Tell us what underwear color you'll wear on New Year's eve and we'll tell you what it means.

Tell us what underwear color you'll wear on New Year's eve and we'll tell you what it means.

Just a few days away from the New Year, the ideas of cabals and rituals for this 2022 flood our minds to attract good energies, prosperity and health.

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Find out what the color of your underwear means for New Year 2022

Yellow: the classic yellow underwear is back. This tonality is so quoted because it symbolizes joy and energy. It also attracts money and economic well-being, especially for those who want to increase their current account in this 2022.

Red: ideal for those who seek strength, passion and desire. If you're tired of kissing toads alone, then this is your time to attract a next couple into your life.

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White: it means commitment, peace, calm and harmony. Perfect if you are tired of the stress of your work or if the second year of pandemic has exhausted you.

Blue: the underwear of this color makes it possible to attract clarity, tranquility and maturity. Ideally it should be used if you want to attract success for new projects.

Black: perfect for those who want to attract sex and sexual pleasure to their lives. Another sign to which it is related is those who wish to regain control of their lives.

Orange or coral: symbolizes joy and desire.

Rosado: it is highly related to romanticism, elegance, innocence and femininity. The underwear of this color has a more direct relationship with friends and nearby circles.

Green: for those who seek to attract health and hope in their lives. Also for those who want to live more adventures, freedom and new sensations.

Coffee: although not a very common tonality for underwear, it symbolizes calling for job success and removing economic problems.

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