Kali Uchis: the Colombian artist who lives without fear

Kali Uchis: the Colombian artist who lives without fear

When I am creating something new I think of everything;From the style of each song to the image that will represent it.People always tell me "You changed!"Or "Why don't you look like before?", But I think it's very important, as an artist and as a person, to give the opportunity to grow and innovate.Change daily, except the place from which I come, and I mention this because fans said: "Why every time you go to Colombia you take a picture in garbage dumps?", But they weren't, it was my aunt's house or in myown house.I never lived in very shocking areas, we are humble people and that is where, proudly, I am.

Cuéntanos más sobre tus próximos proyectos y colaboraciones que te gustaría realizar.

I am preparing my third album and a totally free virtual concert "without fear."They also come a couple of musical videos and a commercial for a tequila brand.Soon I will be in the ‘Baja Beach Fest’ and other musical events.Speaking of collaborations, I think there are currently too many talented people within Latin music but, I would fascinate me to collaborate with Bad Bunny because I am his fan since 2014. Without a doubt, I would also choose Shakira or Karol G because I love the feminine power ofmy country.

Similarly, Mexicans seem very talented, but I find it difficult to think about how to mix my style with them.I would love doing some perreo again, it would be very ‘chimba’.For example, the theme I have with Jowell and Randy was spectacular.We did it in pandemic times, they were in Puerto Rico and recorded their parts separately, however it ended up being a bomb.I love Perreo although I don't know if it is my strong for a complete album style.

¿Cómo has visto la escena musical de latinos en Estados Unidos y en el mundo entero?

Kali Uchis: la artista colombiana que vive sin miedo

There is still a lot of work to do, but it is on the right track.When I started playing at festivals, everything was going well until some theme came in Spanish, since people made fun of or left.This has changed, Latin music has had greater influx with the American public and the Spanish -American community has contributed to it.

It is important to demonstrate that Latinos are people who have achieved great things worldwide and that we are in important places.We are not a marginal group or without talent, we are entrepreneurs.In addition, I like to collaborate with people who do not speak the language, it is special and fun.In my last album I invited the American rapper, Rico Nasty and although she did not know how to sing or write in Spanish, we did it.She happened with Partynextdoor, who sings with me in the song "It was better."I am excited to have the opportunity to introduce people to write and sing in my main language.

The road has not been easy, however its story reflects the constant work she preaches.Her evolution is measured through a Twitter photograph, in which she appears smoking.That day she decided her artistic name, far from a common "karluchis", "karlota" or "karlucha", she was born "Kali Uchis", a name very close to her heart, which accompanies her in eachsong.

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