The DGT reminds: driving on the shoulder with the motorcycle in traffic jams is still prohibited, and involves a fine of 200 euros

The DGT reminds: driving on the shoulder with the motorcycle in traffic jams is still prohibited, and involves a fine of 200 euros

The DGT has had to clarify on Twitter to several drivers that driving on the shoulder is still prohibited by law and therefore can lead to a fine. Let us remember that this infraction is penalized with up to 200 euros.

The measure of driving on the hard shoulder in certain cases is one of the star proposals that the DGT wants to carry out this year when the reforms of the Road Safety Law that is being processed in Parliament are confirmed. Measures such as making the use of the intercom legal have already been approved, so all that is needed is a little patience on the part of the users.

Driving on the hard shoulder is prohibited... for the moment

The DGT takes the safety of citizens very seriously, both in the city and on the road, which is why it has launched several awareness campaigns throughout the year on, for example, whether scooters can circulate on the sidewalk or not, or on the new traffic limits in urban areas.

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Today's topic, however, has to do with a proposal that has been distorted on Twitter and that has cost certain users a fine. We talked about driving on the shoulder with our motorcycle. This is one of the measures that the DGT wants to introduce in the General Circulation Law that is being debated in Congress but that has not yet been approved.

La DGT recuerda: circular por el arcén con la moto en atascos sigue estando prohibido, y supone 200 euros de multa

The proposal, which is being debated, says that to facilitate the flow of traffic in highly congested areas, the biker will be able to drive on the hard shoulder. The aim is to put an end to the risk situations that can occur when motorcycles move between cars. Of course, to do so, the driver may not exceed 40 km / h.

However, today the general rule dictates that this action is prohibited. It is only allowed to occupy the hard shoulder if there is an emergency or because we are driving at an abnormally low speed that hinders traffic. This maneuver is considered a serious offense and can be sanctioned with a fine of up to 200 euros, so before carrying it out it is important to be well informed.

Let us also remember that there may be debris such as glass or rubbish on the shoulders, so it is not highly recommended since we could get an unpleasant surprise or even cause an accident.

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