cry with your nominations, ”Alicia said.Yes, children take away the tablet and okay.You take away Jorge and stab to his parents while they sleep.Thousands of children tattooing Jorge's face to the shrimp.Fetuses that come out in ultrasound with support banners to Jorge.

Sperm running desperately to the ovule to be able to be born and be like Jorge.Three -year -old children selling their grandmother's jewels to continue sending votes for Jorge.Mom Nene controls and can leave her whenever you want, I'm not hooking just a vote, mom I want to vote, I want to vote!.

"Teenagers now want to be civil guards for you," added the girl.This Tiktok desert because all the teenagers are at the door of the Civil Guard Academy hitting the doors to let them in.All are being left.Even girls.

Fuck, qué obsesión con los niños.The fucking among the little ones is rising.

Jorge's wife released a motivational talk speech that made me want to go outside to enjoy the little things of life.What happens is that it was already one in the morning and the little things of life were the garbage truck taking the glass.

At the door of the hugs, Jorge and Alicia squeezed both against the plastic that looked like a chicken breast on a mercadona tray.Then kisses were given through the plastic that I think Alicia went from there pregnant.

"Ana María has learned everything, Jorge is a civil guard and entered the contest knowing things," Gloria Camila alleged on set on set, because she thinks that in the Civil Guard Academy they teach you to make fire and live on the beach.

- Mr. Instructor, are we going to learn to stop people and things?

- Na, so, keep opening that coconut.

And so.

Back to the Chikipark where the galas now have been put a cardboard moñeco so that he could be present in the final with the contestants.What happens is that they had been printed at 150% and of course, in the cardboard it was taller than Lara, when normally JJV can smell the girl's sobac.

JJV asked Ana María what was going to leave her marked from the contest."Having separated from my family for so long ... I hope you forgive me someday," he said.Go to jail, steal family jewels to play bingo, burn the kitchen ... those things are forgiveChange the lock.

JJV asked Jorge if he hoped to get where he has reached.“I have never felt nervous, what I have done has been to enjoy this adventure, I came with the romantic idea of the team.I have been finding that not all people wanted to make that team ”. Fuck, este hombre llega a ser gladiador y se dedica a darle abrazos a los demás luchadores.

And Jorge won 2020 survivors

I smelled his brunette nipples.

Siiiii, Yuhuuuuuuuuuuu

And second replacement.

In the final ceremony, Barranco, Elena, Rocío and even Omar entered as winner of last year.Only EU ambassadors were missing, but Hugo was not.Lara asked "And Hugo?".

“Hugo didn't want to stay?Hasn't he wanted to be? "Asked JJV incredulous.

"Hugo has declined the invitation," said Lara.


What a little sports gesture.Hugo is so small child that he should be Jorge's fan.

Total that 81.6% of the votes to win were for Jorge. Fuck los niños españoles, tienen más dinero que Amancio Ortega.How do you notice that they are digital natives.It is the highest percentage since 2011 at least.

"I think a lot in the power of words and thanks is the most powerful there is," Jorge said in his thanks speech.

"Thanks to Pirata Morgan, because he is a person who has empathized with us," said Jorge, who thinks that the doll is a person.That his head is a painted coconut and does not move has not raised suspicions.

Jorge thanked all the inhabitants of the planet.One by one.

And to finish everyone hugged Jorge, less Omar, who couldn't.Omar was like one who goes to an orgy of 250 people and runs out of fucking.Well, in the end he joined.To take the social distance by bag.

Remember that this blog does not stop !!See you in ‘The Strong House’.

Thank you, thanks, for every laugh you have thrown.I love you.You get to the potato.

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